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Revolutionary Pensioner Roll of 1840.

When researching the revolutionary war you can find many records.  Some of these records are military, pension and state and  county records. 

For this post I will be talking about the pension rolls, there are many kinds of pension rolls, some are put out by the state, county and some towns put some together.  The best pension rolls are the one put out by the United State Government, in 1835, it was put together from different government departments. Covering the years of 1828, 1832, 1833, 1834 and 1835, these rolls cover the Revolutionary War through the War of 1812.  Its known as the United States Pension Rolls, and are in three volumes.

Its important when researching a revolutionary ancestor to look at as many pension rolls as you can.  There are many persons within the same state with the same name, some may have died or just moved, they may be found in one state then found in another state years later.

I was researching pension rolls for surnames, those of you who been to my site many times known this site was built upon the surname and of course other historical events, but the main theme is the surname.  The pension roll I found was that of the sixth census of 1840.  Now what's different about this roll is that not only does it give you the State but the county and town, age and the person they are living with.

As you know there thousand of names on these lists and no way possible for me to list them all, so I will only list a few states.  After looking over this list if you find it helpful and would like a search for a ancestor you may request one.

When requesting a search give the title of the post ( Revolutionary Pensioner Roll of 1840.), and not of the web site.  My E. Mail address can be found in my profile.

This is for the author only so the list can be found again when needed.
A census of pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services.

Sixth census of pensioners of January 1, 1840. 
State of Maine.
York County, Waterborough
Jonathan Knight, Age 72, living with Simeon C. Knight.
York County, South Berwick.
Timothy Berdens, Age 76, living with John Brooks.
Peace Peirce, Age 69, living with Samuel Peirce.
York County, Sanford.
Hepribeth Jacobs, Age 85, living with Theodore Jacobs.
York County, Saco.
Stephen Googins, Age 86, living with Alexander Googins.
John Grace, Age 79, living with Moses Grace.
State of New Hampshire.

Rockingham County, North Hampton.
Heprebath Marston, Age 76, living with Daniel Marston.

Rockingham County, Hampstead.
Daniel Little, Age 90, living with Tristram Little.

 Rockingham County, Londonderry.
David Crowell, Age 82, living with Peter Crowell.

 Rockingham County, Derry.
John Burnham, Age 90, Living with George Burnham.

State of Massachusetts.

Barnstable County, Harwich.
Ebenezer Eldredge, Age ?, living with Jacob Eldredge.

Barnstable County, Orleans.
Hezekiah Rogers, Age 89, living with Yates Rogers.
Richard Rogers, Age 82, living with Alvan Rogers.

Barnstable County, Sandwich.
Thankful Packard, Age 81, living with Benjamin Packard..

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