Friday, April 05, 2013

SIX Men Of The 10th.,Massachusetts Infantry.

Edwin E. Day, Captain, Residence Greenfield; Stone mason; Age 35; Commissioned and Mustered in June 21, 1861.  Killed May 31, at Fair Oaks, Virginia.

Capt. Edwin E. Day, of Greenfield, was wounded early in the fight, and was being carried from the field by two men, when a shot killed Captain Day and wounded both the men.  The enemy had possession of this part of the field, for a time, and took from Captain Day's person $150.00 in money, his gold watch, and his shoulder straps.

Alonzo C. Brewer, Co. D., born Hingham; Age 22; Tailor, Springfield; July 21, 1861.  Killed May 12, 1864, Spottsyvania.  Shot first in the bowels, but refused to leave the field, five minutes later was hit in the forehead and instantly killed.

Snow, Leander A., (Asaph Leander), b. Colrain; 18, S.; farmer, Colrain; June 21, '61; trans. Aug. 4, '62, to U. S. Hosp. Service as Hosp. Steward; his said to be the first case of promotion from the ranks to the non-commissioned staff of the regular army; in the field, served in the division of the Mississippi; dis. U. S. service, Aug. 11, '65; Captain and Aide on staff of Gov. Brownlow of Tenn.; 
from '68 to 78 U. S. Claim Agent, Tazewell, Tenn.; was Postmaster, Tazewell, and, '82 and '83, Deputy Collector, Internal Revenue at McMinnville, Tenn.; in 1884, removed to Chattanooga, and later to Lafayette, Ga., in 1890, buying a farm and there residing until his death, May 1, 1899; accidentally killed at Snow's siding on his own farm by a locomotive; he was also Postmaster of

Joseph B. Parsons, Captain, Residence Northampton; Farmer; Age 22; Enlisted and Mustered in June21, 1861; wounded May 31, 1862, Fair Oaks, Virginia.  Commissioned Lieutenant Colonel, July 20, 1862; Mustered out with Field and Staff, as Lieutenant Colonel, July 1, 1864.  Brevet Colonnel Uninted States Volunteers to date March 13, 1865.

Joseph B. Parsons, Captain, was wounded at Fair Oaks, Virginia.  One ball hitting him on the head and another passing through the right leg above the knee between the bone and artery.

Elisha Smart, Captain, Co. B.; Residence North Adams; Carpenter; Age 37; Commissioned and Mustered in June 21, 1861.  Killed May 31, 1862, Fair Oaks, Virginia.

Captain Elisha Smart, was left on the field of Fair Oaks, was wounded in the leg, and afterwards wantonly killed by a Rebel soldier of hom he asked assisyance.

Wallace A. Putnam; July 28, '62; res. Jan. U, '63; later Second Lieut, and Captain, 56th Mass.; while in the Readville camp was presented by his Company with a sword, belt and sash, costing $200.00, as a mark of esteem; at Spottsylvania, commanded the Regiment; mortally wounded, May 24, at the North Anna; d. at his home, June 20, '64; had been commissioned Major, May 7th, but was never mustered.

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