Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Charles Hathaway, 24th., New York, Artillery.

Charles Hathaway, Perry, enlisted August 29, 1862.  Mustered in at Buffalo, August 30th, 1862. Was taken prisoner at Plymouth, and died at Andersonville Hospital, of chronic diarrhoea, June 12th. The number of his grave is 1,891.

Charley was one of those who, at the time of the last accession to the Battery, had made up their minds to enter the army ; and whether they went with the Battery or with some other organization, was of secondary con sideration.

He made a good soldier. lie had entered the ranks with the right spirit. He was a pacifier at our outbursts of impatience and resentment at supposed wrongs.

He was fond of the good things of this world, and none appreciated the gifts from home more than he ; but he was always ready to share with his fellows.

He saw but little of the sufferings at Andersonville, as he was the seventh man that died there. He had suffered from miasmatic fever at Plymouth, and was in no condition to undergo such a change of climate, and want of proper food.

He was serene, willing and prepared to die ; and gave us the few loving words to his parents and his friends, with the calmness of one who felt assured of a heavenly home.

24th., New York, Independent Battery, Light Artillery.

HATHAWAY, CHARLES.—Age, 21 years. Enlisted, August 29, 1862, at Perry; mustered in as private, August 30, 1862,  to serve three years; captured, April 20, 1864, at Plymouth, N. C; died, June 13, 1864, at Andersonville, Ga., while a prisoner of war.

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