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Rejected or Suspended Pensions-1832,1836, 1838.

When researching our ancestors it seems to be important to know what he did and what he got, but it's just as importation to know what he didn’t get and why he didn’t get it. There were thousands of men and women who received a pension and there were thousands that didn’t received one. I now have a index that tells why there was no pension.

I will list only ten names from each state stated in this index as there are thousands of names, way to many to put here. If you didn’t find your ancestor here and you would like to know if they are in the index, write to me, with his name and state. Along with the title of this page for without the title I may not be able to help you. I will only look in the states that are stated on this list. My address can be found in my profile.

Rejected or Suspended Applications For Pension.

The following Men and women applied for a ( Revolutionary ) pension. The years of their applications were under the acts of 1832, 1836 and 1838, all were rejected or suspended because of the laws passed in that year. There was a resolution from Congress that passed on September 16, 1850, that askied for a accounting of all applications for a pension for the years stated above, this accounting was printed in 1852.

State of Maine.

1. Charles Frost, Waterbrook, Cumberland, He did not serve six months.

2. Nathaniel Harding, Newsharon, Kennebec, He did not serve in a Military.

3. John Rose, Waterville, Kennebec, under age.

4. Hannah Norton, Limington, York, Husband died before the act.

5. Polly Shaw, Excter, Penobscot, Husband died before the act.

6. Samuel Patch, Shapleigh, York, He deserted.

7. Phineas Bean, Ellot, York, He did not serve six months in person.

8. Elijah Ayer, Wallington, Kent, N. B., He did not serve in a Military capacity.

9. Abraham Dodge, Sedgwick, Hancock, He deserted.

10. James Dean, Frankfort, Waldo, Privateer service.

State of New Hampshire.

1. Robert Babcock, Tufton burgh, Carroll, Not on the rolls from 1777-1779, married after 1800, no claim for the widow.

2. Benjamin Perry, Deceased, Pittsburg, Coos, suspended for further proof.

3. Benjamin Town, Hinsdale, Cheshire, suspended for certificate from the Secretary of State of pay, and service, and of identity by cotemporary soldiers.

4. Samuel Kimball, Lisbon, Grafton, Not on rolls, no proof of service either by claimant or his officers.

5. William Richardson, Londonderry, Rockingham, Suspended for further proof from Boston.

6. William Tucker, Andover, Merrimack, There is evidence that he received six pounds, State bounty, but not that he ever rendered any revolutionary service.

7. Mirlam Jackson, widow of David, Bath, Grafton, Suspended for proof of marriage and her husband’s identity with the soldiers from Newton, of the Massachusetts line.

8. Molly Lane, widow of Jonathan, Piermont, Grafton, Suspended for proof of the identity of claimant’s husband with the service credited to soldiers of the same names on the roll.

9. Mary Wingate, by Simon Chase guardian, Rochester, Strafford, In 1820, Wingate stated he had no family. Now there are two applicants. One named Mary, who is insane, and is represented by Simon Chase, of Rochester, guardian; While J. D. Chase applied as agent for Sarah Wingate, and widow of the same soldier.

10. Mary Moulton, widow of Daniel, Sandwich, Strafford, suspended for proof of marriage.

State of Vermont.

1. Robert Babcock, Dover, Windham, Patrol service, not regularly organized Corps.

2. John Ellis 2d., Weldon, Caledonia, Deserted.

3. James Flint, Barre, Washington, He did not serve six months.

4. Elias Lathrop, Waterbury, Washington, He did not serve six months, except in the team service.

5. Hampton Lovegrove, Fairfax, Franklin, Team service.

6. Elijah Nye, Montpelier, Washington, Teamster in the quartermasters department, December 26, 1833.

7. Elisha Baker, Charlotte, Chittenden, Suspended for proof of his commission as surgeon, and service rendered.

8. Seth Evans, Chittenden, Rutland, Name not on roll, but his Artillery service is sworn to by Brown, a witness who is on the rolls of the Massachusetts service.

