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James Getty, 9th., Illinois Infantry.

James Getty.

Service Record.

Name: GETTY, JAMES. Rank: PVT. Company; F. Unit: 9 IL US INF. Personal Characteristics. Residence; MONMOUTH, WARREN CO, IL. Age: 57. Height: 5' 11. Hair: LIGHT. Eyes; BLUE. Complexion: FAIR. Marital Status; MARRIED. Occupation: FARMER. Nativity: COOK CO, TN. Remarks: DISCHARGED FOR WOUNDS 11 JUL 1862 AT CORINTH MISS.

The following was taken from the Ninth Regimental History.

 During the time the Regiment was engaged in battle at Fort Donelson, James Getty, of Co. F, aged about 60 years, was observed by Lieut. Williford of his Co., to decline laying down to load. He stood, loaded his gun? and fired as deliberately as if he had been shooting at a target for a wager. The Lieut, told him he had better lay down to load, or he would get shot. His reply was, " I reckon I know my business," and again raised his gun and deliberately lowered it upon his selected rebel. Soon the Lieut, saw him tumble over, and supposing he was killed, I went to him. But he jumped up, and said he guessed he was not much hurt. He was shot in the shoulder, but he gathered up his musket  and went to firing again. It was not long until another ball struck his pocket-book. He had some silver in it. The ball struck a silver half dollar, and mashed it up, driving it against his thigh, bruising it very much.

Two or three buckshot were lodged in him. Still he stood firing away at the enemy. I might also say in this connection, that this same man, at the battle of Shiloh, when the Regiment ran out of ammunition and had to fall back for a new supply, fell in with some other Regiment; procured a supply of ammunition from some one, and went to fighting again. When that Regiment in turn fell back, he happened in with some other one, and there fbujrht. In this way he spent the whole of that terrible Sabbath day.

When he ceased Fighting with any company, he was careful to go to the commander of it, and get a certificate, stating that he had been fighting with it. When he returned to his company in the evening, he had certificates from several Captains and one Colonel. He preserved these certificates, so that he might show, when he returned to his Regiment, that he had not been straggling but fighting. He went into the fight on the next day, and was shot in the head. From this wound he recovered, but was afterwards discharged on account of it.

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