Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Martin Kuster, struck by lightning, 1866..

Recruit Martin Kuster was struck by lightning during a violent thunder storm, while standing under or against a poplar tree near his post on Governor s Island, New York harbor, September 14, 1866. The left side of his cap was torn open, the facing of the metal button of that side thrown off; the hair of the left temple and behind the ears singed and burnt; the left boot was torn widely open from the outside seam forward and upward, and the stocking within it torn, while the right boot was toni open by two small rips in front of the outside seam and about an inch apart, one above the other. No other external marks were observed. His coat was buttoned closely about him ; none of its buttons, nor those of his vest or pants, were affected.  Burial: Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County New York.

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