9. Philip James, Brandon, Rutland, He has not established six months service.

10. Ebenezer Dyer, Sharon Windsor, Not military service.

State of Massachusetts.

1. William Allen, Chilmark, Dukes, He did not serve actually six months; he was merely ready to serve.

2. Joel Hathaway, Bane, Bristol, No proof of service. No service at that period designated.

3. Thomas Miller, Charlestown, Middlesex, He appears on the rolls of Massachusetts as a ensign, but there is no length of service stated on them. He also exhibits an ensign’s commission, but no evidence of any pay is apparent.

4. Elisha Parker, Ashfield, Franklin, He did not serve six months in any regularly organized Cops.

5. William Loveridge, Deerfield, Franklin, He did not serve six months.

6. Francis Mallet, Plymouth, Plymouth, Belonged to the French army.

7. Ell Bradley, Lee, Brookshire, Suspended for proof of the public authority of the Corps in which he alleges he served, as there dose not appear any record of such corps.

8. Norman Bacon, Watertown, Middlesex, Suspended for further specification and proof from the Massachusetts rolls.

9. Mehitable Chase, formerly widow of Jacob Rowe, Newburyport, Essex, He was a deserter.

10. Susannah Eaton, widow of Nathaniel, West Springfield, Hampden, Married in 1805, not within the act.

State of Rhode Island.

1. Mary Green, widow of Thomas, Charlestown, Washington, Soldier died before the passage of the act and was rejected December 1833, before widow’s law of 1836 & 1838, were passed.

2. Olney Potter, Glouscester, Providence, he held no commission as a surgeon or surgeon’s mate, did not belong to the army, never left his home.

3. Benjamin Smith, North Kingston, Washington, Under age previous to September 27, 1781, subsequently he did not serve six months.

4. Thomas Baxter, North Providence, Providence , Service not verified by the rolls, of the minute men, ( Except when in actual service), not under the act.

5. Elihu Fish, Providence city, Privateer service not allowed otherwise he did not serve six months.

6. Mehitable Sallsbury, widow of Charles, Gloucester, Providence, not a widow at the date of the act.

7. Anna Sims, Widow of Samuel, Westerly, Washington, Married after January 1, 1794.

8. Mary Towgood, widow of Jonathan, Foster, Providence, not a widow at the date of the act.

9. Sarah Eddy, widow of Oliver, Warren , Bristol, eight months service in 1775, and one month in 1778, admitted proof of marriage required, Levi Halle, November 9, 1836.

10. Martha Cornell, widow of Benjamin, Newport, period, length and grade of service and names of company and field officers.

State of Connecticut.

1. Josiah Buck, ( deceased ) children of, New Milfield, Litchfield, both parents died before the passage of the act.

2. Simeon Baxter, Tolland, Tolland, he did not serve six months.

3. Reuben Case, Simsbury, Hartford, He died the first month of service.

4. Samuel Cowles, Berlin, Hartford, he did not serve in a military capacity.

5. Job Ellsworth, East Windsor, Hartford, Team service.

6. Robert Smith, Bethany, New Haven, not on the rolls of Artificers as he claimed to have belonged.

7. Joseph Whiting, Hartford, Hartford, he did not serve six months in person.

8. Peter Appell, North Branford, New Haven, Privateer service.

9. Samuel Frothingham, Middletown, Middletown, claim for an increase disallowed, not entitled as an Artificer. He worked at his trade as a tailor for his mess, under enlistment.

10. Submit Cook, widow of Uriah, Barkhampstead, Litchfield, no proof of service, no specification, mere here say service in the militia.

State of New York.

