Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Francis M. Smith, 46th., Ohio Infantry.

Ohio State Records.

Francis M. Smith, Private, age 20, enlisted August 27, 1862, Ohio 46th., Infantry, Co. K., for 3 years.  Died July 14, 1864, at Boston Iron Works Georgia.

Files of the Surgeon General.

CASE. Private Francis M. Smith, Co. K, 46th Ohio Volunteers, was wounded at the battle of Kenesaw Mountain, June 27th, 1864, by a conoidall ball, which entered the left chest, penetrated the fourth intercostal space near the nipple, passed through the lung, and made its exit between the sixth and seventh ribs, close to the spinal column. He was received into the field hospital, Fifteenth Corps, at Barton s Iron Works, Georgia, on June 30th. On admission, the patient was suffering severely. His wound was dressed and an opiate given, after which he rested well for the remainder of the day. The same treatment was followed from day to day, giving him enough opium to control the pain, but he continued to sink gradually, and died on July 14th, 1864. Acting Assistant Surgeon R. H. McKay, who reports the case, says : " In this case the patient did not seem to rally at any one time, and for a great portion of the time, during the last week, he was delirious."

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