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Charles J. Channer, 7th Iowa Infantry.

Charles J. Channer, Co. B., seventh Iowa, Infantry, Age 20.  Residence Chickasaw, nativity Canada.  Enlisted January 3, 1862.  Mustered February 18, 1862.  Promoted Seventh Corporal APRIL 15, 1862.  Killed in the battle of Corinth, October 4, 1862.  Buried in Union Nantional Cemetery, Corinth, Mississippi, SECTION 501, GRAVE 3.

Captain H. I. Smith
Company B.
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The following is given by Captain H. I. Smith, from his book on the history of the Seventh Infantry.

I was orderly sergeant of Co. "B" and present with the company; in the battle on the first day the color guards were all killed or wound ed, making it necessary to make new details for the next day; the Adjutant called for a sergeant from company "B." It was my duty as the orderly sergeant to make the selection; I had no sergeant for duty and as it was corporal Channers next turn for duty, I detailed him. He seemed to have a premonition that if he went he would be Killed and so stated, saying if it was his turn for detail he would go if I said so. I convinced him it was his turn and he reluctantly went, saying he knew he would be killed.  He  was killed before noon bravely defending the flag. He was a noble specimen of a robust, intelligent, volunteer soldier and I have always felt condemned for doing my duty in sending him in the face of his conviction.

Authors note.  A lot more can be read of the battle and him by takening this link.

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