1. Amos Bicknell, Stockholm, St. Lawrence, he was not of age to perform service.

2. Isaiah Booth, Nelson, Madison, was a Artificer, not a soldier.

3. Aaron Burt, Davenport, Delaware, not military service, he was a cook and a washer.

4. Thomas F. Collard, Walkill, Orange, he was too youthful for military service.

5. George Forrest, Unadilla, Orange, he did not serve in the revolutionary war.

6. Adam Garlough, Canajoharie, Montgomery, he was not in the service six months, except as a teamster.

7. John Grant, Milton, Saratoga, he did not serve except as a waiter and wagon-master.

8. Ebenezer Hatch, Mexlco, Oswego, he was only twelve years of age at the date of his alleged service.

9. William Hawks, Otselie, Venango, he was only ten and a half when he entered the service.

10. Jeremiah Clump alias Klumph, Fredonia, Chautauque, service as a express rider and teamster, not entitled.

State of New Jersey.

1. Ezra Drew, ----, Bergen, served as a blacksmith.

2. James Fawrot, Sandiston, Sussex, he was a wagon driver.

3. Richard Smith, Hanover, Morris, served in the French army.

4. Peter Allen, Saddle river, Bergen, not military service.

5. Zadock Crane, Bloomfield, Morris, A waiter in the body-guard of the commander-in-chief’s, but his name does not appear on the rolls of the staff in any grade.

6. Stephen Ford, Washington, Burlington, Mifilin, on board which it is alleged he served, was a privateer or a public armed vessel.

7. Gideon Lyon, Princeton, Mercer, Claims as Lieutenant under Connecticut authority, and served as a private in New Jersey. Proof is required from the records of both states.

8. Samuel Quick, Oxford, Warren, he was a deserter.

9. William Wilsey, Roxbury, Morris, Eight months two days service admitted, but nothing for services as a minute man.

10. Phoebe or Phebe Brown, widow of William, Elizabeth township, Essex, he was not entitled, her husband died in 1803, and was no soldier. The William Brown who performed the service was not this claimant’s husband.

State of Pennsylvania.

1. Frederick Nagle, South Withham, Lehigh, he enlisted with the enemy whilst a prisoner.

2.James Nicholas, York, York, Under age, no proof of service.

3. John Sell, Washington Township, Indiana, suspended for proof of further service, five months admitted.

4. Daniel Sickles Alias Ackerly, ----, Fayette, not on complete rolls of New Jersey Line, no proof of service as claimed.

5. Margaret Boss widow of Daniel, Allegheny Township, married after war.

6. Ann Pancoast, formerly widow of Alexander Plunket, Philadelphia city, a soldier of the regular army.

7. Mary Conly, widow of Nicholas, ----. Allegheny, married after January 1, 1791.

8. Catarine Musebert widow of John Christian, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, husband served in the French army.

9. James Power, Indiana township, suspended for proof of service. He is referred to the land office records at Annapolis, sixteen years delay in making his application.

10. Adam Luckanback, Allegheny township, direct proof of service required, and a more intelligible statement thereof.

State of Delaware.

Note. This will be all the names for this state.

1. Amos Pierce, Wilmington, New Castle, he did not serve six months.

2. William Woodcock, Wilmington, Newcastle, he did not serve six months.

3. Esther Ake widow of William, Baltimore Hundred, Sussex, proof of marriage.

4. Elizabeth Allen widow of Jacob, Newcastle, proof of marriage, papers withdrawn.

State of Maryland.

1. John Watkins, Baltimore county, he did not serve six months.

2. Abraham, White, Baltimore city, he served in the French army.

3. Peter Harrington, Dorchester, no proof or specification, minute-man’s service overrated.

4. Armistead Cully, Frostburgh, Allegheny, papers were mailed to an agent in 1836, and were never replaced.

5. Mary Caldwell, Baltimore city, soldier of the regular army.

6. Margaret Day widow of David, Baltimore, for proof of marriage and the date of her decease.

7. Alice Markland widow of Edward Darlington, Darlington, Hartford, as a Lieutenant on board the ( Dolphin), but the period and length of service is not stated.

8. Cecil Cole widow of Abraham, Baltimore, No claim. Her husband’s father was the soldier not her husband.

9.Sarah Moore widow of Nicholas Buxton Moore, Baltimore, Lieutenant in 1776, promoted to Captain in 1780, company mounted militia. The land office register certifies to the grade and two tours of service, but the length thereof is not given.

