Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Albert L. Hall.

Finding a before and after picture is always a great prize for me.  I call them before and after pictures because that's just what they are, one side shows him in his uniform and the other side shows him in later life.  This is a picture of Albert L. Hall, there's not a lot of information him but I decided to put up his picture and the little information I have on him.  I know those looking into his family line and finding a picture of him will be a great prize for them.

Albert L. Hall, was born in BlueHill, Maine, Age 21, Residence Cornish.  Enlisted in the 2nd., New Hampshire Infantry Company I., April 28, 1861, for 3 months, but was not mustered in, re-enlisted May 21, 1861, for 3 years, mustered in June 7, 1861.  Captured July 21, 1861, at Bull Run, Virginia, paroled May 24, 1862.  Discharged July 2, 1862.  P. O. Address Newport.  In 1880, was working as a clerk.
Note.  The reason he was captured, he was trying to help a comrade John L. Rice back to the rear, they both were captured.

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