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Four Faces Of The Twentieth Michigan Infantry.

All these men were killed in battle.  I have many more pictures for this regiment, mostly officers, if you would like a look up for a picture drop me a line.

Read Lift to Right.

Roll 1.

Captain Roswell P. Carpenter, Captain Walter McCollum.

Roll 2.

Captain Holland F. Robinson, Captain Oliver Blood Jr.

Roswell P. Carpenter, Ann Arbor, Entered service in company D., twentieth infantry, at organization, as First Lieutenant.  Commissioned July 29, 1862.  Mustered August 18, 1862, Divison Ordnance Officer, Ninth, Army Corps, from October 1862 to January 1863.  Commissioned Captain, company K., January 26, 1863.  Mustered February 28, 1863.  Killed in action at Spottsylvania, Va., May 12, 1864.

Walter McCollum, Lodi, enlisted service in company h., twentieth infantry, at organization as Second Lieutenant, age 21.  Commissioned July 28, 1862, mustered August 19, 1862.  Commissioned First Lieutenant, February 24, 1863, mustered February 24, 1863.  Commissioned Captain January 1, 1864, mustered February 24, 1864.  Killed at Spottsylvania Va., May 1, 1864.

Holland F. Robinson, Convis, Enlisted in company I., twentieth infantry, August 6, 1862, at Marshall, for 3 years, age 27.  Mustered August 19, 1862.  Sergeant December 1862.  First Sergeant, May 1, 1863.  Wounded in action June 7, 1864.  Commissioned Captain, company K., November 4, 1864.  Mustered February 4, 1864.  Killid in action before Petersburg, Va., February 4, 1864.

Oliver Blood Jr., Dexter, Enlisted in compan D., twentieth infantry, as First Sergeant, July 30, 1862, at Dexter, for 3 years, age 31.  Mustered August 18, 1862.  Discharged to accept promotion April 26, 1863.  Commissioned First Lieutenant, company F., January 2, 1864.  Mustered April 21, 1864.  Discharged to accept promotion August 3, 1864.  Commissioned Captain , company D., June 20, 1864.  Mustered August 4, 1864.  Killed in action near Petersburg, Va., September 30, 1864.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Faces Of The First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.

Here are some faces of the 1st., Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.  I have over 100, pictures but I couldn't put them all here.  The men here will have some information on them, you can requist it, you can also requist a look up for a picture as well.
First Roll.

Lieutenant Henry P. Hoppin Co. I., Lieutenant Howard Carroll Co. B., Captain Henry L. or R. Dalton Co.C.

Second Roll.

Lieutenant Edward Hobbs Co. D., Captain Edwin Earp Co.K., Lieutenant Robert Henderson Co. G.

Third Roll.

Lieutenant Newton Holt Co. I., Lieutenant Frederick W. Stowe Co. F., Captain Samuel Langmaid Co. F.

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General Elliot W. Rice & "Suger Bill."

Colonel Elliot W. Rice.
7th., Iowa Infantry

Elliot W. Rice.

Birth: Nov. 16, 1835
Death: Jun. 22, 1887

Civil War Union Brigadier General. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but his family moved to Belmont, Ohio, in 1836, where he grew up. He attended school in Wheeling, western Virginia, and Franklin College at Athens, Ohio, then traveled to Oskaloosa, Iowa, in 1855 to study law under his brother, Samuel A. Rice, graduating from the University of Albany Law School in 1858. He practiced law in Oskaloosa with his brother until joining the 7th Iowa Infantry as a Corporal on July 24, 1861. Promoted to Major on August 30th of that same year, and attached to the District of Cairo, he fought at the Battle of Belmont in November, assumed regimental command on the death and wounding of his superiors, then received a bullet wound to the lower extremities. While recuperating he took a minor part in the campaigns for Forts Henry and Donelson, then held regimental command during the Battle of Shiloh, receiving promotion to Colonel. He next joined the Corinth, Mississippi garrison and fought in the October 1862 Battle of Corinth.

