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Woodman's throught History.

There will be no order to this information, nor will there be any order to the time frame.  All this information was put down as I found it, so you may want to do a name search.There will be no other information other then what is recoded here.

Edwin E. Woodman.
A Bill from Congress
He was in the 13th, Wisconsin Infantry, Co., B.

George Woodman.
January 26, 1866, I nominate George Woodman, of Idaho City, Idaho Territory, to be assessor of internal revenue for the district of Idaho Territory, vice C. P. Bodfish, deceased.  February 23, 1866.  Resolved, That the Senate advise and consent; to the appointment of the said person, agreeably to his nominations respectively.  He resigned in 1867.

John Woodman.
February 27, 1792,
A petition of John Woodman was presented to the House and read, praying compensation for his services as an assistant commissary of issues for the Northern department, during the late war.

Stephen Woodman.
Stephen Woodman of the State of Maine, Promoted 2nd.,Lieutenant of the 33rd., Infantry, April 30, 1813, was promoted to 1St., Lieutenant, May 30, 1814, Promoted Captain February 1847.

Jabez C. Woodman
June 3, 1850,
The memorial of Jabez C. Woodman, of Portland, in the State of Maine, praying for the abolition of slavery and the slave trade in the District of Columbia and in the Territories of the United States; which was referred to the Committee for the District of Columbia.  June 10, 1862, a memorial of Jabez C. Woodman, president of the York and Cumberland Railroad Company, of Maine, praying a reduction of the proposed tax on the receipts of railroads and on railroad bonds.

Samuel Woodman.
In 1818, Samuel Woodman was asking Congress for a pension, it was not granted.

Gherles H. Woodman.
Captain by Brevet, First Lieutenant Charles H. Woodman, adjutant of the Sixty-fifth New York Volunteers, for gallant and meritorious conduct at the battles of Opequan and Cedar Creek, Virginia, to date from October, 19, 1864.  Major by brevet, Captain Charles H. Woodman, of the Sixty-fifth New York Volunteers, for gallant and meritorious services before Petersburg and at the battle of Little Sailor's Creek, Virginia, to date from April 6, 1865.

WOODMAN, CHARLES H.— Age, 29 years. Enrolled at New York eity, to serve three years, and mustered in as private,Co. A, July 1, 1861; promoted corporal, July 13, 1861; sergeant,July 20, 1861; transferred to Co. C, September 1, 1861;mustered in as second lieutenant, Co. E, December 1, 1862; as first lieutenant, Co. B, September 2, 1863; as adjutant,December 14, 1863; as captain, Co. E, March 19, 1865; mustered out with company, July 17, 1865, at Halls Hill, Ya.Commissioned second lieutenant, February 4, 1863, with rank from December 1, 1862, vice W. W. Tracy, promoted;first lieutenant, September 5, 1863, with rank from July 1, 1863, vice A. T. Busbee, resigned; adjutant, November 25,1863, witb rank from October 27, 1863, vice J. Berry, promoted; captain, March 14, 1865, witb rank from February 18,
1865; original, Co. I.

True William Woodman.
May 6, 1858,
I hereby nominate True William Woodman to be deputy postmaster at Great Falls, in the county of Strafford and State of New Hampshire, in place of H. S. Russell, resigned, the said Woodman having been appointed during the last recess of the Senate.  He was removed in 1861.

Charles W. Woodman
To be Paymaster, Charles W. Woodman, of New Hampshire, November 26, 1862.

Benjamin Woodman.
1St., Lieutenant 34th., Infantry, May 16, 1813, State of Mass.

Elbridge G. Woodman.
1843,  A petition of Elbridge G. Woodman, of North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, praying that his invention of a new mode of constructing forts may be purchased by the United States: referred to the Committee on Military Affairs.  His papers were discharged.

Eunice O. Woodman.
Mr. John Quincy Adams presented sundry petitions against the annexation of Texas to the Union of these States, viz:
Of Eunice O. Woodman and 146 others, inhabitants of Leverett, in the State of Massachusetts. 

David Woodman.
David woodman, Private, 6th, Mass. Infantry, enlisted August 2, 1814, discharged November 1, 1814..  Wife Sally or Sallie Farnham, married May 3, 1801, New Buryport Mass.  David died January 18, 1850, New Buryport Mass.  Sally about 1877.