10. Susan Prigg widow of William, __, Hartford, claims an ensign in the Maryland militia. The register of the land office at Annapolis must be referred to for proof.

State of Virginia.

1. Henry Cato, Rockbridge, Claims service to General George Washington as a waiter, claim is not to be believed.

2. John Cole, Harrison, Did not serve six months.

3. John England, Richmond, Henrico, Served in a forge, not military service.

4. John Lock, Shenandoah, Served in the French army.

5. Henry Hendrich, Greenbriar, A frontier’s man, not officered, enlister, drafted nor paid.

6. Sampson Green, Bedford, A soldier of the French army.

7. Benjamin Johnston, Kanawha, Collecting beeves ( Beef ) for the army not considered as military service.

8. Joseph Hannah, ( deceased ), Greenbrair, Services at a neighborhood fort, not regularly embodied.

9. Thomas Harvey, Butterwood Creek, Charlotte, Service not military was a wagon driver.

10. Adam Ice, Morgantown, Monongalia, Frontier service, Indian war, driving pack horses.

State of North Carolina.

1. Alexander Caldwell, Haywood, Indian service, west of the Blue ridge, and transporting corn.

2. Lemuel Lee, Johnson, Collecting and driving cattle and hogs, packing and salting beef and pork, and driving wagon for the transportation of provisions, clothing &c., not military service.

4. Fowler Jones, Granville, Two tours of three months each, one tour in catching fish.

5. Robert Huggins, Iredell, manufacturing boxes not military service.

6. George Pettit, Surry, transporting Lead not military service.

7. Charles Parrish, Wayne, Did not serve six months.

8. John Wright Sr., Stokes, Wagon service in the Pennsylvania militia.

9. Simon Bright, ( deceased ), Chatham, This case was admitted, and he died in 1816. The doubt is, that the present claimant is not his widow.

10. Jonathan Gooding, Carteret, He must rebut the impression that he was the Jonathan Gooding of Colonel Putman’s regiment of 1778, who was a deserter.

State of South Carolina.

1. James Ayres, Fall’s P. O. Pickens, Alleges eighteen months service in the Virginia continental line, period, length, grade, stations, marches and names of company and officer required.

2. Daniel Beam, Abbeville, Alleges eighteen months continuous service in the years of 1780 and 1781, under Captain Lewis Hoggs. Lewis Hoggs served as a private as late as 1782, and was never was a Captain of infantry or cavalry. Claimant must amend his statement.

3. Matthias Elmore, Newbury, He was a driver of a baggage wagon.

4. Joseph Edwards, Greenville, Wagon service in the militia.

5. James Hairston, Laurens court house, Laurens, He did not serve in any regularly organized corps.

6. Hugh Matthews, Sumter, Express rider and wagon.

7. James Stewart, Marlborough, No proof of service, rolls of the ships crew of the ranger silent.

8. Rebecca Jones widow of Richard, Edgefield, Proof of marriage not satisfactory.

9. Mary Cox, widow of Solomon, Edgefield, Not a widow at the date of the act.

10. Tabitha Dean widow of Joshua, Edgefield, For Proof of identity that he was the soldier of the Virginia line, of the same name.

State of Georgia.

1. John Allgood, Monroe, Walton, Did not serve six momths in person.

2. Drewry Green, Gwinnett, Was a deserter.

3. John Edge, Halcyondale, Bullock, There are rolls of the years men of 1781, at Raleigh, and if he was one his name must be there.

4. Jacob Holman, Richmond, Claims six years service, and he is referred to the South Carolina records or proof.

5. George Wayne, Henry, Says his name was entered on the rolls as George Williams.

6. Elizabeth Carr, deceased widow of William, heirs of, Gainesville, Husband died in 1835, widow died 1n 1839, no claim.

7. John Williams, Forsyth, No such service, not on the rolls, not under proper authority.

8. Christian Snider, Henry, For further proof.

9. John Stevenson, Murray, Working at his original trade as a blacksmith, while in the army, not considered military.

10. Archibald Odorn, Pulaski, He was a deserter.

State of Alabama.

