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Colonel William Crawford.

William Crawford.

Birth: 1717.
Death: 1782.
Wife: Hanna Vance, married, 1742, Frederick, Virginia.


Sally Crawford, born 1751, Frederick, Virginia, husband Uriah Springer Sr., married, abt. 1754, Virginia.

John Crawford, born 1741, Frederick, Virginia.

Ann Crawford, born 1743, Frederick, Virginia, died 1784.

Effie Crawford, born 1745, Frederick, Virginia, 1825, husband William McCormick.

Note. This family needs more research, to many different dates of places of births and deaths. In all to many errors.

Library of Congress.

FEBRUARY 7, 1835.
For the relief of the children of William Crawford, deceased.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the proper accounting officers of the Treasury be, and they are hereby, authorized and directed to settle the account of the children of William Crawford, deceased, who was a colonel of the Virginia line on continental establishment in the revolu7 tionary army, and who was made prisoner by the Indians S while in actual service during the year seventeen hundred and eighty-two, and burned to death; and to allow and pay to the said children of the said Colonel Crawford seven years’ half pay of a colonel of infantry in the continental army during the revolutionary war, without interest; the same to be paid out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated; and to be divided in equal shares, one third to each, to and among Sally Springer, widow of Uriah Springer. deceased; John Crawford, if living, if not, then his legal representatives and Ophelia or Effy McCormick, if living, if not, then to her legal representatives the said Sally, John, and Ophelia, or Effy, being the only children left by the said Colonel Crawford.

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