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Union & Confederate Soldiers of the Rebellion.

Union Soldiers.

Jesse Hughes, Corporal, 1St., Pennsylvania Cavalry, Co. F., Age 25, Farmer.  Wounded in battle for possession of Weldon Railroad, August 23, 1864.  Died August 27, 1864.

John Welch, 61St., New York Infantry, Age 22.  Wounded during the battle of the Wilderness, Virginia.  Wound in left shoulder, recovered.  Not found on roster.

Lawrence Turner, Private, Co. A., 5th., Pennsylvania Cavalry, Age 30.  Wounded June 15, 1864, at battle of Petersburg; wounded by a conical ball below  shoulder.  Died July 14, 1864 of exhaustion.

David Smith Private, 6th., Pennsylvania Cavalry, Co. E., Age 29.  Wounded June 12, 1864, at Trevillian Station, conical ball, left arm.  Died August 8, 1864.

John Farlow, Private, Co. C., 28th., Pennsylvania infantry, Age 49; was home on furlougd when attacked with erysipelas, entered the hospital March 29, 1864 and died June 3, 1864.

Lewis Duball, Private, Co. K., 12th., Maine, Age 21.  Wounded on October 19, 1864, wounded in left arm; recovered.

Riverius H. Trask, Private, Co. H., 114th., New York, infantry, Age 23.  Wounded in the head in battle of Winchester, Virginia, September 19, 1864.  Recovered.

Herman L. Page, Corporal, Co. K., 1St., Massachusetts Artillery, Age 20, wounded at Petersburg, June 17, 1864; wounded by a minie ballot the head.  Died at 4 A. M., July 7, 1864.

William H. Burger, Sergeant, Co. K., 47th., Pennsylvania infantry, wounded in the head by a piece of shell at Cedar Creek, Virginia, October 19, 1864, died on the tenth week.

George Guptill, Private, Co. K., 29th., Maine, Age 24, wounded; lost left eye, in battle at Cedar Creek, Virginia, October 19, 1864, recovered.

Isaac Etchell, Private, CO. D., 72nd., Pennsylvania infantry, wounded in left side of the chest, by a round ball, at Antietam, September 17, 1862, out come unknown.

John Burk, Private, Co. I., 23rd., Maine, diarrhea, of five weeks, cured.

Clark E. Bates, Lieutenant, Co. I., 2nd., Rhode Island, infantry, wounded by a musket bullet to the right thigh, diarrhea set in died July 18, 1863.

William Moss, Private, Co. F., 122nd., New York, infantry, Diarrhea and Typhoid fever, deserted from hospital September 30, 1863.

Horace O. Hill, Private, Co. I., 27th., Connecticut, infantry, Chronic diarrhea, recovered.

Henry M. Pierce, Private, Co. K., 25th., Maine, infantry, sick at Chantilly, Virginia, March 23, 1863 with "Fever", died May 11, 1863.

George W. Stearnes, Corporal, Co. I., 9th., New Hampshire, infantry, mustered in August 15, 1862, got diarrhea was in a number of hospitals.  Died at 5 A. M., on December 24, 1862.

George Hayes, Private, Co. B., 12th., United States  infantry, Age 25; was sent to the guard-house at Russell barracks, Washington D. C., May10, 1866, get diarrhea and died August 28, 1866.

Julius Zinke, Private, Co. G., 98th., Pennsylvania infantry, Age 54, was mustered in March 5, 1861, to service 3 years.  This was a re-enlistment, got sick with diarrhea, heart trouble, and other illness, died May 9, 1864.

Moses Haseltine, Private, Co. C., 12th., Massachusetts Infantry, wounded in chest at Antietam.  Buried Antietam National Cemetery, Grave 133, Lot C., Section 17.

Confederate Soldiers.   
Sterling Sanders, Private, Co. K., 21St., Mississippi, wounded at the battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862, wounded by a minie ball to the right of the chest, recovered.
James D. Bishop, Private, 1St., Mississippi, Age 22, Gun shot wound in the right of the abdomen, at Antietam, September 17, 1862, recovered.
J. G. Martin, Private, Co. K., 19th., Virginia, Age 22, wounded at South Mountain, September 14, 1862, by a conical ball.  Out come unknown.
J. P. Breedlove, Lieutenant, Co. B., 4rh., Alabama, Age 23, wounded at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.  Out come unknown.
Alex. Day, Private, Lee Battery, Brayton's Artillery, Age 23, wounded at Winchester, September 19, 1854, by a conoidal ball to the right side of the abdomen, January 5, 1865, sent to Fort McHenry for exchange. Out come unknown.
G. W. Smith, Private, Co. K., 8th., Alabama, Age 18, wounded in abdomen at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863.  Out come unknown.
Houston Quinn, Private, Co. C., 11th., Mississippi, Age 22, was wounded at Second Bull Run, August 30, 1862, wounded through the hip, discharged October8, 1862, with ball still in him.
W. B. Brown, Corporal, Co. F., 24th., Alabama, wounded at Chickamauga, September 19, 1863, by a conoidal ball, through the abdomen, sent to the rear, October 331, 1863.  Out come unknown.
James T. Dowdy, Private, 28th., Virginia, Age 23, wounded at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, by a conoidal musket ball.  His real name was Sergeant Albert Dowdy, Co. G., 28th., Virginia, and was wounded at Chester Station a fortnight before the battle of Gettysburg.

Ambrose Blackburn, Lieutenant, Co. F., 1St., Arkansas Cavalry, Gordon's Regiment, Age 22.  Wounded at Pine Bluff, October 25, 1863.  Out come unknown.

Richard Sauls, Private, Co. E., 51St., Georgia, wounded at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.  Died of exhaustion August 27, 1863.

William W. Smith, Sergeant, Co. G., Texas, Age 25, wounded at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863, wounded by a conidal ball to the abdomen.  Recovered and paroled on November 12, 1863.

F. C. Hume, Lieutenant, Aide to General Gary, wounded near Deep Bottom, July 27, 1864.  Wounded by a conoidal ball, was to recover.

Lewis E. Tickle, Private, Jackson's Virginia, Artillery, Age 22, wounded in right arm, at Tenallytown, July 13, 1864.  Died August 4, , 1864, of exhaustion.

S. B. Davis, Corporal, 8th., Tennessee Cavalry; shot by a sentinel April 12, 1864, at Fort Delaware, died within a few hours.

John D. Murphy, prisoner of war, wounded while attempting to escape the guard.  Sent to the post hospital at Cairo, on June 30, 1864.  Later sent to the military prison, July 21, 1864.

B. Vincens, Sergeant, Co. C., 6th., Georgia, wounded September29, 1864, in the abdomen, at Fort Harrison.  Transferred, October 25, 1864, out come unknown.   

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