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Hodges In Civil War, Georgia, C. S. A.

I haven't done a surname name list in a long wile, so I decided to do one on the Hodges. These Hodges are all Confederate Soldiers from Georgia. This post covers a lot of the Georgia Regiments. .

Approximately ten Hodges names are not listed.  They were unable to be obtained, be cause of copyright laws. 

Those of the Hodges line will find this post interesting and helpful.

Georgia 9th, Infantry, Co. F.

Hodges, A. H. (or Hodge)—Private Mar. 4, 1862. Wounded at Sharpsburg, Md. Sept. 17,1862. Died from wounds in 1862.

Hodges, William S. (or Hodge)—Private Aug. 11, 1861. Killed at Yorktown, Va. Apr. 19,1862.

Georgia First Infantry, Co. D.

Hodges, Nathan S.—Private Mar. 25, 1861. Appears last on roll for Oct. 31, 1861.

Georgia First Regulars,Co. L.

Hodges, Marion—Private Mar. 28, 1861. Roll for June 30, 1864, last on file, shows him present. No later record.

Georgia 2nd., Infantry, Co. G.

Hodges, Wesley C.—1st Lieutenant Apr. 16, 1861. Elected Lieutenant Colonel, 17th Regt. Ga. Inf. Aug. 9, 1861; Colonel Jan. 4, 1863. Wounded, Wilderness, Va. May 6, 1864. On wounded furlough close of war.

Hodges, J. W.—Private Apr. 16, 1861. Appears last on roll for Oct. 31,1861.

Georgia 3rd., Infantry, Co. A.

Hodges, James—Private Apr. 26, 1861. Wounded, Chancellorsville, Va. May 3, 1863. Killed, Gettysburg, Pa. July 2, 1863.

Georgia 4th., Infantry, Co. A.

Hodges, John W.—Private Sept. 5, 1863. Surrendered, Appomattox, Va. Apr. 9,1865.

Georgia 6th., Infantry, Co. F.

Hodges, Andrew L.—Private Feb. 22, 1864. Died at Richmond, Va. July 8,1864. Buried there in Hollywood Cemetery.

Georgia 13th., Infantry, Co. F.

Hodges, F. M.—Private July 8, 1862. Killed at Martinsburg,
Va. Sept. 1862.

Hodges, J. S.—Private July 8,1861. Died at home in 1863.

Georgia 20th., Infantry, Co. I.

Hodges, Fleming—Private May 23, 1861. Appointed Sergeant. Roll for Feb. 28, 1865, last on file, shows him present. No later record.

Hodges, James—Private May 23,1861. Killed July 24, 1863.

Georgia 12th., Infantry, Co. A.

Hodges, Elias C. (or Ephraim C.)—Private June 15, 1861. Died of measles at Camp Bartow, Va. Aug. 28,1861.

Georgia 12th., Infantry, Co. F.

Hodges, B. Frank—Private June 11, 1861. Wounded Aug. 31, 1862. Killed at Sharpsburg, Md. Sept. 17,1862.

Georgia 15th., Field & Staff.

Hodges, F. B.—Captain & Commissary July 15, 1861. Resigned Nov. 7, 1861.

Georgia 17th., Field & Staff.

Hodges, Wesley C.—Elected 1st Lieutenant of Co. G, 2d Regt. Ga. Inf. Apr. 16 1861; Lieutenant Colonel of the 17th Regt. Ga. Inf. Aug. 9, 1861; Colonel Jan. 4, 1863. Wounded at Wilderness, Va. May 6,1864. On wounded furlough close of war.

Georgia 25th., Infantry, Co. B.

Hodges, George Washington—Private Feb. 20, 1862. Admitted to Macon, Ga. hospital with rheumatism Nov. 7, 1863. Wounded, left thigh broken, knee and hip dislocated, lost right eye, at Atlanta, Ga. July 22, 1864. Sent to Confederate Hospital at Forsyth, Ga. in 1864. Unfit for further service. (Born in Georgia Sept. 15, 1839. Died at Marlow, Ga. May 1, 1919.)

Hodges, Thomas M.—Private Aug. 10, 1861. Roll dated Oct. 31, 1862, last on file, shows him "Present, sick." Pension records show he was at home on sick furlough Feb. 1865 to close of war. (Born in Screven County, Ga. in 1836.)

