Saturday, April 13, 2013

Death Of Isaac Y. Smith, 43rd., Mass. Infantry..

The following was taken from the 43rd., Regimental History.

Page 71.  Private Isaac Y. Smith of Orleans, Mass., a member of Company E, was shot through the body as he lay upon the ground, and instantly killed ; those nearest to him only noticing a slight tremor or convulsion as he passed away. In the confused way in which we were lying, he was surrounded by the men of our company.

Page 73.  The incessant discharges of artilleiy made the heavens shake. Many of our men were hit by bullets and fragments of shell, and several were slightly hurt ; but only one was killed outright. A shell carried away the arm, and tore away the vitals, of Isaac Y. Smith, a private from Cod in Company E, killing him instantly.

Page 101.  Lieutenants Colesworthy of our compamy and Nickerson of Company E, were upon their feet at once when private Smith was killed. It was thought at first that his injury was only to the arm, and they proceeded to obtain a tourniquet. But it proved that the missile had not only cut off his arm, but had gone also through his body, and buried itself in the ground, so that he had passed beyond
mortal aid.

If you would like to read more about Mr. Smith and his service and family take this link.

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