Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lieutenant John M. Wilcox, 13th., Tenn., Cavalry.

John M. Wilcox.
  Lieutenant Wilcox was born in Carter County, Tennessee, in 1845, and spent most of his life there.  He is the eldest son of later Major Christopher C. Wilcox.  Though a very young man he took an active part in the Carter county, rebellion and was arrested and imprisoned for his activity in the Union cause.  He enlisted in Company G., Thirteenth Tennessee Cavalry, September 24, 1863; was appointed Sergeant October 28, 1863, and promoted to Second Lieutenant March 13, 1863.  He was in every march, battle and campain in which the company or regiment was engaged as far as we can recall.  He acted a conspiceuous part in the killing of General Morgan at Greeneville, Tenn., September 4, 1864.

Maj. C. C. Wilcox.

He was detailed as acting Aid-de-camp on Colonel Miller's staff on the last Stoneman raid.  He was a brave, active and intelligent young officer, alwaysable for duty and willing to do his duty in the face of any danger.  He returned to Elizabeth, Tennessee, and married Miss Margaret P. Baker of that place Junary 10, 1866.  Three sons and three daughters were born to them; Charles R., Frank N., and Roy B., ; The three daughters were; Mary Lydia, Sarah Folsom, and Mamie Lynn, all of whom are living, but Mary Lydia who died in May 1, 1889.  Lieutenant Wilcox aand his wife have successfully conducted the popular hotel known as the "Wilcox House," at Elizabeth, Tennessee, for many years.

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I'm a direct descendent of C.C. Wilcox and John Wilcox. I'm James Wilcox of Warren, PA.