Hodges, William J.—Private Aug. 10, 1961. Captured at New Hope Church, Ga. June 5, 1864. Released at Camp Douglas, Ill. June 6, 1865.

Georgia 30th., Infantry, Co. A.

Hodges, Jesse—Private Sept. 25, 1861. Discharged, disability, May 11, 1862.

Hodges, William B.—Private Sept. 25, 1861. In C.S.A. General Hospital #4, at Wilmington, N. C. Jan. 13, 1863. Returned to duty Jan. 27, 1863. Wounded, right leg disabled, at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 19, 1863. (Born in Ga. Aug. 26, 1829.)

Hodges, William M.—Private Sept. 25, 1861. Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 19, 1863. Captured in Butts County, Ga. Nov. 17, 1864. Released at Point Lookout, Md. June 13, 1865. (Born in Butts County, Ga. Dec. 24, 1840.)

Georgia 26th., Infantry, Co. H.

Hodges, Francis M.—Private Oct. 1, 1861. Appointed 2d Corporal May 10, 1862. Killed at Winchester, Va. Sept. 19, 1864.

Hodges, Vincent A.—Private Oct. 1, 1861. Elected Jr. 2d Lieutenant Aug. 1, 1862. Killed at 2d Manassas, Va. Aug. 28, 1862.

Georgia 27th., Infantry, Co. h.

Hodge, Samuel H. (or Hodges)—Private 1861. Appointed Sergeant. Captured Nov. 17, 1864. Released at Point Lookout, Md. June 13, 1865.

Hodge, S. (or Hodges)—Private Sept. 9, 1861. Roll for Apr 30, 1864, last on file, shows him present. No later record.

Georgia 29th., Infantry Co. D.

Hodges, Jesse (or Hodge)—Private Oct. 1, 1861. On expired sick furlough Oct. 31, 1862. Pension records show he was captured at Nashville, Tenn. Dec. 16, 1864, and sent to Camp Chase, O. or to Camp Douglas, Ill. No later record. Died in Berrien County, Ga. Dec. 7, 1893.

Hodges, William (or Hodge)—Private Oct. 1, 1861. Captured at Nashville, Tenn. Dec. 16, 1864. Died of pneumonia at Camp Chase, O. Jan. 26, 1865. Grave #901, Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery.

Georgia 25th., Infantry, Co. G.

Hodges, Washington P.—3d Corporal Aug. 8, 1861. Appointed 2d Sergeant May 11, 1862. Wounded at Atlanta, Ga. July 22, 1864. In Macon, Ga. hospital on account of flesh wound through thigh July 29, 1864. No later record.

Georgia 26th., Infantry, Co. D.

Hodge, Elias (or Hodges)—Private Sept. 12, 1861. Killed at Richmond, Va. June 1862.

Hughes, Samuel L.—Private Apr. 4, 1862. Wounded at Sharpsburg, Md. Sept. 17, 1862. Wounded and captured at Petersburg, Va. Mar. 25, 1865. Died of wounds in Lincoln U.S.A. General Hospital, Washington, D.C., July 7, 1865.

Georgia 26th., Infantry, Co. E.

Hodges, James W.—1st Corporal Sept. 25, 1861. Appointed 5th Sergeant Jan. 1, 1862. Wounded in hand, necessitating amputation of two fingers, at Cold Harbor, Va. June 28, 1862. Discharged, disability, Feb. 25, 1863. (Born in Twiggs County, Ga. Feb. 20, 1841.)

Georgia 28th., Infantry, Co. A.

Hodges, H. L.—2d Sergeant Sept. 10, 1861. Elected 2d Lieutenant Sept. 11, 1862. Killed at Boonsboro, Md. Sept. 14, 1862.

Hodges, M. A.—Private Sept. 10, 1861. Killed at Seven Pines, Va. May 31, 1862.

Georgia 28th., Infantry, Co. B.

Hodges, W. Richard—Private Sept. 10, 1861. Admitted to Chimborazo Hospital #1, at Richmond, Va. as a convalescent, Mar. 7, 1862. Left without permission, date not stated. No.  later record.