1. Abraham Aitchley, Jackson, He did not serve six months in the revolutionary war.

2. Thomas Fulton, -------------, He did not serve by order of competent authority, ( Papers withdrawn.)

3. William Kenny, Morgan, Under age.

4. Jacob Miller, Lauderdale, Served after the revolution.

5. Abner Vanghan, Jackson, Wagon service and express rider.

6. William Brackan, Marengo, For further proof of service.

7. William Colly, Tallapoosa, He enlisted for the war, but it does not appear that he fulfilled his term of service.

8. John McDaniel, Jefferson, The rolls being silent, proof of service by two witnesses required.

9. William Ryan, deceased, Morgan, The widow should apply, or if no widow, the children. Not over $20., per annum for six months service can be allowed
In this case up to the death of Mr. Ryan ( February 8, 1836 ), Hor. R. Chapman.

10. James Wilson, Sumter, Militia service from June 1780 to October 1782, Could not have been continuous, and he must specify each tour however short, dates, duration, officers, stations, and grade.

State of Mississippi.

1. Thomas Bateman, Greene, Did not sever six months.

2. Mary Washington widow of Richard, Amite, Married after the limit of the law of 1798.

3. Susannah Taber, Widow Winston, Proof of marriage.

4. Jane Kelly, widow of Jacob, Jasper, For further proof of service, period, length, grade, locality, and names of company, and field officers.

5. Wilson Rogers, Jasinto, Tishcmingo, For further proof from North Carolina records.

6. Arthur Allen, Wayne, No proof of service from circular sent December 28, 1837.

7. Solomon Fudge, Tallahatehic, For proof from South Carolina records.

8. Joel Hawey, Westville, Simpson, For specification of each tour of militia service.

9. John Briggs, Westville Simpson, No revolutionary service.

10. Cato Briggs, Jefferson, Privateer service excepting three months.

State of Louisiana.

Note. This is all the names for this state.

1. James P. Collins, East Feliciana, third district., Six months service only allowed, he has not specified his minute-man’s service.

2. Jacob Phillis, St. Helena, He did not serve in any regularly organized corps.

3. John Ferguson, Monroe, Wachita, Did not serve six months.

4. John Dollarhide, Manny, Sabine, Proof of service from the Raleigh records.

5. Jeremiah Crisham, Monroe, Wachita, For further proof and specification and papers enclosed to S. W. Madox Monroe.

6. William Iles, Greenwood, Caddo, For proof of service.

7. Stephen Lynch, Rapides, For proof of his commission as an officer of the Pennsylvania line.

8. Abraham Riggs, Franklin St. Mary’s, For further proof and specification.

9. Jesse Swinney, Clinton, East Feliciana, For proof by two witnesses, who must specify date, duration, grade, locality, and officers.

10. Drewy Thompson, Claiborne, No military service in this case.

11. Jesse Yocum, Natchitoches, For further Proof.

12. William Zachary, Montpelier, St. Helena, For proof of service and grade from the South Carolina records.

State of Ohio.

1. John Agard, Portage, Did not serve six months.

2. Francis Benty, Painesville, Geauge, Served with the French army.

3. Morgan Ford, Clermont, Did not serve six months.

4. Samuel Doud, Howland, Trumbull, Deserter.

5. John Hites, Hardy, Logan, Belonged to the French army.

6. Isaac Hitchcock, Perry, Privateer service.

7. John Frey, Mount Pleasant, He did not serve in the revolution.

8. Richard Norris, Georgetown, Brown, Indian wars. Frontier service not under military organization.

9. John Owens, Colerain, Ross, No such service, no such officers.

10. Thomas Sprott, Clear Creek, Richland, Indian wars after the revolution.

State of Kentucky.

