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Greenleaf Clarke or Clark. Massachusetts.

Greenleaf Clarke or Clark.

Birth: 17 Oct 1748 Newbury, Essex, Ma.
Death: 4 or 5 Dec 1836 Newburyport, Essex, Ma.

Father: Stephen CLARKE
Mother: Rebecca WATSON

Brothers & Sisters.

Judith CLARKE, born 27 Oct 1754, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
Eunice CLARKE, born 27 Feb 1759, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
Mercy CLARKE, born 14 Apr 1750, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
Susanna CLARKE, 5 Aug 1762, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
Rebecca CLARKE, 19 Sep 1752, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 18 Nov 1823.

Wife: Eleanor WHITE,, born 18 Jul 1750, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland, death 8 Sep 1840, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Married 1 Oct 1772, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.


Margaret More CLARKE, born 27 Jan 1777, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 14 Apr 1798.

Sarah White CLARKE, born 3 Oct 1787, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 10 Jun 1879.

Samuel CLARKE, born 25 Oct 1781, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 19 Feb 1865.

William CLARKE, born 5 Feb 1795, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 5 Nov 1795.

Robert CLARKE, born 20 Feb 1775, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 31 Jul 1846.

Anne CLARKE, born 5 Jul 1792, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 13 Apr 1868.

Eleanor CLARKE, born 6 Jul 1785, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death Oct 1831.

Rebecca CLARKE, born 14 Jul 1773, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 4 Apr 1777.

Rebecca CLARKE, born 23 Jul 1779, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 18 Nov 1822 .

Susan Greenleaf CLARKE, born 22 Sep 1789, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death Oct 1877.

Sally CLARK, born 3 Dec 1787, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, death Aft 1850.

Service record.

Clark, Gueenleaf. 1st Sergeant, Capt. Moses Nowell's co. ; enlisted July 11, 1775; discharged Jan. 1, 1776; service, 6 mos. 7 days; stationed at Ncwburyport; roll sworn to at Ipswich ; also, 2d Lieutenant, Capt. Joseph Iluse's (1st) co., 2d Essex Co. regt. ; list of officers of Mass. militia; commissioned June 25, 1776; reported serving in place of Jacob Hale; also, Captain, 1st co., 2d Essex Co. regt.; list of officers of Mass. militia [j'ear not given] ; also, Captain; service from July 29, 1778, to Sept. 12, 1778, 1^ mos., under Brig. Gen. Jonathan Titcomb on expedition to Rhode Island ; roll dated Boston.

Library of Congress.

FEBRUARY 8, 1838.

For the relief of Eleanor Clark.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of .America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War be directed to place Eleanor Clark, widow of Greenleaf Clark, late of the State of Massachusetts, deceased, on the roll of revolutionary pensioners, and to pay to her, the said Eleanor Clark, during her natural life, at the rate of one hundred dollars and eighty-seven cents, from the fourth day of December, anno Domini eighteen hundred and thirty-six.

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