Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Charles Henry Lothrop.

Charles H. Lothrop.

Charles Henry Lothrop, was born September 3, 1831, at Taunton, Massachusetts, would die on February 6, 1890. His wife Sarah Virginie Naille or Nail, was born December 26, 1840, at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. They were married on May 6, 1873, although his wife first name was Sarah, she always went by Virginie, there were no children recorded. He enlisted in the First Iowa Cavalry, and commissioned Additional Assistant Surgeon, May 14, 1862, later to become Surgeon.

Sarah Virginie Naille.

There is so much written about him I couldn't write any more to do him justice, he himself did not like to write about himself when he wrote the history of the regiment, he felt that maybe too much lamlight would be placed on him and not on others who he felt deserved it more.

If you would like to learn more about him and the regiment read his Book; ( History of the First Iowa Cavalry ) wretten by Charles H. Lothrop, Pub. 1890. This book was printed a few weeks before his death. You can find and read this book on line.

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