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Canadian & Nova Scotia Refugees of the Revolutionary War.

A list of Canadian and Nova Scotia refugees who have exhibited claims for bounty in pursuance of an act of Congress passed on April 7, 1798.

Note: This list don't give the name of the States that their bounty land was in. This list is to help find your family's and to let you know they were from Canadian or Nova Scotia and had land within the United States for fighting in the Rev. War.

A list of claimants who entitled to special rates of allowance.

The Heirs of James Boyd, two thousand acress.
He lost fifty thousand acress of land, on which were some valuable improvements, on the east side of what is now know to be the River St. Croix.

Martha Walker widow of Thomas Walker, two thousand acres. His services, sacrifices, and sufferings, appear to have been equal to any of the refugees. He lost property to the amount of 2,500, sterling beside abandoning a lucrative business.

John Edgar, two thousand acres. He renderd many important services.
His losses were very great, and his soffenings still greater.

Seth Harding, two thousand acres.
Left Norwich in Connecticut in 1771 moved to Liverpool, in Nova Scotia, he was a member ot the General Assembly and in 1773 was appointed a Justice of the peace, and one Justices of the court of common pleas for Queen's County. He retired from Nova Scotia in August of 1775.
Note: More can be found on Seth Harding on the Web.

A list of claimants who are entitled to first rate of allowance.

Jonathan Eddy, one thousand acres. He is particularly mentioned in one of the resolutions of Congress. His losses and services were equal to S. Harding's, but Colonel Eddy has already received some compensation from Massachusetts.

Colonel James Livingston, one thousand acres. His services and losses taken together would entitle him to two thousand acres, but Colonel Livingston has already received one thousand acres from New York.

Parker Clark, one thousand acres.
John Allen, one thousand acres.
The heir's of John Dodge, one thousand acres.

A list of claimants who are entitled to second rate of allowance.
Note: All the names below received seven hundred and fifty acres.

Thomas Faulker
Edward Faulker
David Gay
Martin Brooks
Lieut. Col. Bradford
Noah Miller
Joshua Lamb
Atwood Fales
John Starr
William How
Ebenezer Gardner
The heir's of Simon Chester
John M'Gown
Jonas C. Minot
P. Francis Cazeau, He also received one hundred and thirty-three and one third acres from New York.

A list of claimants who are entitled to third rate of allowance.
All the names below got five hundred acres.
Note: All names with a star got additional land.

* Jacob Vander Heyden, Also five hunderd acres from New York.
* John Livingston, Also five hundred acres from New York.
James Crawford
Isaac Danks
Major B. Von Heer
* Benjamin Thompson, Also six hundred and sixty-six and two-thirds acres from New York
* Joseph H. Bindon, Also five hundred acres from New York.
Joseph A. Levittre
Lieutenant William Maxwell
* John D. Mercier, Also five hundred acres from New York.
* James Price, Also five hunder acres from New York.
Seth Noble
Lewis F. Delesdernier
* John Halsted, Also one hundred and thirty-three and one-third acres from New York.

A list of claimants who are entitled to fourth rate of allowance.
The names below got two hundred and fifty acres.
Note: The names with a star got additional land.

David Jenks
Ambrose Cole
James Cole
Adam Johnson
* James Duggan, Also received five hundred acres from New York, otherwise he would have been entitled to seven hundred and fifty acres.
* Daniel Earl Jr. the same as above.
John Paskel
* Edward Chinn, one thousand acres.
* Joseph Cone, six hundred and sixty-six and two-thirds from Nen York.
John Torrey

Claimant entitled to the lowest rate allowance.

Samuel Fales, one hundred acres, this man is the son of Atwood Fales, who is in the second class claimants.

A list of claimants whose proofs are incomplete, and the decisions on their claims suspended.

Lewis Rouse, it is not sufficiently proved that he fled to the United States.

Martha Bocart relict of Abraham Bocart and formerly relict of Daniel Tucker. There is no proof of extent of the losses and suffenings of Daniel Tucker.

James Govett, it is not proved that his services were voluntary nor that he migrated to the United States.

Samuel Rodgers, he requests that time may be allowed him for producing the requisite proof to entitle him a bounty.

Samuel Rodgers, heir to George Rodger deceased for the same reason as above.

The heirs of Nathaniel Reynolds some of the dates in the depositions are written on an ersures.

A list of claimants who are not entitled to bounty from the United States. As they were already compensation by the State of New York.
Note: The names with a star were not entitle to bounty for other reasons.

Nathaniel Earl, one thousand acres.
Jonas Earl and Daniel Earl, five hundred acres.
Lewis Gosline, one thousand
Josiah Throop, One thousand.
* James Robisheaux, compensation by New York.
* Nathaniel and Patrick Welsh, no principle upon which an allowance can be made.
Abraham Livingston, one thousand.
* Oliver Miller, Not entitle.
* Lieutenant Colonel J. F. Hamtranck, compensation by the State of New York.
William Torrey, one thousand acres.
* The heirs of Johathan Delesdernier, this case does not come within the provisions of the law.
* Henry Weibble, Nothing can be allowed.
Philip Leibert, one thousand acres.
Major Lorant, one thousand acres.
John Gauley, five hundred acres.
Peter Cayeau, five hundred acres.
* Gideon and Mary Delesdernier, it is not proved that they were abliged to leave Nova Scotia nor that they came here with intent to aid the United States their son whom they followed is included in the third class.

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