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Our Ancestors On Navy Ships?-1700-??

There are many kinds of navy ships the Schooners, Brig, Frigates, Sloops and Gun-boats. I will be talking about these ships and more. This page will not only be about ships, but about a few of the men on them. Although This site is all about surnames, those of you who been to my site before know I always put the surname in some kind of historical back ground. There are a lot of family’s looking for the names of the ships their ancestors sailed on. Now I may not name the ship your looking for, but by reading this page you will learn what life was like on these ships.

Note. If you have a question or a comment, about this page or any other pages at this site you can write to me at the following I will glad to hear from you.,

The loss of the schooner William. Yeaton.

In 1818, Joseph Forrest, put in a claim into the navy, it seems that in May of 1812, he chartered his vessel to the United States to carry flour to Laguayra as part of relief from an earthquake. When they arrived they were told they could not unload, until the town was occupied by the Spanish Army. When the army arrived the ship was taken as a prize. As it was near the time of the war with England, the port was under an embargo. The ship was found not to have all her papers. The ship was sold at auction for $1,025, Spanish dollars. His claim was not granted.

The loss of the schooner Penelope.

In 1821, Alvin Bronson, of New York, the owner of the schooner Penelope had a claim in naval affairs, in which it states that; Captain Melancthon T. Woolsey of the United States Navy, was employed during the late war to transport gun and other equipment for the navy, from Oswego to Sackett’s harbor. The schooner was order loader by Captain Woolsey, and give orders to a midshipman, along with seamen to take charge of her, and in case the enemy should succeed in taking over the fort at Oswego, they were to sink her with her cargo. The order was executed; but, as the persons engaged were not well acquainted with the harbor, that they sink her in water so shallow, that the enemy upon leaving Oswego, was able to raise her and took her away on May 6, 1814.

The Schooner Liberty.
August 19, 1778.

That it appears to the Committee, that the said John Harper and his Sons Joseph and John, of the State of Virginia, and Peter Kirwin, of the State of Maryland, were owners of the Schooner called Liberty in the said Memorial mentioned; that the said Schooner commanded by a certain Middleton Belt, on the eighth day of June last, was chased into Currituck Inlet by a British privateer, commanded by a certain--Goodrich, and was there on the afternoon of the same day captured by the said Privateer. That three men belonging to the said Privateer were put on board the said Schooner, and on the next morning in going out of the said Inlet, she was run aground by the said Belt; that after attempting in vain to heave off the Schooner, the three Privateer's men quitted the said Schooner, and went in her boat on board the said Privateer, leaving Captain Belt and two of his crew in possession of the said Schooner. That about ¾ of an hour after the Schooner grounded and was quitted by the privateers men, a party of Militia commanded by one Caleb Ansell came on board and beat off some boats sent in by the said Privateer, and thereby saved the said Schooner. That the said Caleb Ansell afterwards, on behalf of himself and his company of Militia, on the ninth day of June last, exhibited his Libel in the Court of Admiralty for the port of Currituck, in the said State of North Carolina against the said Schooner and her cargo on board, alledging as a cause of forfeiture, "that the same was British property, that she was taken in Currituck on the said ninth day of June by one Goodrich, an enemy of these States, and was retaken by the said Ansell and his company of Militia." That answers were put in to the said Libell by the said Belt and Peter Kirwin, one of the owners of the said Schooner, to which the Libellant demurred in law, and on joinder in demurrer the same was affirmed; and thereon on the nineteenth day of June a jury was impannelled, sworn and gave their verdict "that one-eighth of the true value of the said Schooner and her cargo was a lawful prize to the Libellants, together with costs of suit;" and on the next day the Judge gave judgment.

The united State schooner Grampus.

Note. The schooner Grampus captured the Spanish Brig Palmyra in 1822, for piracy.
In 1822, under the command of Lieutenant Francis H. Gregory, captured the Pancheia.
In 1830, under the command of Isaac Mayo, captured the Spanish slaver Fenix.

The schooner Grampus was lost in a gale in March of 1843, near the cost of the United States.

