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Captain Rowley P. Taylor.

Rowley P. Taylor, Co. C., First New York, Dragoons, Age, not stated, Enlisted August, 1862, place not stated, mustered in as Captain Co. C., September 3, 1862.  Killed in action January 30, 1863, at Deserted House, Virginia; commissioned Captain, November 1, 1862, with rank from August 14, 1862, original.

The following was taken from the regimental history.

"Captain Taylor had a presentiment before leaving Suffolk that he would be killed, and had packed his effects, leaving them in charge of Willis Parker to be sent to his wife if he should not return alive. He also asked the privilege of signing the pay roll, requesting his salary also sent to her."

"In marching out to the Deserted Farm he was unusually quiet for him, scarcely speaking during the march. Just before the battle he remarked to some of the men who were joking: ' Boys, you had better keep quiet, as some of you will be in heaven or hell before morning."

Within five minutes we got the rebel shells, and were ordered to lay fiat upon the ground. Captain Taylor was just at my right, and had said nothing for nearly two hours, when Major Scott came down the line, smoking a cigar, and said: '' Taylor, how are your men ? " to which he replied, "Some are dead, but most of them are all right,'' and added, "Major, have a chew of tobacco with me." This Scott declined, as he was smoking, and turned to go up the line. During this conversation Scott was as cool and seemingly unconcerned as if nothing unusual was going on. Taylor said, '' I'll take a chew, and raising upon his elbow, had his hand in his pocket when the shell struck him."

Captain Rowley P. Taylor.
Birth: May 26, 1822.
Death: Jan. 30, 1863.
Married Attica, NY June 12, 1851 by Rev. Raymond to Miss Harriet Baker.
Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery, Attica, Wyoming County, New York.

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