Monday, January 13, 2014

William H. Edwards, 3rd., Iowa Cavalry.

Iowa State Records.

Edwards. William H. Age 21 Residence Bentonsport, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug. 27, 1862. Mustered Aug. 30, 1862. Taken prisoner Dec. 3, 1862, Oakland, Miss. Discharged for disability Dec. 19, 1864.

Files of the Surgeon General.

Private William H. Edwards, Co. D, 3d Iowa Cavalry, aged 23 years, of tood physical condition, -was admitted into the hospital at Keolcuk, Iowa, January 31st, 1864, with a fracture of the left parietal bone near its eminence, caused by a blow from a navy revolver, at Memphis, January 23d, 1864. He was comatose and delirious; the soft parts were greatly lacerated and contused; there was a slight discharge of pus and blood; there was a circular depression of the fractured bone less than one-half n inch in diameter. The operation of trephining being deemed advisable, Acting Assistant Surgeon D. S. McGuigan made a crucial incision three inches by four and removed three large pieces of depressed bone, measuring from one-half to an inch in diameter, from the inner table, and half an ounce of coagulum situated on the dura-mater. The patient reacted well, with a complete return of all his mental faculties. Occasional epileptic fits followed the operation, and there was copious discharge of laudable pus; on February 20th, hernia cerebri, as large as a hens egg, appeared; lime-water and chloride of soda were applied without success, and saturated solution of sulphate of iron was substituted; the hernia gradually declined, and he was discharged December 19th, 1864. He applied for a pension, but his claim was rejected. The case is reported by the operator.

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