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John Rowley Kills Jerome Dupoy, Connecticut 7th., Infantry.

Murder at the battle of Oluster Fla.
February 20, 1864.

Company D., Connecticut Infantry.

A grewsome incident occurred in the battle. After it was over it was reported to Captain Skinner that Jerome Dupoy, a substitute of Company D had been killed, shot through the head by John Rowley, another substitute in the same company. Neither of the men could speak much English. Some time before they had a quarrel and Dupoy cut Rowley with a knife, and at the same time Rowley swore vengeance.

As on investigation there was no proof that the shooting was intentional. Captain Skinner did not report it. So much was said about it in the company, however, that Rowley was arrested on suspicion and placed in the guardhouse. There he was troublesome, could not sleep, saw ghosts and at last confessed that he shot Dupoy purposely in revenge He was afterward tried, found guilty of murder and hung.

Jerome Dupoy, Private, Residence Redding, Enlisted November 6, 1863.  Killed February 20, 1864, Oluster Fla.

John Rowley, Private, Residence Ridgefield, Enlisted November 2, 1863.  Hung by G. C. M., September 3, 1864, Petersburg, Va.


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