Friday, April 12, 2013

Andrew J. Jones, 55th., Illinois, Infantry.


Illinois Civil War Detail Report.

Name; JONES, ANDREW J. Rank: PVT. Company: B. Unit; 55 IL US INF. Personal Characteristics. Residence: OAKWOOD, COLES CO, IL. Age: 20. Height; 5' 1. Hair: LIGHT. Eyes: BLUE. Complexion: LIGHT. Occupation: CLERK. Nativity: COLES CO, IL. Service Record. Joined When: AUG 27, 1861. Period: 3 YRS. Muster In: OCT 31, 1861. Muster In Where: CHICAGO, IL.

From the 55th., Regimental History.
Andrew J. Jones, of Company B. He was a small, active man, and a general favorite with his company. He had enlisted as a musician, but at his own urgent request had been placed in the ranks. He had before been wounded by a buck-shot at Shiloh, which hit him in the forehead, and came out at the back of the head without breaking the skull. At Russell s House he advanced with the rush of his company, and when about one hundred yards from the house he was seen to drop his gun and throw up his hands, and heard to exclaim with a loud voice, "Hurrah for the Fifty-fifth!" and immediately fell to the ground. After the contest was ended he was found dead, having been shot through the breast in the region of the heart.
Authors note.  Killed at Russell's House, May 17, 1862.

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