Some of the crew are:

1. Lieutenant Albert E. Downes, commanding, wife-Martha L. Dowries
2. Lieutenant George M. McCreery
3. Lieutenant William S. Swann
4. Lieutenant Hunn Gansevoort
5. Purser James S. Thatcher
6. Assistant Surgeon Edwin H. Conway
7. One owner of the Grampus, Ezekiel Holbrook
8. William McKenney-father was George L. McKenney

The loss of the private armed Brig General Armstrong.

On September 26, 1814, while the Armstrong out of New York, was lying at anchor in the port of Fayal, she was attacked by a superior British force, and after a brave resistance by her commander, Samuel C. Reed, and his crew the Brig was destroyed.

The loss of the Brig Epervier.

The Britannic Majesty’s Brig Epervier, was captured in 1814, by the sloop Peacock, at Lake Champlain, and put in to the service of the United States Navy. The Epervier was later lost in the Mediterranean in 1815, on the way back to the United States.

Part of the crew:

1. captain John T. Shubrick-Wife, Elizabeth Matilda Shubrick.
2. John Feran-Mother, Ann Feran.
3. Purser Melancton W. Bostwick.
4. Samuel Belding.
5. John Taylor.
6. Chauncey Belding.
7. Caleb Holmes.

The Frigate Philadelphia.

Part of the crew.

1. Lieutenant, Davie Porter.
2.Lieutenant, J. Jones.
3. Lieutenant, Theodore Hunt.
4. Lieutenant, Benjamin Smith.
5. Lieutenant, Marines, William S. Osborn.
6. Surgeon, John Ridgely.
7. Surgeon’s mate, John A. Cowdery.
8. Surgeon’s mate, Nich. Harwood.
9. Sailing master, William Knight.
10. Midshipmen, Bernard Henry.
11. Midshipmen, James Gibbon.
12. Midshipmen, Benjamin F. Reed.
13. Midshipmen, Wallace Wormley.
14. Midshipmen, Robert Gamble.
15. Midshipmen, James Biddle.
16. Midshipmen, Rd. B. Jones.
17. Midshipmen, D. T. Patterson.
18. Midshipmen, William Cutbush.
19. Midshipmen, Simon Smith.
20. Midshipmen, James Renshaw.
21. Sailing maker, Joseph Douglass.
22. Boatswain, George Hodge.
23. Gunner, Rd. Stephenson.
24. Carpenter, William Godby.

Sloop Portsmouth.
George B. Bacon, was a acting purser.

Sloop Falmouth.
1. Purser, William B. Hartwell
2. Purser, Charles S. Porcher, or Percher.
3. John Y. Mason Jr.

Sloop Hornet.

John Redman Coxe, was part of the crew that captured the British sloop Penguin.


James Doughty, of Cumberland county, and State of Maine, asking for a pension on account of his services and injuries received on board a gun-boat in the service of the United States during the war of 1812 with Great Britain.

Gun-boat No. 5.
Commander was Batram G. Hipkins, 1808.

Gun-boat No. 11.
Richard Davidson, of the Mississippi Territory, was asking to be paid back for medicine he had furnished to the crew of Gun-boat No. 11., while station near Fort Adams in said Territory.

Gun-boat No. 159.
Ann Brown, asking for a pension in consideration of the loss of her husband, John Brown, deceased, whilst commander of gun boat No 159, which was wrecked in 1810.

Susanne B. Prefry, widow of James Prefry, who was wounded in the gun-boat service during the war of 1812, asking for a pension.

In 1861, Alfred Guthrie, was the inventor of a steam gun-boat and floating battery combined.

James Renshaw, was a Captain of a gun-boat in 1808.

Gun-boat No.164.
Samuel W. Lecompte, praying remuneration for his losses, occasioned by the wreck of the gun boat No. 164, in the year 1813, of which boat he was an officer.

Gun-boat No. 162.
Abraham H. Kinsley, of East Florida, and sundry citizens in his behalf, praying for a pension for services rendered as pilot, on board of gun-boat No. 162, in the year 1812.

Gun-Boats No. 149 & No 154.

While attempting to pass up the river Appalachicola, with a convoy of provisions and stores, in the month of July 1816, were attacked by a fort situated on said river and occupied by a number of fugitive Negroes and Indians, and who, in resisting said attack blew up and destroyed said fort, with, with the greatest part of those by whom it was occupied.

