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Sidney V. Arnold, 104th, Illinois Infantry.

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Sidney V. Arnold.
Born: 1844.
Death: 1917.
Wife: Stella A. H. Arnold, born 1840, death 1921.
Children: Baby born ?, death 1883.  Charles S. Arnold born 1872, death 1880.
Burial: Lockport Cemetery, Lockport, Will county, Illinois.

The following came from the 104th., regimental history.

FIRST LIEUTENANT SIDNEY V. ARNOLD. Was born in Washington County, N. Y., March 7, 1844; removed with his parents to Illinois in 1855, and enlisted August 11, 1862, when 18 years old; clerk; was appointed Third Corporal upon organization of Company A, and subsequently First Sergeant; received the latter promotion January 1, 1864, for meritorious services at Lookout Mountain and Mission Ridge. Was promoted First Lieutenant to take rank from September 29, 1864. He took part in the battle of Hartsville; was in the Tullahoma campaign; the battles of Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain and Mission Ridge, and all the various battles and skirmishes of the Regiment on the Atlanta campaign, up to and including Kenesaw Mountain, where on June 27, 1864, he was wounded in the .foot, and rheumatic fever ensuing, was sent to hospital, thence home on leave. In November, 1864, on his way to rejoin the Regiment, was unable to do so and detained at Nashville, where he was put in command of a company of convalescents all members of the First Division, Fourteenth Corps. Lieutenant Arnold participated in the battle of Nashville and soon after in the action at Decatur. Was appointed Provost Marshal and given command of the post at Ringgold, Ga., January 21, 1865, by Major General Steedman. His duties there were severe and of a difficult and dangerous nature on account of raiders and bushwhackers. Guerrillas under Gatewood and McDonald attacked the post several times and were repulsed with loss.

March 1, he, with the rest of the One Hundred and Fourth, were ordered to rejoin the Regiment and did so at Goldsboro, N. C., April 9, 1865. Lieutenant Arnold was the youngest commissioned officer in the Regiment and had the honor of being detailed to take charge of the Company and Regimental records from Washington to Chicago for the final muster out of the command. Mustered out June 6, 1865.  Lieutenant Arnold was a brave soldier, a good officer, and most efficient in the performance of all duties that devolved upon him in whatever position. After the war he remained in Illinois until 1883, when he removed to Edmunds County, Dakota, and was a pioneer of that section, locating towns and railroads. He now holds for the second term the office of Recorder of Deeds; lives in Ipswich, the county seat, and is a prominent citizen.

The following came from the State rosters.

Rank: CPL.
Company: A.
Unit: 104 IL US INF.
Age: 18.
Height: 5' 11.
Hair: BROWN.
Eyes: BROWN.
Complexion: LIGHT.
Marital Status: SINGLE.
Occupation: CLERK.
Joined When: AUG 15, 1862.
Joined Where: OTTAWA, IL.
Joined By Whom: HIMSELF.
Period: 3 YRS.
Muster In: AUG 27, 1862 .
Muster In Where: OTTAWA, IL.

Rank: 1LT.
Company: A.
Unit : 104 IL US INF.
Age: 21.
Height: 5' 11.
Hair: BROWN.
Eyes: BLUE
Complexion: DARK.
Marital Status: SINGLE.
Occupation: CLERK.
Joined When: APR 9, 1865.
Joined Where: GOLDSBORO, NC.
Joined By Whom: GOV OF ILL.
Period: 3 YRS.           
Muster In: APR 9, 1865
Muster In Where: IN THE FIELD, NC.
Muster Out: JUN 6, 1865.
Muster Out Where: WASHINGTON, DC.
Muster Out By Whom: CPT TRACY          

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