Friday, March 21, 2014

Twelve Men of Color.

I know its hard to find records of people of color, so I put together a list of twelve names.  In the hope it may help some one looking into this line, and they may learn something they didn't know about their ancestor.

Squire McCavin, a Freeman, age 17 years, received a wound in the abdomen with a knife in an affray at Vicksburg, April 17, 1865, was taken to a hospital for Freeman, recovered and return to duty.

D. Brazee, a Freeman, age 25 years received a wound in the abdomen in a fight on the steamer Cook, at Vicksburg, June 5, 1865, died the next day.

Edward Moorer, a Colored teamster employed by the Quartermaster Department, was shot in the abdomen in a brawl at a Grogshop ( Low Class Barroom ) in Georgetown, October 12, 1862, was taken to Union Hotel Hospital, died about 42 hours later.

Stephen Green, a dark mulatto, age  31 years, was admitted September 5, 1865, when admitted he had dullness on peecussion under both clavicles and pain on pressure under the clavicles and over the stomach, and cough causing pain, and had night sweats; appetite good up to three hours befor his death.

Frank Williams, a dark mulatto, age 14 years was admitted May 24, 1865, suffering from scrofulous ophthalmia; died February 4, 1866, about 5 P. M.

The following five men were taken to the Freeman's Hospital, in Washington, D. C. 
1. John Thomas, a dark mulatto, age 13 years was admitted January 22, 1866, with feet and legs frost bitten to the knees; left leg amputated.  Died March 28, 1866.
2. Robert Franklin, a mulatto age 33, years was admitted February3, 1866, with consumption, died March 29, 1866.
3. James Evans, light mulatto age 30, years was admitted May 3, 1866, no diagnosis, died May 4, 1866, at 8 A.M.
4. George Washington, a negro age 50, years was admitted August 2, 1866, chronic diarrhea, died August 4, 1866.
5. Robert Tibbs, a negro age 20 years was admitted November 7, 1866, died July 27, 1867.
Charles Gray, a mulatto; said to be a soldier, afterward an officer's servant.  Admitted to the Washington Asylum, D. C., May 1 1868.  In the following November after going about barefoot and being otherwise, he was attacked with pneumonia and died November 11, 1869.
Albert McGee, a negro refugee age about 30 years , is reported to have been struck at the first battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861, by a musket ball, wounded in the right hip, he made a complete recovery.

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