Note. By no means could I name all the ships the navy had, However here is a list of battles between ships. These reports not only tell of the battle but give a few crew names and in some cases a lot of names. These reports will only be send upon request as some are very long, you may request your report by writing to the above address.

These reports come Naval Affairs Vol. 1., 1794-1825.

1. Between the United States frigate Constellation and the French frigate La Vengeance.
2. Between the United States schooner Enterprise and a Tripolitan corsair.
3. Between the United States frigate United States and British frigate Macedonian.
4. Between the United States sloop of war Wasp and the British sloop of war Frolic.
5. Between the United States frigate Constitution and British frigate Java.
6. Between the American and British fleets on Lake Erie.
7. Between the United States brig Enterprise and British brig Boxer.
8. Between the American and British fleets on Lake Champlain.
9. Between the United States sloop of war Peacock and the British sloop of war Epervier.
10. Between the United States sloop of war Wasp and the British sloop of war Reindeer.
11. Between the United States sloop of war Hornet and the British sloop of war Penguin.
12. Between the American squadron and an Algerine frigate and brig in 1815.
13. Between the United States frigate Constitution and the British ships Cyane and Levant.
14. Between the boats of a British squadron and the American privateer General Armstrong.
15. Between the United States schooner Grampus and the Spanish privateer Pancheta.
16. Between the United States schooner Porpoise and the Spanish privateers Palmyra and G. Boves.
17. Between two piratical vessels and the boats of the United States schooner Alligator.
18. Between the piratical schooner Pilot and the barges Gallinipper and Mosquito.

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Between Friends-Genealogy & Web Site Problems.

I believe that no one can go through life with out at lest one friend, one you can talk to about anything, one that can give you a boost up once in a while when we are down. I have a good friend like that, his name is Bud and his hobby is writing about the history of the U. S. Naval fighting ships, as for myself its genealogy. I like writing but I am far from being a good speller, but that dose not stops me. I met Bud a few years ago through my writings, he saw some my work and invited me to put some work up at his web site, and we have been friend ever sense.

Bud and I talk not just about are hobbies, but life in general, over the last year I being keeping his litters, as his answers to my questions still, help me. They have helped me so much, I thought I would work up a page, and put some of them up, in the hope that they may help some one else. I know there are many of you out there with the same hobby and have some of the same genealogy problems and web site problems as me, and I hope you will find some answers in these litters.

I wrote This litter sometime in late November, I’m talking about the counter on my new Web site ( Civil War Days & Those Surnames ) my site had just hit the main stream of the inter net listing ( As I call it ) and my site was just taking off.

Hi Bud:
I wrote you a couple a days ago but got no answer, then the mail came back to day I had the wrong address. But that’s ok I just wanted just to say hi….. that’s what people do when their bored but then I really shouldn’t say that, in that I have been working on my site every day…and just finish my third post today and just started a new one, it will be on the surnames of the Blockade-runners. The counter just keeps going up ( 1236 ) Bud in my last couple of indentations, I told them there would be no historical information on battles or ships and things like that, and that my information was on surnames only. However I stated I never give a surname with out giving the name of the battle he or she was killed in or captured at I also state even if they don’t find a surname but if they see a name of a battle or a ship they would like to know about I would be happy to look it up… was I wrong in doing it this way?…. Well like I said this was just to say Hi.

Bud's return litter: December 5, 07.

Hi Dennis,
How the heck are you this fine morning??? We got snow here in Indiana….it started coming down about 8:30 or 9 last night………and we had an accumulation of about 3 or 4 inches. Just enough so the kids well probably be "delayed" going to school this morning...........[they just love it to dead].

Well maybe all you wanted to do is say Hi…..but I enjoy hearing from you, that tells me your staying out trouble and at lest your attempting to stay busy.

Glad to hear that you continue to work on your site, we always need to keep the improvements of what and how we offer info. I find I get a lot of “hits” also, but out of all them hits I do believe most are just “shopping” for general info………but that is ok, that is what it is there for so I feel good about that.