He commanded the posts at Bethel and La Grange, Tenneessee, leading the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, XVI Corps, without commensurate rank. At the head of his brigade he saw action at Resaca, New Hope Church, and Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia. He received promotion to Brigadier General on June 22, 1864, and briefly led the 2nd Division. He weathered the Siege of Atlanta, and then transferred to the XV Corps, were he served through the March to the Sea and the Carolinas Campaign. Brevetted Major General for war service on March 13, 1865, he mustered out of Federal service on August 24th, having been wounded 7 times in 4 years. He practiced law in Washington D.C., until retiring in poor health to his sister's home in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1885, where he died.
Burial: Floyd Cemetery, Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa.

"Sugar Bill"
Was a Saffron and son  to Senegambia.
He was chosen to cook for Colonel Rice's horses.
He claimed to be a shurnuh cook.

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23rd. Pennsyvania Infantry, Death List, Pictures

This is a death list of the 23rd., Pennsylvania Infantry, Birney's Zouaves.  Of coures this is just a part of the list, as there were many more killed, but what is different about this list is that ever man listed here has a picture and maybe some add information.

I was unable to put their pictures here or their information.  However you can requist a picture by writing me at the following:

Important note.  there are many more pictures, that were not stated here you can requist a look up by writing to the above address.

Zachariah Shaw, Co. F., Killed at Cold Harbor June 1, 1864.

Sol. Forebaugh, Co. A., Killed at Fair Oaks, May 31, 1862.

James G. Williamson, Co. K., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

William Linton, Co. H., Killed at Fair Oaks, May 31, 1862.

James Johnson, Lieutenant, Co. E., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

John G. Boyd, Lieutenant, Co. D., Killed at cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

Henry A. Marchany, Captain, Co. I., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

Thomas J. Armstrong, Lieutenant, Co. G., Died January 2, 1864.

James M. Craig, Captain, Co. H., Died of wounds received at Cold Harbor.

Jacob Harp., Co. F., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

John McGinnis, Co. E., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864

John Carroll, Co. E., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

Albert G. Russell, Co. C., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

William Johnson, Co. E., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

George Clark, Co. E., KIilled at Fair Oaks, May 31, 1862.

John Shellady, Co. E., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

John McKernon, Co. A., and Lieutenant of Co. F., 82nd, P. V., Killed at Petersburg, April 2, 1865.

Hugh McMichael, Corporal, Co. E., Died of woundes received at Cold Harbor.

Anthony Schaffer, Co. H., Died of wounds received at Cold Harbor.

James Sweeney, Co. E., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

John Zaus, Corporal, Co. K., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

Ira Webster, Sergeant-Major, Killed, June 1, 1864.

Henry Ernes, Co. G., Killie at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1854.

John C. Ames, Sergeant, Co. C., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

Jacob Keith, Co. C., Killed Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

William Macuire, Co. C., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

James Mullin, Co. C., Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

DeWitt C. Palmer, Co. H., and Co. E., 82nd., P. V., Killed at Winchester, September 17, 1864.

William H. Myers, Co. I., and Lieutenant Co. K., 82nd., P. V., Killed at Sailor's Creek, April 6, 1865.

Mathew Hazlett, Co. G., Killed at Fair Oaks, May 31, 1862.

John Dougherty, Co. E,, Killed at Fair Oaks, May 31, 1862.

John E. Little, Co. C., Killed at cold Harbor.

Peter Born, Co. A., Killed at Cold Harbor, JUne 1, 1864.

David Applegate, Co. G., Killed at Cold Horbor, June 1, 1864.

William Graham, Co. G., Died of wounds received at Cold Horbor, June 1, 1864.

John Wilson, Co. G., Killed Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

Edward Eisenbarth, Co. K., Killed at Cold Horbor, June 1, 1864.

