Friday, November 12, 2010

The Doctor.

Here is a list of Doctors, I have information on all of these men. The information you will learn may help to add to your families history. If you see a name of interest, write to me and I will be glad to send you the information. Please give the title of this page ( The Doctor ), for without the title I may not be able to help you. My address can be found in my profile.

1. Doctor Eliakim Crosby
2. Doctor John Ramsay, Va.
3. Doctor William Trevitt.
4. George C. Clitherall, wife Caroline E. Clitherall.
5. Doctor William Johonnot.
6. Doctor Charles Taylor
7. Doctor Edward Jarvis
8. Doctor Theodore A. Telikampf.
9. Doctor John H. McQuown, Illinois.
10. Doctor Mottrom Ball.
11. Doctor J. Milton Best.
12. Doctor Henry Perrine.
13. Doctor William Ramsay.
14. Doctor Thomas Carter.
15. Doctor Thomas Powell.
16. Doctor Corbin Griffin.
17. Doctor John B. Read.
18. Doctor Ninian Pinkney
19. Doctor J. Burrows Gardiner.
20. Doctor Clark Lillybridge.
21. Doctor Boyd Reilly.
22. Doctor B. A. Sellars.
23. Doctor Mary E. Walker.
24. Doctor Adolphus Wislizenus.
25. Doctor David H. Maxwell.
26. Doctor John Gray.
27. Doctor J. M. Foltz.
28. Doctor Hanson Catlett.
29.Doctor A. F. Alexander, Alabama.
30. Doctor Charles D. Maxwell
31. Doctor Sylvester Nash.
32. Doctor Eliakim Crosby.
33. Samuel Kennedy.
34. Doctor Gustavus Horner.
35. Doctor Felix Brunot, wife Elizabeth Kreider Brunot.
36. Doctor Samuel Kennedy.
37. Doctor Absalom Baird.
38. Doctor Marcus Reynolds, S. C.
39. Doctor R. H. Palmer, wife Saraphine T. Palmer.
40.Doctor John Berrien.
41. Doctor James H. Cheears.
42. Doctor John P. Briggs.
43.S. R. Addison
44. Doctor Hazel W. Crouch.
45. Doctor Francis Lambert.
46. Doctor Henry Adams.
47. Doctor Basil R. Prather.
48. Doctor James P. Espy.
49. Doctor Williamson D. Dunn, Indiana.
50. Doctor Isaac Ledyard.
51. Doctor Robert Johnson.
52. Doctor David Gould.
53. Doctor S. R. Addison.

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