Dennis here is what I find works very well in the situation that you describe as far as “Battles & Ships.”
I would explain to individuals that you possibly can offer a great deal of info on a surname, and just give a reference to the “battle or vessel” that the person was involved in.
I would explain that the battle and or vessel would only consist of a “thumbnail” content…..enough reference to “tie-in” that surname to circumstances of his/her military life.
Now the reason I suggest this is: you want those individuals to realize your “expert knowledge & interest” is manly on the surname………”yes” you do have sources to draw from to offer additional knowledge… “battles & ships…..but you want them to know that is not you “main ability of interest.”

So……my suggestion would be to “offer” the names of the battle & ship…..maybe a “very brief description of those……[ sometimes referred too as a ‘Thumb Nail’ ]…..but I would then offer to that individual……a “web site, a book title, or the contact of a person”…..that, if they choose to learn more about the “battles and or vessel” they could pursue those areas……..
In other words your telling them you know “something” about those battles and vessels, but if they wished to “know more in depth knowledge” they would best be served by going to those “other” experts in their field of interest…….that way you are still serving there needs, and they will appreciate that a grate deal.

Also Dennis I’ve found that if you do the above….then that person that is seeking info.....will more then likely keep coming back to you for “all” there “Look-ups”……..and the reason for that is..……you are not “ # % & * @” them. You are honest in telling them what you “Do Know” and suggesting to them “others” or “other sources” that can offer them “additional expert info……and people like “Honest” and “Upfront“ people.

Well good luck……and I hope some of the above has helped you sort out that particular situation.

“Enjoy, Bud.”

In January of 2008, I wrote a letter to Bud, as I put it, to “pick his brain.” I had started a new page on forts but, soon found there was very little information on surnames, and as my site is all about family names and very little history. I wasn’t sure which way to go. However I found the information very interesting and I thought it would make good back ground, for those looking into forts and family’s that may have had family members in some of these forts. So I sent Bud a sample of the information and ask him what he thought.

Bud's reply of January 15, 08.

Hi Dennis, I read over what you sent me about "Forts," and in my humble opinion.......I think it is interesting as hell. Also there are a few reasons you need to "post" this info.

No.1 is "you" are interested in that type of information......and actually that is "reason" enough, but you can bet if your interested in this sort of data, so are others. Another thing that goes along with this is........the info don't have to "lay" there forever........"Post, in your opinion, the most interesting of what you have"..........just to get a feel for others interest. In the "Post" ask them to "send" you a comment via your e-mail....or to share info that they have.

No.2. I would "post" that type of info under a "New Blog".....[completely New]....with a new title or heading....and then "Link" your two "blogs together."

No.3 Think about explaining to the reader how this material "may" help them in solving some incidents that they read or are searching for elsewhere.....the info you provide may "lead" them to "the why's....of something that they run across mentioned in there family history........ Sometimes individuals don't realize how the info they are reading is a benefit to the "author" of which is "you".....need to "tickle there brain."......get them to think. As a suggestion...........if you put any words in your "post" that is "words they used to define something in those times" .....if I were you I would offer in the post......on what that word it came about to be used in that an used the word " embrasures" in the "Fire at Delaware" just what is this word??? what does it describe????..... Any author will tell you.........if you don't know what the word means then either find out and put it in a footnote......or don't use it. But why not take it one step further......give a history of that word, why they used that word....and what is the word today we use for the same "item...description...etc....etc..." Never be boring.....always think of injecting new material into your work.....some of it may work....some may not....but how do you know for sure until you try!!! So.............there is my opinion............... Go for it.

In another letter in January of 08., I was telling Bud how much my E. Mails had dropped off, in the beginning when I started researching I would get 10 to 15 mails a day, but now, 1 or 2 a week. The numbers on my counter at my new web site was still going higher, but no questions. I asked him if he had any thought on the matter.

Bud’s reply January 30, 08.

Hi Dennis............ Well Dennis I've been having a tad of a problem with one of my e-mail accounts, so due to this hic-cup in the system, of which has not been fixed by the "computer experts" as of yet.....I've been re-arranging my address book and so on and so forth, of which has been "eating up a great deal of my time" that is why I haven't gotten back to you in a timely manner. I've looked over your "site or blog"......and I myself I like it. I think it is informative, and would offer a great deal of info to anyone that is searching for info from that era.

