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Lietenant-Colonel Valentine Cupp

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Lietenant-Colonel Valentine Cupp.
Valentine Cupp was born June 30, 1830, at Pleasantville, Fairfield County, Ohio, and was married March 12, 1850, to Hannah Winter of same county. Four children survive him. He was a farmer and stock dealer up to the time of entering the service. Died September 20 at battle of Chickamauga, was buried there, and was afterwards removed to Greenlawn, Columbus, Ohio.

He was commissioned Captain of Company F, First O. V. C., September 5, 1861; promoted to Major, December 31, 862, and to Lieutenant-Colonel, April 1, 1863. Killed at battle of Chickamauga, Ga., September 20, 1863.

Colonel Cupp, as a Captain and in all the grades through which he served, was one of the most popular officers in the regiment. He was at all times and under all circumstances the same genial, high-toned gentleman and true soldier. Kindhearted to a fault, and if he had occasion to discipline or punish a soldier, he was sure to pay him back tenfold by some act of kindness the first opportunity that offered. He served in the regiment two years and fifteen days, at the front at all times, and commanded the regiment through the Tullahoma and Chick amauga Campaign with distinction. It is sufficient to say of his service that he never shirked any duty and was held in high esteem by General Thomas and General Long.

On the beautiful Sabbath day, September 20, 1863, with drawn saber, amid the carnage among the pines of bloody Chick amauga, he fell mortally wounded at the head of the regiment he loved so well. He was removed from the field by surgeon Wirth back to Crawfish Springs and died the same evening in the southeast parlor of the Lee House about 4 P. M.

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