Monday, February 17, 2014

Thomas Schultz, Flogged, 1920.

We were unprepared for the following information which comes from Michigan. There has been an investigation of the cruelties said to be perpetrated on the prisoners at the State Reformatory at Lansing, resulting in the usual exoneration. From the Detroit News, we quote part of the testimony before the investigating committee. "Harry L. Hurlburt, warden of the prison, explained to the committee how the flogging apparatus is worked. The man to be flogged is blindfolded, handcuffed and shackled at the ankles. Then he is stretched out on a long ladder which is made to fit snugly over a barrel. His hands and ankles are fastened to the ladder.

"The prisoner is blindfolded, the warden said, so he will not see who is flogging him. His back is bared and a piece of stout linen cloth placed over the bare spot. The instrument used in the padding is a heavy strap about four inches in width, punched with small holes about an inch apart, and fastened to a handle. The strap is soaked in water, according to the warden, till it becomes pliable.

"Dr. Robert McGregor, prison physician, holds the pulse of the man being flogged and gives the signal for the flogger to stop.

No. 1.,  ” Thomas Schultz. Boy of 21 years old, seven months after being sent from the insane asylum was given 181 lashes and kept in the dungeon during period of the floggings for nine days, and fed on bread and water.

Sent to Jackson Prison March 12, 1918, for larceny two to five years.

May 15. 1920- Sent to Ionia State Hospital for the criminally insane.

Aug. 12, 1920. Returned by order of Dr. McGregor, prison doctor, as cured.

Nov. 3, 1 920. Three months later, assaulted a guard. For this and a few minor offenses, none of them serious, he was sentenced to receive 181 lashes.

Nov. 4 he received 40 lashes; Nov. 5 he received 35 lashes; Nov. 6 he received 26 lashes; Nov. 9 he received 40 lashes; Nov. 13 he received 49 lashes. Total 181.

He was kept in the dungeon during this time and for nine days was fed on bread and water.

On Nov. 30 he was returned to Ionia Insane Asylum and is still there.

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