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Private, Daniel Neal or Neel, 39th., illinois Infanrty.

Name: NEEL, DANIEL. Rank; Private. Company: K. Unit: 39 IL US INF. Residence: MARSEILLES, LASALLE CO, IL. Age: 32. Height; 5' 8 1/2. Hair: BROWN. Eyes; BLUE. Complexion: LIGHT. Marital Status; SINGLE. Occupation: FARMER. Nativity: WESTMORELAND CO, PA. Service Record. Joined When: SEP 3, 1861. Joined Where; MARSEILLES, IL Joined By Whom: D A NICHOLSON. Period: 3 YRS. Muster In: OCT 11, 1861. Muster In Where: CHICAGO, IL Remarks; DISCHARGED FOR DISABILITY NOV 1, 1862.

Authors note.  In the regimental history it has his surname as Neal, but in the State records it was Neel.

The following information was taken from the 39th., Regimental History.

one incident had occurred to mar the pleasure of our progress from St. Louis, Mo., to Williamsport, Md. Before leaving Pittsburgh, Private Daniel Neal, of Company K, while the car in which he was riding was at rest upon a bridge (the train having stopped for repairs), missed his footing upon the platform and was precipitated down through the trestle-work a distance of forty feet. Fortunately the bed of the stream beneath was shallow, and he escaped drowning ; but when picked up it was found that he had suffered a severe concussion of the spinal column, with fracture of two of the processes of the dorsal vertebrae. The lower limbs were paralyzed. He was taken aboard the cars again and made as comfortable as circumstances would permit, and on reaching Pittsburgh he was placed under competent care at Dr. Waller's Surgical Infirmary. After recovery he rejoined the regiment at Arlington Heights, Va., in 1864. and was discharged by reason of physical deformity.

Neal, Daniel. Enlisted from Marseilles September 3d. I86I.

Early in the service Neal met with a serious accident which nearly cost him his life. When the regiment was en route from St. Louis. Mo., to Williamsport. Md., while passing through the State of Ohio in the night time, the train came to a halt on a bridge spanning a deep ravine. It was a covered bridge. Neal stepped out and off the train to go forward for some water, unaware, in the darkness, of where the train was resting, and in stepping off he made a long step, about forty feet, to the ground below. He was picked up, and on reaching Pittsburg was taken by Dr. Clark to Dr. Waller's Surgical Infirmary. His spine was injured, and it was thought that he could not recover; but he did. and reported to his company a few days prior to his discharge from the service. November 1st, 1862 February 4th. 1864, he enlisted in Company G. Eighth Illinois Cavalry, and was mustered out July 17th. 1865. His home is at Larned.


*Since writing the above we have news of Neal's death by suicide at Larned, Kansas, some time in February, 1889.

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