Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jerry Baker's Escape, 70th., Indiana Infantry.

Jerry Baker, Private, Co. E., 70th., Indiana Infantry.  Mustered in July 31, 1862.  Discharged March 26, 1864.

The following was taken from the 70th., regimental history.

August sixth, Jerry Barker of Company E, Colonel Harrison's orderly, who had been captured a month before, returned, having escaped by bribing his guard. He reported that he killed one of the men who captured him; that his captors took everything he had, even the ring from his finger; that his saddle was sold for one hundred and fifty dollars and his horse for eight hundred dollars; and that he was incarcerated with a hundred others in a single room, from which no one was allowed to go for any purpose, and where the odors were indescribable. A Lieutenant made the man who took his lady love's ring return it, and this was sacrificed by Barker to bribe the sentinel to let him escape.

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