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Interesting People Of The Revolutionary War.

The other day I was going through the records of the Revoltionary War, and found some interesting facts on people who frought in that war.  These names are here because I found their name interesting or their Information.  I will have no other information other what's provided here.

Daniel Bolton, Private, Illinois Volunteers, entitled to 200 acres of land.  He after serving as a volunteer, enlisted in the Illinois regiment and deserted.  Nevertheless, he is entitled to the bounty land promised to the Illinois Volunteers.
Note.  I find this statement interesting, one would think if you deserted you would get nothing.

William Beckwith, Organization not shown.  Enlisted in 1777 for one year, also served later, about two years in all.  Married Martha Elder at St. Mary's College, Emmettsburg Maryland.  His wife died at Emmettsburg, Maryland, with his son moved to Ohio, where the father died September 15, 1839, there were four children; Tobias who died prior to 1850; Ellen who also died prior to 1850; Richard, who was not heard from after 1819, which it was thought he went to sea; Rebecca, who claimed to be the only heir.

Thomas Bennett, Motross, Organization not shown.  Resided in Hector, New York, then Newfield, New York, for one year.  Died in Newfield, no widow.  Mary West was the only living child in 1854.

Henry Boas, Private, Organization not shown.  Married in 1788 in Baltimre County, Maryland to Dorothy----, She died March 12, 1839, he died on March 4, 1838, in Jackson County Indiana.  The following children were surving in 1857: Henry, Peter,Jacob, Elizabeth wife of James Mitchell, George and Polly, widow of Thomas Carr.  Thomas Carr died March 10, 1847.  In his will Henry Boas left to each of his children 37 and a half cents, except to Polly who had the residue of his property, and she was to care for her mother.

Francis Ditte, Rank and organiztion not shown.  Drew a pension of $80., per an. payable with Ohio agency.  Died June 16, 1841, leaving a widow who was still living in 1850.  He had resided in Northumberland County Pennsylvania, the place of his nativity, and for thirteen years previous to his death he lived in Setteea County Ohio.

Benjamin Edmondson, Lieutenant 2nd., Virginia, State Regiment.  Served three years and his service terminated February 6, 1782.  Fought a duel and killed an officer named Holmes.  Granted 2,666 acres of land.  Married Margaret Harwood, widow of Samuel Harwood, of Weyancah, Charles City County, Virginia, whose daughter Margaret W. Married Robet Munford.  The latter died prior to 1838.  The will of Margaret Edmondson, the soldier's widow names two daughters: Ann and Margaret Woddrop Harwood.  The soldier left a sister, Elizabeth Edmondson, who married Henry Edloe, and had a son William Edloe, her only heir.

Isaac Hamestreet, his widow Mary Hamestreet, who died March 25, 1856; was buried in Lorain New York March 26, 1856; was said to have resided for 8 years previous to her death in Jefferson County, New York, and previous to that Wis.  The year of her death is also given as 1858, but the daughter later makes affidavit yhat this was a mistake, and that the correct year was 1956.  Mary Hamestreet, left only one child at her death, who was Eleanor Miller, and that later claimed the unpaid pension due her mother.

Johathan Ingraham, died April 19, 1847, in New Ashford, Berkshire County, Mass.  His six Surving children were: Elihu, John, Abigail, David, and Hepsibeth Campbell and Sally Elliott.

Abrahan Keller, Captain Virginia State Regiment.  This regiment was disbanded in December 1781.  Keller was killed by indians in April 1786.  In 1833Colonel Benjamin Whaly stated that Abraham Keller was wounded at a place now called"Shipping Post," below the falls of the Ohio; this he knew because he dressed his wound with his own hands.  On December 13, 1844, William R. Todd of Arkansas, was appointed Admr.  Abraham Keller, heir of Captain Abraham Keeler died in Bourbon County Kentucky, in 1839, his children were: Jacob, Elizabeth who married John Edwards Sr., Solomon, Rebecca who married John Snell, Abraham, Minerva wife of John Keysar died leaving an only child, Margaret, Margaret ( Keller ) who married John Edwards Jr., Nancy who married William H. Thomas, Joseph, Isaac, Noah and John.

Benjamin Field, Ensign in Slaughter's Corps, General Clark's Regiment.  He commanded his company at the falls of the Ohio.  Part of the company was under Lieutenant Thomas Ravranscroft and started for Boone's station on the Kentucky River, but they were attacked twice by indians, and the whole command slain.  When Field retired, he was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson as Captain Light Dragoons, Illinois Regiment, Virginia State Troops, May 28, 1781, in the Western Army.  He died January 2, 1842, in Daviess County, Kentucky, Leaving a widow Mildred Field and a son William field.

Garland Burnley, Captain, Cont'l.  appearsto have been in service with exception of time when in minute service ( When under the circumstance, should not be taken in to the estimate ), from January 18, 1779 to June 18, 1781.  No proof of his having served three years, and therefore he does not appear to be entitle to any land.  It is probable other evidence may hereafter supply the dsficiency of evidence of public documents.

John Crittenden, Brigade Major, recevied land as Lieutenant for service of six years and four months, and is not entitle to an allowance as a Brigade Major.

James Gray, Lieutenant, Navy, reported as in a list of officers of the navy entitle to half pay made by a board of officers in 1784, commanded the Glpucester a prison ship, was called Captain Gray.  In service from February 27, 1776, till his death in the latter part of the year1783.  His heirs are entitle to land for a service of more then seven years, to the end of the war.

William Berry, Rank and organization not shown, resided Mercer County, Ohio, later of Allen County, Indiana.  Died January 17, 1842.  Widow not living in 1852, but there were surviving children as followa:  William, George and Jane Manning.

 John Blair, Rank and organization not shown, Died April 3, 1843, children were: Elenor, Joseph, Elizabeth, James, Mary, Nancy and Martha.  Only surviving child in 1856, was Elizabeth Markin, od Adams County, Ohio.

Francis Thompson, Private, 3 years service, Deed, ( Dolly Tuell late Dolly Thompson and Sally Tuell, daughter of Robert Tuell and Elizabeth his late wife who was Elizabeth Thompson.  Surviving heirs of. )

Reuben Thomas, Sergeant, 3 years service, The legal heir and Rep. of Edward Thomas, Jesse Thomas, Rebecca Thomas wife of Joseph Thomas, Evy Patterson wife of John Patterson, late Evy Thomas half sister to said Reuben and Polly Tindall, wife of Thomas Tindall.  Late Polly Thomas, half sister to said Reuben, in the following proportion, Viz; to said Evy Patterson and Polly Tindall, one eighth each, and to said Edward, Jesse and Rebecca, one quarter each.

William Armisted, Pay-master, in Major John Nelson's Corps, of Virginia State Cavalry.  Discharged February 1783; Died November 22, 1822, in Elizabeth City County, Virginia.  Date of his death is also shown as 1832.

William Cornett, Private, organization not shown, Kentucky.  Deid November 26, 1839, in Perry County, Kentucky.  Widow was Mary Ann Cornett, and in 1843, she removed to Letcher County, Kentucky.

Samuel Crawley, Captain, in Virginia State Artillery, commanded by Colonel Thomas Marshall.  Died at Williamsburg, Virginia, date not shown, leaving several children.  He was at Little York just before the surrender, but was not present at the surrender.  The will of his widow, Ann E. Lake, is on fiel, by which she gives money and furniture to her grand-daughter, Betsey C. Ware.

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