Georgia 29th.,Infantry, Co. B.

Hodges, Wiley F.—Private Aug. 28, 1861. Discharged by civil authority at Savannah, Ga. Aug. 19, 1862.

Georgia 29th., Infantry, Co. F.

Hodges, James A.—Private Sept. 9, 1861. Absent, sick, Nov. 30, 1862. In Ocmulgee Hospital at Macon, Ga., with diarrhoea and incipient tuberculosis, Sept. 23, 1864. No later record.

Georgia 30th., Infantry, Co. C.

Hodges, W. C. D.—Private Sept. 25, 1861. Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 19, 1863.

Georgia 38th., Infantry, Co. I.

Hodges, M. Green—Private May 10, 1862. Died in Staunton, Va. hospital July 10, 1862. Buried there in Thornrose Cemetery.

Georgia 44th., Infantry, Co. B.

Hodges, John A.—Private May 10, 1862. Wounded at Ellison's Mill, Va. June 26, 1862. Died of wounds and fever at Richmond, Va. July 12, 1862.

Georgia 45th., Infantry, Co. G.

Hodges, James—Private Mar. 4, 1862. Captured, date and place not given. Died of smallpox in prison in 1865.

Georgia 45th., Infantry, Co. I.

Hodges, John A. M.—4th Sergeant Mar. 4, 1862. Appointed 2d Sergeant May 12, 1864; 1st Sergeant Dec. 1864. Elected 2d Lieutenant in 1865. Surrendered at Appomattox, Va. Apr. 9, 1865.

Georgia 54th., Infantry, Co. I.

Hodges, James P.—Private Apr. 1863. Sick in Nashville, Tenn. hospital Mar.-Apr. 1865. (Born in Effingham County, Ga. Died there Feb. 1918.)

Hodges, J. G.—Private Jan. 25, 1863. Died of disease in C. S. A. Hospital at Jackson, Miss. Sept. 13, 1864.

Hodges, R. E.—Private July 30, 1863. Roll dated Dec. 31, 1863, last on file, shows him present.

Georgia 11th., Infantry, Co. C.

Hodges, T. M.—Private Mar. 4, 1862. Transferred to Co. C, 47th Regt. Ga. Inf. May 12, 1862. Died in Institute Hospital at Atlanta, Ga. Dec. 12, 1863. Buried there in Oakland Cemetery.

Georgia 11th., Infantry, Co. D.

Hodges, A. E.—Private Mch. 4, 1862. Transferred to Co. D, 47th Regt. Ga. Inf. May 12, 1862. Clothing was issued to him Mch. 5, 1864. Pension records show he surrendered at Greensboro, N. C. Apr. 26, 1865. (Born in Effingham, Ga. Dec. 20, 1833.)

Georgia 47th., Infantry, Co. E.

Hodges, William J. G.—Private Sept. 9, 1862. Roll for Oct. 31, 1862, last on file, shows him “absent under orders.” Pension records show he was wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 19, 1863, and was in Augusta, Ga. hospital close of war.

Georgia 11th., Infantry, Co. I.

Hodges, S. A.—Private Mar. 4, 1862. Transferred to Co. I, 47th Regt. Ga. Inf. May 12, 1862. Discharged by civil authority at Camp Williams, Ga. Oct. 7, 1862.

Georgia 47th., Infantry, Co. I.

Hodges, William H.—Private July 20, 1862. Roll for Feb. 1863, last on file, shows him present. Pension records show he surrendered at Greensboro, N. C. Apr. 26, 1865. (Born in Screven County, Ga. in 1843.)

Georgia 54th., Infantry, Co. E.

Albritton, Matthew Hodges—Private Oct. 22, 1862. Roll dated Feb. 28, 1863, only roll on file, shows him present. Pension records show he was wounded in throat and abdomen, date and place not given. (Born in Houston County, Ga. in 1840 Died in Berrien County, Ga. in 1915.)

Georgia 54th., Infantry, Co. G.

Hodges, James—Private Nov. 20, 1862. Captured at Cumberland Gap, Tenn. Sept. 9, 1863. Died of consumption at Camp Douglas, Ill. May 16, 1864.

