Friday, March 08, 2013

Frederick Huber, 23rd., Pennsylvania Infantry.

Frederick Huber, Sergeant, mustered August 2, 1861, for 3 years.  Died from wounds May 31, 1862.

The following is takeh fron the 23rd., Regimental History.

Fred. Huber, First Sergeant Company F, was killed at Fair Oaks, and was buried where he fell. A few weeks after the fight his father, Dr. Huber, of Gettysburg, came down to take his remains home. Volunteers went out and disinterred the body, carrying it to Savage Station, where it was shipped North and buried in Evergreen Cemetery at Gettysburg where a tombstone was placed over his grave. During the battle of Gettysburg, General Hunt, in charge of the artillery, in stationing the batteries in the Cemetery ordered the tombstones to be laid down. As a young sapling grew in front of Huber's resting place, his tombstone was left standing and it was the only tombstone that was damaged during the artillery duel. The family, when they brought his bodv to Gettysburg, never thought a battle would wage all round that then quiet section, but such is War!

Authors note. A lot more can be read about Frederick Huber, by taking this link.

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