Dexter E. Woodman.
Iowa 28th., Infantry Co. B., Age 21, Residence Marengo, Nativity New Hampshire, Enlisted August 6, 1862, as Second Sergeant, Mustered in August 19, 1862.  Discharged for disability June 10, 1864.

David P. Woodman.
10th., Illinois infantry ( 3 months service ) Co. D., enlisted April 20, 1861 Mustered April 29, 1861, Mustered out July 5, 1861.

John L. Woodman.
Illinois 8th, infantry Co. C., Residence Charleston, Enlisted December5, 1863, Mustered in December 29, 1863.  Deserted December 5, 1865.

Edwin Woodman.
32nd., Illinois Infantry Co. E. Private,, Residence Carrolton, enlisted November 1, 1861Mustered in December 31, 1861, Reenlisted as a Veteran.

Edwin P. Woodman.
32nd., Illinois infantry, Co. E., Veteran, Residence Greenfield, Enlisted January 2, 1864, Mustered in same, Mustered out September 16, 1865.

Freeman Woodman.
52nd., Illinois Infantry, Co. A., Corporal, Residence Compton, Enlisted August 24, 1861, Mustered in October 25, 1861.  Reenlisted as a veteran.

Daniel W. Woodman.
Illinios 2nd., Cavalry, Co. L., Residence Camp Point, Enlisted August 5, 1861, Mustered in August 12, 1861.  Trans. to invalid Corps February 26, 1864.

Samuel W. Woodman.
Massachusetts 2nd. Infantry, Co. C., Private, Residence South Danvers, Shoemaker, Age 20, Enlisted and Mustered May 25, 1851.  Wounded at Gettysburg Pa.  Discharged April 19, 1864 for disability.

John Woodman.
Massachusetts 2nd., Infantry Co. D., Private, Residence Brewer Maine, Farmer, Age 18, Enlister and mustered August 22,  1864.  Absent without leave at mustered out of regiment.

Alvin P. Woodman.
New Jesery 4th., Infantry Co. E., Private, Enlisted and Mustered March 10, 1865, for 1 year.  Discharged at Camp Chase, Columbus Ohio.

Henry A. Woodman.

WOODMAN, HENRY A.—Age, 25 years. Enlisted, August 4, 1862, at New York; mustered in as private, Co. H, August 4, 1862, to serve three years; no further record.

Lodewick M. Woodman.

WOODMAN, LODEWICK M.—Age, 19 years. Enlisted May 11,1861, at Elmira; mustered in as private, Company G, Thirteenth N. Y. Vols., May 11, 1861, to serve two years; transferred to Company K, Third Cav., September 1,1861; appointed corporal 1862; wounded in skirmish October 1,1S62; discharged February 17, 1803, at Newberne, N. C, because of loss of right leg; also borne on records of Company G, Thirteenth N. Y. Vols., as Wooden.

Joseph Woodman.
95th., New York Infantry.

WOODMAN, JOSEPH.—Age, 26 years. Enlisted at Plattsburg,
to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. E,
July 18,1863; transferred to Co. K, Pebruary 1, 1864; retransferred
to Co. E, April 15, 1864; captured in action, August 21,
1864, at Weldon Railroad, Va.; paroled, no date; absent, sick,
in hospital, in Maryland, at muster-out of company.

Jonathan Woodman.
Revolutionary War.
Sergeant, of Little's Mass., regiment from Mat to December 1775; Ensign 12th., Cont'l infantry, January 1, toDecember 31, 1776.  Died November 18, 1831.

Edward Woodman.
Revolutionary War.
Muster Roll of John Summers' company of the First North Carolina Battalion of the Continental Army.
Edward Woodman, April 28th, 1776, 2½ years.

Edward Woodman
Revolutionary War.
4th., Battalion, 6th., regiment, from Chester County.

John Woodman.
Revolutionary War.
Matrosse, June 26, 1777 to June 15, 1778.

William Woodman
Revolutionary War.
Private, 8th., Battalion, 7th., regiment under Captain James Poe, from Cumberland County.

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