Georgia 57th., Infantry, Co. F.

Hodges, William—Private Jan. 14, 1864. Died in 1864.

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John William Padgett.

John W. Padgett. 

Birth: Feb. 8, 1843.
Death: Feb. 24, 1920.

Occupation: Farmer.

Wife: Martha C. Padgett, ( 1853-1920.).

Children: Dara F., Estelle C., Mary M., Cora O., Vada C., Chharles H., James A., Benjamin F., William R., Byon B. Padgett. 

Burial: Whitewater Cemetery,Brooks, Fayette County, Georgia.

Georgia 13th., Infantry, Co.F.
Fayette County, Georgia.
"Fayette Rangers."

Padgett, John William, Private Mar. 16, 1862. Wounded in left arm at Wilderness, Va. May 5, 1864. Recommended for retirement to Invalid Corps on account of disabled left arm Feb. 16, 1865.

John W Cripliver.

John W Cripliver.

Al so known as John W. W. Cripliver.

Birth: Jul. 2, 1846, Whitehouse, Lucas County, Ohio.
Death: Mar. 2, 1919, Bradner, Wood County, Ohio.

Burial: Bradner Cemetery, Bradner, Wood County, Ohio.

Author.  Its recorded that he was married, but was unable to find his wife or any other personal information on him.

Ohio 14th., Infantry, Co. I.

John W. W. Cripliver, Private; Age 18; Enlisted January 28, 1864, for 3 years.  Mustered out July 11, 1865, by order of War Department.

Ohio Soldiers Home.

John W. Cripliver, Ohio 14th., Infantry Co. I.; Private; Months of service 17; Nativity Ohio; Age 48; Pension _; Disability General; Admitted from Ohio; Admitted March 27, 1895; Occupation laborer; Married; Read and Write Yes.

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Cyrus G Hand.

Cyrus G Hand. 

Birth: 1846.
Death: 1922.

Wife: Katherine Ann Mansfield Hand (1847 - 1920)..
Married December 22, 1866.

Children: Arthur Wesley Hand (1873 - 1921), Samuel B Hand (1875 - 1908), Marion G Hand (1880 - 1901).

 Burial: Dickson Cemetery, Lynxville, Crawford County, Wisconsin.

Iowa Seventh Cavalry, Co. A.

Cyrus G. Hand, Age 18; Residence Iowa Center; Nativity Iowa; Enlisted October 15, 1862; Mustered in February 6, 1863; Transferred to Company A., Seventh Cavalry Reorganized; Mustered out November 24, 1865, at Fort Kearney, Neb., Expiration term of service.

Iowa Soldiers Home.

Cyrus G. Hand, Iowa Seventh Cavalry, Co. A.; Private; Months of service 37; Nativity OHio; Age 49; Pension $12.; Disability Liver and Var. V.; Admitted from Iowa; Occupation Farmer; Married; Admitted August 7, 1894.

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Arvin C Bemis.

Arvin C Bemis. 

Birth: 1843, Chester, Windsor County, Vermont.
Death: Jun. 22, 1919, North Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

 Parents: Lewis Chester Bemis (1807 - 1859), Achsah Philena Thompson Bemis (1808-1886.)

Siblings: Laura Achsah Bemis Walker (1834 - 1914), Warren Lewis Bemis (1835 - 1906), Charles Henry Bemis (1838 - 1913), Sarah Elizabeth Bemis (1841 - 1843), Arvin C Bemis (1843 - 1919.)

Burial: Smokeshire Cemetery, Chester, Windsor County, Vermont.

Arvin C. Bemis was born in Chester, VT. His parents were Lewis Chester Bemis and Achash Philena (Thompson) Bemis. Arvin C. Bemis was staying at the Soldiers' Home in Togus, Me. but came to North Adams to spend a short furlough. After having eaten a hearty breaksfast, Arvin C. Bemis a veteran of the Civil War was found dead in a chair in his room at the Mansion house on State Street.

After an investigation, the Medical Examiner declared death was due to acute indigestion. His age at the time of his death was believed to be about 75 years old. Mr. Bemis was an inmate of the Soldiers' Home on three different occasions, each time being discharged at his own request and then being readmitted. He gave as his nearest relative a brother, John Bemis of Gassetts (Chester), VT.