I hope you get a ton of hits off of it. My site & my blog started off early in the year with others having some interest in it, but hat has pretty much fallen off here in the last three weeks. I've always said that I do believe people are changing on how and why they use the computer to gather up "genealogy' material. It is my belief that the serious research is mainly a two fold situation......some info is gathered from the computer, but a lot of individuals have returned to "books and printed material" for their information.
Here in Fort Wayne, IN. we are fortunate enough to have the 2nd largest "genealogy" library in the U.S......and I go there fairly often, and when I do I see it is a very busy facility. Also the amount of "History," regardless of what area you're looking it war's, ships, forts, individuals, surnames....etc...etc....there is just tons upon tons of info to pull is the computer measuring up with all of that??? I really don't know the answer to that, but I do know what once was not as it is now. So, I think the computer is just 'another tool' but I don't think it is as useful of a tool as it first started out to the researcher.....books and printed material is still their primary source of information to search through.

How does that all change for guys like us??? Well if I was to guess I'd say whatever we put on the computer for others to "look at" will have to be "unique" material.....something that is normally tough for researchers to come up with, and the material that 'we' offer will have to be 'renewed & changed' very often. The 'same-oh....same-oh' or put it on a web site and leave it for a long period of time [and I am very guilty of this myself] is not going to attract many researchers..........and that I do believe is why I don't get many hits anymore. Well the above is just some of my thoughts......and it will be interesting on how "historical information" is offered in the future. Keep up the good work.....and hopefully your keeping extremely busy.....

On February 5, 08., I wrote Bud telling him I had tried something new at my web site. I had put up a Index listing all the names of interest and in the information I highlighted the surnames in red so they would jump out at you, I had Bud look it over and tell me what he thought of my changes.

Bud’s reply of February 6, 08.

Hi Dennis..............well Dennis it all looks terrific to me, and doing something just a tad different is a good thing. I guess it really don't matter what "we" think, actually it is what a "user" will think of the lay out. So I would say when people contact you about a request for info..........ask them what "their opinion" is of your site, and ease of use. No one better to judge your work than the actually "user" of the material.

Also another thing.......nothing is "set in stone" can be changed if you so desire....and you know Dennis, I am a firm believer that one needs to change things around every now and then...just to keep things interesting.

So.......what I'd do is live with it for awhile........give it a couple of weeks to mellow on you, then go back an re-read it, and try and look at it from a different perspective, and see what you think..........and if need be make some changes....or don't do anything to it.......... I like to give my material at least a month........then I go back and re-read.....and I see my huge typing errors, spelling errors, and also where a sentence does not make its point..... Then there are times I re-read and have been known to "throw the whole damn thing out".....because I haven't presented what I wanted to present in my original idea.

Looks as if you got a wonderful idea if you think it is a "good start"...then give it some time to "grow on you" then go back in after a few weeks and "fine tune" if you so desire............ Looks good...........keep it up...hope you get a million hits.

My research is in the field of Surnames, not only civilians but military ( 1789-1875 ) and I had just ran a cross some information, that had thousands of window pensioners, and navy, marine pensioners, and deserters. But had no way of cross referencing them so I could put the windows with the service men. Also a lot of my information only covers Officer, but had a lot of lower ranks but no way to look them up, I needed a reference book, or a web site that could help. I wrote Bud on February 8, 08., asking if he could help.

Bud’s reply of February 8, 08.

Hi Dennis............WoW!!!...that is a tough question. I'm assuming your interested in the mid 1800's or far as these roasters are concerned I've run across "state wide roasters" when I was at the the genealogy dept. I don't know for sure if there would be a national one available or not....but I may have a suggestion. If you have a "Library" near you.....or at least a Library that you can make a call too.....why not give them a ring, and pick there brain a tad. You see Dennis, most Library's belong to a "Book loan system".....where as the Library you call may not have the particular book that lists these roasters.....but they just may know "how to find out if one has been printed....and if it available"............... So......don't discount giving the ole Library a call an let them work for you is seeing if anything has ever been published........ The reason I bring all this to your attention is.....I purchased a book a few years ago, that had a roaster in it of the lower ranks of the men that served in the Civil War from "Allen County" here in I am fairly sure the material is available............but where this info is located...and in what venue that you can obtain is the question......but I'll bet my billfold that a "Library can help"... Hope that helps.

