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How Many Marshals Did Topeka, Kansas Need.

A lot of people had ancestors that were Marshals but what kind of Marshal? When I started this page I was thinking of the City Marshal, but I soon found there were many kinds of Marshals  Now Topeka, Kansas, is not only the County Set, its also the State Capitol, so there would be more marshals here.  Keep in mind when your looking for a Marshal in your city, if its large enough to be divided into wards each ward would have its own Marshal Deputies.

Here is a list of different kinds of Marshals.

City, County and Supreme Court, Marshals and  Assistant Marshal.

Police Court.

Federal District Court.

City,County and Township Marshals and Deputies.. 

Chief Marshal ( City Marshal ).

Field Marshal and Deputies ( Not the Military kind ).

Federal Marshal ( Not the same as the U. S. Marshal, although they work in the same way ).

United State Marshals and Deputies.

First City Election.

The first election for city officers was held January 28, 1858. The names of three men who were elected councilmen that day will appear in this Directory. These are G. S. Gordon, James A. Hickey, and Guilford Dudley. The city marshal under this administration was Wilson L. Gordon, and his first official duty, as shown by the records, was to " grade the street from the river to First avenue." Those who have observed Mr. Gordon of late years, incubating fables and generating fiction, at the St. Ananias Club, would pay handsomely for his picture, with spade in hand, grading lower Kansas avenue, in his official capacity as " marshal."


Col. C. K. Holliday was Mayor of the city, which was divided into three wards, and a marshal and four policemen were found abundantly sufficient for protection and the preservation of peace

List of Marshal of Topeka through the years.


Tobias Billings,City Marshal.
Byron Jewell, U. S. Depuity Marshal.


Samuel Hindman,City Marshal.
Albert Fowkos, Assistant City Marshal.
Byron Jewell,Deputy U.S.Marshal.
D. W. Houston, Federal Court Marshal.


Charles L. Vanderpool, Deputy U.S. Marshal.


James Duston, City Marshal.
Patrick Sherman, Assistant City Marsha.
John H. Smith, Deputy Marshal.
Benjanim F. Simpson ( Paola ), Marshal.
George F. Sharitt, Marshal.
Spencer P. Wade, Deputy Marshal.


John F. Carter, Assistant City Marshal.
Thomas T. Cochran, City Marshal.
George F. Sharitt, Deputy U. S. Marshal.
Benjamin F. Simpson, U. S. Marshal.
Spencer Wade, Deputy Marshal.
Thomas J. Cochran, Marshal ( Police Court ).


Patrick Sherman,City Marshal.
T. Donovan, Assistant Deputy Marshal.
John LucasDeputy U. S. Marshal.
S. P. Wade, Deputy arshal.
 First Ward ( North Topeka ) Assistant Marshal.
George F. Sharitt, 


John Carter, City Marshal.
William Allen, Deputy Marshal ( North Topeka ).
W. S. Jones, Court Marshal.
Ed. Lanston, Deputy U.S. Marshal.
George F. Sharritt, Deputy U. S. Marshal.
T. W. Thompson, Deputy Marshal.


John F. Carter, City Marshal.
John W. Gardiner, Assistant Marshal.
W. M. Allen,Assistant Marshal.
W. C.Jones, U. S. Marshal.


A. Bunker,City Marshal.
Richard L. Walker,Court Marshal.
John M. Wright, Supreme Court Marshal.
Leon D. DeBost Chief Deputy Marshal.
Henry Dillard, Deputy U. S.Marshall.
Richard L. Walker U.S. Marshal District of Kansas.
D. F. Wyatt, Deputy U. S. Marshal.


W. H. Troutman, Marshal.
Joseph C. Wioson,Court Marshal.
Leon D. DeBost, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal.
Henry Dillard, Deputy U. S. Marshal.
E. L. Walker, Deputy,U, S. Marshal.


James Boot, City Marshal ( Potwin Place ), part of Topeha.
John M.Walker,Supreme Court Marshal.
S. F. Neely,Federal District Court of Kansas ( Leavenworth, Kansas ).
Charles Currier,Deputy U. S.Marshal.
Henry Dillard, Deputy U. S. Marshal.


Fred M. Stonestreet, Court Marshall.
Josiah Ross, Court Marshal.
E. A. Prescott, Field Deputy Marshal.
W. E. Sterne, U. S.Marshal.


Fred M. Stonestreet,Court Marshal.
Josiah Ross, Deputy Court Marshal.
John M. Wright, Supreme Court Marshal.
J. E. Brown, Deputy U. S. Marshal.
E. A. Field Deputy U. S. Marshal.
W. E. Sterne, U. S. Marshal.
D. N. Willits, Chief Deputy U. S. Marshal.


A. J. Wintrode,Court Marshal.
J. H. Lamberson,Court Marshal.
John M. Wright, Supreme Court Marshal.
B. F. Flenniken, Deputy U. S. Marshal.
James H. Lamberson,Deputy U. S. Marshal.
Egbert B. Wilson City Marshal ( Oakland,Kansas ).
J.T. Wintrode, Court Marshal.


Otho T. Wood, Chief Deputy Marshal.
Carl B. Drakr, Deputy, U. S. Marshal.
Ottol Rahn, U. S. Marshal.

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Fletcher D. Barlow.

Fletcher D. Barlow.

Birth: September 14,1834, Massachusetts.
Death: March 20, 1875,Age 40 years.

Wife: Adeline Terrell Penn.

Children: Roger B., Horace H., Louis A., Barlow.

Author.  Re-research Wife and Children names before stating as fact.

Burial: Tangipahoa Cemetery, :Tangipahoa ,Tangipahoa  County Louisiana.

Louisiana 7th., Infantry.
Push to enlarge.

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George Washington Methvin.

George Washington Methvin.

Birth: Feb. 22, 1844, Holum, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana.
Death: Oct. 28, 1921, Columbia, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana.

Wife: Sarah A Masters Methvin (1848 - 1880).

Children: Elizabeth, Martha A., Jessie Sandifer, James Elijah and Ciscero Methvin.

Burial: Belah Cemetery, Trout, La Salle Parish, Louisiana.

Was a Civil War Veteran.

George W. Methvin,Private;Company K., 12th.,Louisiana Infantry. Enlisted August 13,1861,at Camp Moore,Louisiana.  Roll to October 1,1861, Absent with leave since October 31,1861, period of 30 days,on account of sickness.  Roll November and December,1862,"Present".  Roll March and April 1863,Absent sick, Point Hudson, Louisiana, since April5,1863.  Rolls May 1863 to August 1864,absent with out leave in Caldwell parish,Louisiana,since  May 1,1863  Rolls of Prisoners of War C. S. A.  Paroled Alexandria  Louisiana, June 26,1865.  Residence Caldwell Parish, louisiana.