He enlisted at Charlestown, NH on August 7, 1861 in Co. G, 5th Reg. NH Inf. He was discharged from the Soldiers' Home at Togus at his own request on September 24, 1907, was readmitted on April 14, 1911, discharged again on his own request on December 12, 1912, and readmitted on July 14, 1915. On June 17th he left on a 90 day furlough, stating that he was going to North Adams, MA. Mr. Bemis' body was shipped to Gassett, VT on the 12:30 o'clock train on June 28, 1919 to Mr. Bemis' nephew, who was located through the efforts of the Medical Examiner.

New Hampshire Fifth Infantry, Co. G.

Arvin C. Bemis, Co. G.; born Chester, Vermont; Age 18; Residence Charlestown; Enlisted  September 27, 1861; Mustered in October12, 1861, as Private;  Discharged for disability, January 31, 1862, Alexandria, Virginia.  Supposed to be identical with Arvin C. Bemis, Co.B., FIrst New
Hampshire Cavalry.

Author note. I put both records together so you could make up your own mind.

New Hampshire First Cavalry, Co. B.

Bemis, Arvin C. Co. B ; b. Vermont ; age 19 ; res. Charlestown, cred. Charlestown ; enl. Mar. 29, '64 ; in Mar. 29, '64, as Priv. ; wd. Oct. 9, '64, Tom's Brook, Va. ; tr. to 108 Co., 2 Battl, V. R. C, Apr. 17, '65; disch. June 7, '65, Concord. Supposed identical with Arvin C. Bemis, Co. G, 5 N. H. V.

New Hampshire Soldiers Home.

Arvin C. Bemis, Fifth New Hampshire Infantry, Co. G.; Private; Months of service 24; Nativity United States; Age 52; Admitted from Vermont; Disability  Gun Shot Wound in Right Leg; Occupation Laborer: Single; Read and Write Yes;  Admitted March 28, 1895.

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Henry H Moreland

Henry H Moreland.

Birth: Apr. 8, 1840, Georgia.
Death:   Feb. 28, 1917, Dade County, Georgia.

Wife: Fannie Oliver Moreland (1871 - 1960)

Children: Lizzie S., Martha J., Winnie M., Jefferson A., James H., Jack A. Moreland. 

Burial: Wildwood Cemetery, Wildwood, Dade County, Georgia.

Henry O Moreland and his wife, Fannie Oliver Moreland, have CSA pension applications on line, courtesy of GA virtual vault. He says he was born 1840 in Tenn. He enlisted in Co. B of the 6th GA regiment and was paroled at Greeensboro N. C. after the surrender. They married 21 Oct 1892 in Dade county and Henry died 1/9/1917. (Sometimes memory is not quite accurate...or families of the deceased make mistakes on monuments- hard to tell which date is correct.)

Authors noteGeorgia Sixth Infantry, Co. B., Army of Tennessee.
Dade County, Georgia, "Look out Dragoons"

Moreland, Henry H., Private July 17, 1861. Severely wounded in hips at Petersburg, Va. in 1864. Middle finger of left hand shot off and wounded in right leg at Ft. Harrison, Va. Sept. 30, 1864. Surrendered Greensboro, N. C. Apr. 26, 1865. Born in McMinn County, Tenn. Apr. 8,1840. Died at Dayton, Tenn.

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Dr. James Dyer McKinney

Dr. James Dyer McKinney.

Birth: 1835, Cheohee, Oconee County, South Carolina.
Death: Jan. 29, 1907, Salem, Oconee County, South Carolina.

Keowee Courier: 2-6-1907, p5

Burial: Whitmire Methodist Church Cemetery, Salem, Oconee County, South Carolina.

Georgia 24th., Infantry, Co. C.
White County Georgia.
White County Marksmen.
McKinney, James D., Appointed Sergeant of Co. E, 1st Regt. Florida Cavalry Nov. 14, 1861. Transferred to Co. C, 24th.  Regt. Ga. Inf. Oct. 10, 1863. Appointed Hospital Steward. Captured at Deep Bottom, Va. Aug. 16, 1864. Released at  Elmira, N. Y. June 16, 1865.
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