In June I had found a lot of information on Dartmoor prison, but found that there was a lot of information and it would take weeks if not months to put it all together. So I put it aside. I wasn’t looking for that much work. While I started to complain that I could find no subject matter to work on. Then out of the blue a men from England wrote me saying he had a lot of information on the prison and could I use it?, well one then lead to another, so I worked up two pages on Dartmoor, it took a little over a month to finish. I wrote Bud and asked what he did when he found it hard to find subjects to work on.

Bud’s reply of June 5, 08.

Dennis you mention your kind of "in between" ideas on what to get involved in as far as your next project...... well I have the same problem at different times.........I have a solution that "works" for me...........maybe it will provide you with some ideas to use on your own. I have a folder......labeled "NAVAL HISTORY SUBJECTS" this folder I "jot" down "off the wall subjects" .....some of the subjects that sound interesting I gather up when I'm reading or researching "another subject"....or "I have a damn brain storm" and one pops into my pea I jot them down in this folder for "possible"....and the important word here is "POSSIBLE"....use at a later date. Sometimes I'm researching something else and I "run across" material that pertains to a "subject" in my "NAVAL HISTORY SUBJECTS" I "sub note" under the main subject what I found....where I found I can go back to it if I ever wish to write about that particular subject. Now this may or may not work for "you".....but if I were you I'd develop a system for yourself....and will work for you.....the different subjects that you come into contact with...and feel it [Has a Possible Importance and May be considered for a future article]…is interesting to put on your site. This way you "always" have material to "tease" your brain to consider that particular subject.....the more you think of and list the more you have to choose from............... So.......give it some thought. Any way...........good to hear from you.........and don't set around and mull over what to research......just reach right out and pick a may be surprised at how much you learn by reading and researching it.

Again in June I wrote Bud about my writings on Dartmoor prison, I found I was a little shake on writing the pages as the man who was helping me, had wrote a book on it, and was some one of importance, and I didn’t think I could do as good of a job (measure up) to his writings, so I wrote Bud on the matter

Bud’s reply of June 17, 08.

Hi Dennis.............. Well Dennis.....I've been involved a few times with the very same set up that you have described .... Never under-estimate yourself and your research and writing skills on what you do and how you do it. Actually you don't have to "measure up" to anyone........that is why we are "individuals".........each can take the same subject and each of us will research that subject....and write about it in a our own way..........and each will be different....and all will be interesting. suggestion is .......give it a may enjoy it...........and then again you may not.......but what have you lost....."actually nothing" you've gained knowledge....and you worked in an area that was interesting to you..... Now if you find you don't wish to "work with this dude [Ron Joy from England].......then just e-mail him and say your going to go back to doing what you feel is in "your" best interest..........."END OF STORY!!!" You don't "owe" him a long drawn out reason that you are not going to continue..............if you don't like it ...or the just say............."I'm done!!"

All that counts is......You enjoy what your doing......your following what your heart tells you......and your comfortable in this type of setting...........and if you can say "yes" to all of the above........then all the rest will fall into place......but.....and yes there is a "but". Don't think you have to "measure up" to this guy....... Maybe he has to "measure up" to "YOU" Another thing.............don't let him "USE YOU".......if you feel you and your material is being taken advantage .....used....then "dump this guy like a hot piece of coal"................OK???

Look at "trying" in this manner Dennis.............thoughtout our lives we were introduced to many things.....and "we tried" many of them............some we found we liked...we enjoyed them...and they become a part of us...we learned.....but some we found we didn't we "dropped them".....and moved on....and we continued to try other "new" exciting things.....and that "trying" continues until the day we die..................some we like...some we don't..........again that is why we all are not alike.......we are individuals. Does that all help???

In another letter in June to Bud I wrote saying how I hated writing introductions ( lead in), I all ways found it hard to find just the right words, and can’t not seem to find just the right words. I wrote Bud to ask what he did when that happens to him.

Bud’s reply of June 21, 08.

Well Dennis it seems as I get older my "Memory" seems to evade me.....hell I have the same problem in attempting to "put words together"..........sometime things can fall together in a 'New York minute'....and other days I can't think of words that will fit the subject.......... Most of the time when that happens I just stop and go on to something completely different...... But I'll have to say.........sometimes that works for me and sometimes it does not.