1. Hellen Bohannon, Shelby, Not military service and service by substitute.

2. Robert Gill, Russellville, Logan, Service not six months except in a war against the Tories.

3. John Johnson, Clark, A teamster in the French army.

4. David March, Wayne, His service was against the Indians.

5. Henry Oler, ( Late of Darke county Ohio), Served in the Indian wars.

6. Joseph West, Wayne, Indian wars, and frontier defense.

7. George Yocum, Montgomery, Under age.

8. John Bartle, Campbell, Claim for service as a captain in the New York line or militia, proof not complete.

9. Jonathan Jewell, Brown, Claim considered doubtful, his statement does not agree with the facts.

10. John Young, Greenup, The name is twice found on the Virginia rolls but the evidence is not complete to identify claimant as one of them.

State of Tennessee.

1. Alman Willis, Alexander, Cannon, Only three months and twelve days services.

2. James Bond, Franklin, Williamson, Desertion.

3. Solomon Bennett, Huntingdon, Carroll, , Desertion

4. Carter Barnett, Kingston, Roane, Private service.

5. Joseph Grammar, Kingston, Roane, Belonged to the French army.

6. Joseph Hagar, Nasville, Davidson, Belonged to the French army.

7. Henry Livingston, Livingston, Overton, No military service driving pack horses.

8. Jarrett Lloyd, Lebanon, Wilson, Not military service, a wagoner.

9. George Humphreys, Jonesboro, Washington, Service Indian wars in 1795, and 1798, no claim.

10. John Mitchell, Dickson, Militia service of Pennsylvania overrated.

State of Indiana.

1. John Booth, Madison, Jefferson, Under age born 1775.

2. Benjamin Bell, Bowling Green, Clay, Claims as a Indian spy on the Pennsylvania frontiers but no proof.

3. David Davis, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, He did not service six months in the revolution.

4. John Hall, Franklin, Johnson, Not on the rolls no proof of service.

5. Daniel Farber, Jay court house, For further proof.

6. Susanna K. Alexander widow of John, Boonville, Warwick, Married after service.

7. Mary Frederick widow of Sebastian, Madison, Pike, Not six months service.

8. Elizabeth Richardson, Boonville, Warwick, Married after service.

9. John Adams, Rome, Perry, For further proof.

10. Michel Willhelm, Connersville, Fayette, Privateer service.

State of Illinois.

1. David Baldwin, Carthage, Hancock, He did not serve six months.

2. Samuel Conner, Quincy, Adams, For further proof.

3. Charles Donoway, Shawneetown, Gallation, Not on rolls, no proof of service.

4. Joseph Olmstead, Piylsfield, Pike, Died before the passage of the act of ( 1832.)

5. Joel Dewey, Gilead, Calhoun, Service 1795.

6. John Green Sr., Jacksonville, Morgan, Service 1794.

7. John Ellsworth, Kaskasia, Randolph, Desertion.

8. Martha Burt, Rushville, Schuyler, Husband died before April 20, 1820, and was a regular soldier of the army.

9. Elizabeth Jenkins, Pike, Proof of marriage.

10. Elizabeth Goodner, ( Deceased ), Nashville, Washington, Not a widow at the date of the act, died before August 28, 1842.

State of Missouri.

1. George Gebhart, Perryville Court House, Service was under General Wayne in 1794.

2. Joseph Morgan, Platte City Court House, A solider in the French army.

3. Joel Dewy, ( Gillead Calhoun Co., Illinois ), St. Louis, Indian service after the revolution.

4. William Trowal, Columbia, Boone, Desertion.

5. Richard Leatherman, Under age, not on the rolls of the line, no proof of service.

6. Judy Alman, Widow of Thomas, Dallas, For proof of service from North Carolina records, and proof of marriage.

7. Caty Booth widow of James, Pike, Some mistake. The James Booth fore whose service this claim it appears to be alive and receiving a pension.

8. John Abernethie, Jackson, Cape Girardean, Direct Proof of service as commissary required.

9. Joseph Bell, New London, Ralls, For further proof and specification.

10. Joseph Henderson, Harrisonville, Not six months service.

State of Arkansas.

