Friday, November 12, 2010

Pensioners Of Massachusetts.

This is a list of men and women and their pension, these names cover the Revolutionary war, War of 1812 and the Civil war. This will be a look up page as there was just to much information to put here. If you see a name of interest write me and I will send the information. At the end of each name there will be other word this indicates where the information comes from. My address can be found n my profile.

1. Israel Evans, wife Huldah Evans, petition.

2. Andrew McGahee, wife Polly Baker remarried, petition.

3. Simeon Draper, petition.

4. Colonel Willett's regiment, petition.
James Cannan.
Witter Johnston.
Benjamin Bulley.
Adolphus Pickard.
John H. Gentee.

5. John Lane, mother Elizabeth Lane, An Act.

6. George F. Gorham, An Act.

7. John Preveaux, An Act.

8. Timothy O'Conners wife Catharine O'Conners, An Act.

9. Salem P. Rose, A Bill.

10. Horace Peck, A Bill.

11. Jesse French, A Bill.

12. Jacob Adams, A Bill.

13. James J. Coffin, A Bill.

14. Anna West, A Bill.

15. Jonathan Moore, Bill.

16. Mary Phelps, A Bill.

17. Sarah Jones, A Bill.

18. Sandy Walker, A. Bill.

19. William Ferguson, Jason Warner, administrator, A Bill.

20. John Slaven, Thomas Sappington, Abraham Parker, William Mattheny, William Black, and Jonah Garrison, George Field, A Bill.
21. James C. Batchelder, A Bill.

22. Benjamin Gallup, petition.

23. William Moore, petition.

24. Elisha Turner, wife Lydia Turner, petition.

25. Joseph Clark, wife Catherine Clark, petition.

26. Charlotte S. Newcomb, petition.

27. Ann Sheehey, step-son, John Sheehey, petition.

28. Phebe Fitz, father Simeon Pike, memorial.

29. Elisha Frizell, , petition.

30. Julia Carroll, wife of Edward Carroll, petition.

31. William Mead, petition.

32. John Maynard, petition.

33. William Parker, petition.

34. Nathaniel Barney, petition.

35. Levi Bean, petition.

36. Benjamin King Churchill, petition.

37. Benjamin Upton, petition.

38. Philemon Noble.

39. Samuel Bixby, petition.

40. Thomas Harrison, petition.

41. Isaac Rogers, wife Sarah Rogers, , petition.

42. Elizabeth Orgon, petition.
Mary Mansfield, petition.
Elizabeth Nourse, petition.
Hannah Bruce, petition.

43. John Devereice, daughter Lydia Bartoll, petition.

44. Michael Jackson, petition.

45. Abraham Lansing, petition.

46. Ephraim Orcutt, petition.

47. Bartlet Pease, petition.

48. Esther Scollay, , petition.

49. John Stephenson, petition.

50. Arnold Martin, Sarah, his wife, late widow of James Mugford, memorial.

51. Daniel North, petition.

52. Noah Bailey, petition.

53. Elihu Pond, petition.

54. Vassel White, petition.

55. Benjamin Shaw, petition.

56. Nathaniel Standish

57. Bethiah Black, petition.

58. Thomas Avery, petition.

59. William Storey, wife Lydia Moody, petition.

60. Elias Carpenter, petition.

61. James Taylor, petition.

62. Caleb Atherton, petition.

63. Alexander Gardner, petition.

64. Ann Shehey, petition.

65. Mary Wheeler, petition.

66. Louisa M. Williston, petition.

67. Johannah Connolly, petition.

68. James E. Beatty, petition.

69. Ebenezer Brown, petition.

70. Asa Ware, petition.

71. John Dorr, petition.

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