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Luther W. Fassett & Joel E. Fassett, 2nd. N. H.

Luther W. Fassett.

Born; 1831.
Death; Unknown, Leebury, Loudoun, county, Virginia.
Son of Joseph Fassett and Tabitha Wright.
No burial, body lost or destroyed.

Second New Hampshire Infantry, Co. E.

Luther W. Fassett, Co. E., Born Fitzwilliam; Age 29, Residence Jaffrey; Enlisted September 10, 1861; Mustered in September 17, 1861.  Killed April 2, 1862, at Evansport, Virginia.

The following is taken from the 2nd., New Hampshire Regimental History.

April 2, Luther W. Fassett, of Company E., was killed by rebel scouts or guerrillas. His company had located the grave of a rebel gun, and he, with a companion, was sent back to the landing for shovels. On the way, three men in citizen's clothes suddenly confronted them. Fassett immediately surrendered, notwithstanding which he was shot down in his tracks, whereupon his companion took leg bail and escaped. Fassett had a brother in the same company, and a wife and child in New Hampshire.

His brother.

Second New Hampshire Infantry, Co. E.

Joel E. Fassett, Co. E., Born Fizwilliam; age 34, Residence Jaffrey, Enlisted September 10, 1861, Mustered in September 17, 1861.  Discharged for disability, Portsmouth Grove, R. I.,  Died May 11, 1864 at Jaffrey.

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