Dennis I try to take a "subject it 'history' or whatever"....and read about it from several different authors.....and inter into all of that 'first hand accountings, journals....etc...etc.' and then "I form my own opinion on what took place...or what happened....or who thought this or that"......then I write what "I" thought. I don't care if the words are correct or not, or how it looks.........I get my "thoughts of the my version of what took place on paper"....... Then I put it aside. In a couple of days I then bring it up on the computer....[I put everything on the computer in files].....I re-read some polishing of the words....."put in words...take out words".....just start to "clean it up." I may do this 3, 4, 5 or so times....until I can read it and know I've put "MY" thoughts and comments as plainly as I can........... Most of the time I find that my writings will agree with about 50% of what I've read from other authors.....but mostly I find that even though I've read some of the same material others have read....I may get a different "spin" on what took place or what actually did happen..... To me that is neat for many to have a different slant on what took place.....because the more individuals that read and write about an event....the more the actual 'truth' is laid before us on the events of that day, that battle....or event.

When I do a "Lead-in"......I give a slight "overview" of what I feel is interesting............and I attempt to "tease" the reader. I want to raise a question in his mind......" that is interesting....what did actually happen??"..... And the only way he/she can find out the answer is to read the I like to "play" with the readers mind on my "Lead-in"..... So to me the "Lead-in" is a fun page to write......because all the while I'm attempting to "tickle" the readers interest.....just enough so they say to themselves, "Damn....I didn't realize this........this is very interesting...why haven't I heard about this??" Also I want to "gather in" the "Non-History Reader."....the person that has never in their life picked up a history book............. And actually that is pretty easy to just try to "Raise Questions" to gather in readers...............and sometimes I do.........and a lot of times I don't..........but it sure is fun trying.

Anyway Dennis ....keep up the "good work"..........and my statement to you is ...."Write what you wish.....and Write how you wish to ...........that is what makes "authors" interesting..........and it don't make any different if you write because its a "hobby" or you do it for "many dollars" have something to say, you've read, researched, and compiled.....and you wish to let others know what you found....but you wish to tell it "your way"....................I say, "GO FOR IT"..... Enjoy!!

In July I wrote Bud that I had starter a new web site ( The history of Oakland Kansas & More) a site where I could put other writings. I like to write about history, but I like to write short stories or just what’s on my mind, and my surname web site was not the place to put it. So I started a new one. I wrote Bud and asked if he ever wrote. outside his field and how he felt about it.

Bud’s reply of July 9, 08.

Well Dennis it is my belief that 'writing' a hobby, or as a profession...can lead the author to become narrow in the vision of subject matter. It is also my belief that "How does one know what 'May' be interesting 'outside' their normal subject unless they venture out to "Dabble" in ......other writings. I myself I have many writings....[actually 98%] ....are tied to "Naval History".....but....and it is a big "but"....I have a huge interest in "General History" of just about any sort...... Do I ever write about it?? Nope!!....never have. For some damn reason I've never taken that step as you have, so I look at individuals such as you that broaden their scopes of writing material as "Neat as hell." I don't consider myself a "writer"....or anywhere close to an "author", and I don't have any "formal" training in writing "anything" fact a Captain aboard a sub I was on one time was looking over a report I wrote about one of the dives that I & my dive crew just got done doing...[had to recover several bodies from small fishing vessel]....and he simply stated: "Bud, you and your crew are good under the get the job done..and I wouldn't do what you guys do for all the money in the world......but let me tell you.....'You are not worth a shit at writing up a document proper English, spelling is worse than my 8 yr. old...and you write as you talk....not good!!!!!" So Dennis I just "write" for the fun of it........I really don't give a "rats butt" who likes it or who doesn't........I just enjoy doing it..........if I had to write something and attempt to get paid for it....I'd probably "HATE IT!!!"

At my age Dennis......I like to do things I "like to do".....first of all to have fun while accomplishing the task....and for it to be informative and interesting to others...........

So.......I pat you on the back for spreading your wings and venturing into other writing subject matter..........I think you'll be pleasantly surprised of the comments you receive............. I think it is damn good.............and it also tells "Who Dennis is" the reader....kind of gives them a "sneak peek" inside your thoughts as you write........ Enjoy....and keep it up........