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William W. Tadder

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William W. Tadder
When Born is unknown
Died in 1907.

Taken from the State Rosters.

TADDER, WILLIAM W.—Age, 23 years. Enlisted, August 13,1862, at Independence, N. Y.; mustered in as private, Co. E, August 16, 1862, to serve three years; appointed sergeant, September 3, 1862, first sergeant, date not stated; mustered in as second lieutenant, to date December 3, 1864; first lieutenant, to date December 6, 1864; mustered out with company, June 30, 1865, at Clouds Mills, Va.; commissioned second lieutenant, . January 31,1865, with rank from December 2,1864, vice Crittenden, discharged; first lieutenant, January 31, 1865, with rankfrom December 5,1864, vice Callaghan, promoted.

The following story was taken from the regimental history. 


In the fall of 1864, as the army was moving up the valley, the Dragoons in advance, two of the regiment performed a deed of valor which for presumptuous audacity and perfect success was unsurpassed during the war. Lieut. Wm. W. Tadder and his company bugler, Adelbert Brown, were sent through a piece of woods to ascertain if the enemy occupied certain cross roads. Before emerg ing from the timber they discovered a four-mule team hauling an army wagon containing nineteen Johnnies, each with a loaded gun. The boys promptly decided to make the desperate attempt to capture the entire outfit. Said the lieutenant: "Deb, go to the edge of the woods, and sound the 'charge' for all that's in you; and when I give the order, ' Forward,' we will yell like a pack of devils, and go for them.'' Tadder began shouting his commands to what the rebs supposed to be a large company of Yanks, and as the two surrounded the wagon, he ordered the driver, in as forcible language as he could command, to " whip up them mules and get out right smart." The rebs were so thoroughly frightened that they made no resistance, and were driven first to Devin's headquarters, then to Merritt's, both generals highly complimenting the boys for their gallantry. The Johnnies learning the facts of their capture, declared it was that
" dod-blasted bugle '* that fooled them.

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