Frederick Huber, Co. F., First Sergeant, Killed at Fair Oaks, May 31, 1862.

Joshua S. Garsed, Co. B., Lieutenant, Killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.

George C. Spear, Colonel, Killed at Marye's Height's, while Colonel of the 61st, P. V.

John W. Crosby, Colonel, Killed at Petersburg, April 2, 1865, While a Colonel of the 61st., P. V.

Thomas S. Martin, Captain, Co. I, 3 months service, Killed at Bull Run August 30, 1862, while Lieutenant Colonel of the 11th., P. V.

Stephen Foster Spalding.

Stephen Foster Spalding.
prush to enlarge.

Stephen Foster Spalding, was born in Montpelier, Vermont, June 25, 1840, was a graduated from the University of Vermont, when the war came he was a law student at New York, an in less the six hours after the assault on Frot Sumter, he was on his way to Washington as a volunteer in the Seventh New York regiment, he served three months.  He return to New York where he put another regiment together and was commission Second Lieutenant.  But because of a dangerous illness of his eldest brother he resigned his commission and return home, and to his study of law at Derby.  But his taste for military life soon found him putting together another regiment, Company B, eight Vermont, after it was organized he became it's First Lieutenant.

Stephen F. Spalding, First Lieutenant, company B, December 19, 1861; Killed in action at Port Hudson, La., June 14, 1863; was acting Adjutant of the regiment when he was killed in the charge of June 14.

The night before his death at Port Hudson, he remarked to a friend: "I shall be at the head of my regiment to-morrow."  Later that evening he said to his friend Captain Barstow: I shall not spend another night with you."

Both remarks proved true, he was struck in the head by a minie ball, and fell in front of his men.  His body was recovered and sent home to his friends.

Stephen F. Spalding, father was Levi Spalding, mother was Julia Ann Cadwell.

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Ninth Connecticut Infanty ( Irish Regiment ).

Left to Right.

Captain Terence Sheridan, Co. B.  Lieutenant Francis McKeon. Co. E., Lieutenant Michael Mullins, Co. E.

Terence Sheridan, was born in the county Cavan, Ireland, 1838; he was the son of James and Nancy ( Galligan ) Sheridan.  He came to America when twelve years of age.  Eventually becoming a resident of New Haven Ct., he early took an interrest in military affairs, became a member of the Emmet Guard and acquired great proficiency in drill and general military tactis.  He enlistedin company e., of the ninth regiment, September 5, 1861, and was mustered October 30, 1861, as First Lieutenant.  He succeeded James P. Hennessey as captain of the company, and was transferred October 12, 1864, to the Ninth Battalion as captain of company B.  Captain Sheridan wra married twice, his first wife was Annie McCaffrey, a native of New Haven; and his second was Annie Reilly, a native of Ireland.

Francis McKeon, is a native of the county of Cavan, Ireland, was born December 28. 1834; came to America about 1852.  He enlisted in the ninth, September 5, 1861, was Second Lieutenant of the company E., and was promoted to First Lieutenant February 25, 1863.  He was honorably discharged October 26, 1864.  His wife's maiden name was Mary Reilly.  He died in Branford Ct., Joly 1888.

Michael Mullins, a native of Limerick, Ireland, born April 20, 1835; came to America in 1856, and located in New Haven, Ct., He enlisted in copmany E., of the ninth, September 22, 1861, and was mustered in as Sergeant.  He was appointed Sergeant-Major of the regiment December 27, 1862, and was promoted to be Second Lieutenant of company E., May, 1863, and to be First Lieutenant of company K., May, 1864.  On October 12, 1864, he was transferred to company B, of the Ninth Battalion, and was honorably discharged, November 27, that year.

In February, 1860, he was married at New Haven to a MissBridget Russell.  There children were born to them, Vis; John, Ellen, and Jamrs, all of whom are died.  His widow resides in New Haven.