Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chicago Police Chief Michael Brennan & Patrolman James Brennan..

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This is a picture of Michael Brennan, as Police Clerk, of the Chicago police department in 1887.
He would be appointed Police Chief six years later on September 11, 1893 through 1895.
I believe this is a picture of Patrolman James Brennan who is some time mistaken for Michael Brennan.
The top picture came from the History of the Chicago Police Department, published in 1887.
The bottom picture was taken from the History of the Chicago Pensioners Ass'n published in 1916.
I have their information from these two works, what I'm looking for is more personal information, like who's the wife and children and so on. 
If you have any information on them I would like to hear about it, so I can post it here. 


Buster'sMom said...

Michael Brennan is my great great granduncle. I have more information on my side of the Brennans.

Dennis Segelquist said...

Hi, if YOU HAVE INFORMATION ON mR. bRENNAN,I would like to read it
I Well see that it gets posted