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James Chaffee, 6th., Ohio Cavalry.

Ohio State Records.

James Chaffee, Com. Ser., Ohio 6th., Cavalry, age 18, enlisted October 21, 1861, for 3 years.  Appointed Corporal December 16, 1861; wounded October 14, 1862, at Manassas Junction, Virginia; also wounded October 14, 1863, near Auburn, Virginia; appointed Com. Sergeant July 1, 1864; mustered out November 2, 1864, on expiration of term of service.

American Journal of the Medical Sciences.
No. XCIX New Series
July, 1865, p.38.

Case XL Gunshot wound, contusing the left tibia near knee-joint, inflicted by a glancing bullet; recovery. Corp. James Chaffee, Co. "I," 6th Ohio Cavalry, 20 years old, always healthy, was admitted to Stanton General Hospital, Oct. 17, 1863, from the field. He stated that he had been wounded three days before, Oct. 14, by a conical musket-ball, while engaged with infantry, near Bristow Station, Va., The bullet impinged obliquely upon antero-outer part of the head of the tibia (left) about two inches below the articular surface, and glanced off, without penetrating or fracturing the bone. The course of the bullet was from tehind forward, and from without inward. Directed the water-dressing to be applied, and allowed a full diet.

Subsequently the wound granulated, but slowly. He had a good deal of pain in and about it. No pieces of bone were discharged, aNd the knee joint did not become involved.

Dec. 10th. The wound was nearly healed, and he left the hospital on a furlough for thirty days.

Jan. 1, 1864 (about). An abscess formed in the popliteal space, and two days afterwards the wound reopened spontaneously.

April 1st. The wound is nearly filled up, but it presents a smooth, glazed, and indolent appearance. Its edges are blue and indurated. It is now circular in shape, and somewhat larger than a dime. Subsequently it healed slowly, and, April 24th, he was sent to his regiment for duty.

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