1. Edmund Crane, Benton, Desertion.

2. Charles Cocke, Clark, Not under military authority.

3. George Coughran, Sevier, Not six months service.

4. Uz. Finley, Fayetteville, Washington, Not six months service.

5. Philip Graves, Hempstead, Not six months service.

6. William Brown, Washington, Hempstead, For further proof and explanation.

7. Henry Francis, Johnson, For further proof from South Carolina records.

8. John Wilson, Washington, For proof of identity and reason for not applying under the act of 1818.

9. Nancy McCullock widow of John, Dallas, For further proof service, marriage and identity.

10. Hannah Scott ( dec’d ) widow of William, Philips, , For further proof service.

State of Michigan.

1. Jonathan Willard, Adrian, Lenawee, Service too youthful and age for military for military service.

2. Benjamin Burbank, Oakland, For proof of service from the Massachusetts rolls.

3. Elizabeth Beard, Shiawassee, Married after service.

4. Claudius Britton, Pitt township, Washtenaw, Not six months servive.

5. Sylvanns Blackman, Napoleon, Jackson, Only three and a half months service.

6. John Flinn, St. Cair or Calr Court House, Desertion.

7. Christopher Knowlton, Oakland, Not six months service.

8. David McGee, Napoleon, Jackson, Not six months service.

9.Ellas Cady, Genesee, For further proof of service.

10. Catherine Alward Widow of Samuel, Washington, Period, length and grade of service and names of company and field officers.

State of Florida.

Note. This is all the names for this state.

1. Ralph Bozeman, Tallahassee, Leon, For proof from the records at Columbia South Carolina.

2. Alexander Carey, Alaqua, Walton, For proof of service.

3. Morton Gray,-------, -------, For proof of service.

4. William Goff, Jefferson, For further proof and specifications.

5. William Hudgins, Almiranto, Walton, further proof and specifications.

6. Daniel Campbell, Almiranto, Walton, Not six months service.

7. John Daniel Sr., Gadsden, Not six months service.

8. Hudson Hall, Marian, Jackson, Not six months service.

9. Littleberry Walker, Columbia, Service after the revolution.

10. Elizabeth S. Ridgely widow of Thomas, Duval, For further proof.

11. Ann Anderson widow of David, Leon, Proof not Satisfactory.

12. Samuel Sanls or Sauls, ( deceased ), Nassan, Proof of marriage date of the deceased parents and names of children.

13. Esther Lowther widow of Bourbon L., Duval, A soldier in the regular army. Died after leaving service, and not of wounds.

State of Texas.

Note. This is all the name for this state.

1. Joseph De So Baume, Box or San de Filip de Austin, Not six months service.

2. Theophilus Hickman, Jasper, Sadine, Not six month service.

3. Charles Polk, San Augustin, Not six month service.

4. William Sparks, Nagodoches, Not six month service.

State of Iowa.

Note. This is all the names for this state.

1. Fielding Figgins, Washington, Service after the revolution.

2. Roger Bailey alias David Clark, Clinton, No satisfactory proof of service.

3. Amos Glover, Van Buren, No satisfactory proof of service.

4. Keziah Perkins, widow of George, Harrison township, Lee, Not a widow at the date of the act of 1838.

State of Wisconsin.

Note. This is all the names for this state.

1. Jacob H. Walrath, Raymond, Racine, Not six months servive.

2. Lydia Harrison, widow of Joel, Heart Prairie, Walworth, For proof of marriage and service.

State of the District of Colombia.

Note. This will be all the names for this state.

1. Richard Elliott, Washington City, Papers withdrawn to present to Congress.

2. George Frank, Alexandria, Only four months service.

3. Michael Mahoney, Washington, He abandoned the service of the United States during the war.

4. Christopher Neal, Alexandria, Desertion.

5. William Hall, Washington City, No formed declaration to the department. His claim was addressed to Congress, but was not allowed.

6. Elizabeth Mattingly, Georgetown, Washington, The agent says these papers are forged.

7. Mary Harper, Alexandria, For proof of identity with the solider of the line as shown by auditor general’s certificate of Pennsylvania.