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George Reuben Reed.

GEORGE REUBEN REED. Born in Hingham, Dec. 17, 1839. Member of Co. I, of the Fourth Regiment, M. V. I., Lincoln Light Infantry, left Hingham with the first detachment, April 17, 1 86 1, and was three months stationed at Fortress Monroe. Oct. 31, 1 861, enlisted at Camp Dimmick in Co. A. Sept. I, 1862, he was promoted from sergeant to second lieu- tenant ; Dec. 30, 1862, to first lieutenant; and July 20, 1864, was commissioned captain

With the Thirty-second, in the Army of the Potomac, he bore a full part in all its marches, privations, and dangers, up to the month of August, 1864. Beginning at Malvern Hill, July 3, 1862, he was in the battle of Gaines' Mill, Second Bull Run,Chan- tilly, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Rappahannock Station, Mine Run, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna, Tolopotomy, Bethesda Church, and Petersburg.

At Laurel Hill, Capt. Reed was in command of Co. I, Charles- town, consisting of forty-one men. In a charge on the enemy, covering scarcely more than fifteen minutes' time, twenty-five of these were killed or wounded. At the battle of North Anna, while engaged on the skirmish line, he was for a short time a prisoner in the hands of the enemy, but, in the excitement and confusion of battle, fortunately succeeded in effecting his escape.

On the 3rd of August, 1864, he was detailed as quarter- master at the Fifth Corps Hospital, City Point, Va., and continued at this post till the 25th of the following November, when he was mustered out at Petersburg by reason of the expiration of his term of enlistment. In all the trying experience of the Thirty-second, Capt. Reed proved himself a good officer and true soldier.

Re-research this information before stating as fact.

George Reuben Reed.

Birth: December 17, 1839.
Death: October 9, 1891.

Parents: Reuben M Reed, Sophia A. Gardner Reed.

Wife: Ella R. Reed.

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Francis Swain Bunker

Francis Swain Bunker. 

Birth: Dec. 22, 1838, Rush County, Indiana.
Death: May 4, 1887, Pennville, Jay County, Indiana.

Parents: Thomas Bunker and Rebecca Swain Bunker.

Wife: Elvira Vataw Bunker, ( 1837-1911 ).
Married May 21, 1882.

Children: Alice Laurena Bunker Hunt (1871 - 1951).

Burial: Hillside Cemetery, Pennville, Jay County, Indiana.

Civil War Service.

Francis S.Bunker,Enlisted in Company B.,57th., regiment Indiana Volunteers Infantry,October 12, 1861, for 3 years; was in battles of Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, and Stone River, was in view of battle of Perryville,but not engaged.  Discharged December 31,1863.  Reenlisted in same company and regiment as a veteran, February 12,1864, foe 3 years; Still in service,April, 1865.  Family residence on farm of A. Hunt, w. s  Newport and Arba road,one mile n. e. Newport, New Garden Township.

Layer Out Of The Dead.

I have been working on the Philadelphia City Directories,looking for odd job titles.  The first Philadelphia Directory was published in 1785,at this time only names were listed.  Then around 1817 they listed the address.  In around 1822 they added the Job titles..

The job I was interested in was said in different ways;Lays out dead, Layer out dead, Layer out of the dead.  These jobs were performed mostly by woman.  I tried to find out what this job was and what it in tells but was unable to do so..

If any one knows or learns what this job is please drop me a line.  I would be most grateful.

Below is a list of years and names of who performed this job.


Elizabeth Howell.
Ann Betham.
Mary Bulfinch.
Elizabeth Carter.
Elizabeth Evans.
Rebecca Graff.
Elizaberth Griffitn.
Jane Hook.
Mart Horne.
Elizabeth Hutman.
H. January.
Mrs. Kraft.
Rebecca Wile.
Catharine Wolbert.


Mary Harman.
Jane Harron.
Catharine Johnson.
Margaret Miller.
Elizabeth Priest.
Elizabeth Shields.


Mary Harman.
Catharine Johnson.
Elizabeth Priest.


Eleanor Adams.
Ann Askings.
Mary Dillin.
Rachel Gabel.
Margaret Lybrnd.
Ann Zimmerman or Zimmermann.


Eliza Casey.
Mrs. Marg. Lybrand.
Susan T. Matthews.
Sarah Sprague.
Mrs. A. M. Wilson.
Ann Zimmerman or Zimmermann.


Rachel Garel.
Mrs.Marg. Lybrand.
A. M. Wilson.
Ann Zimmerman or Zimmermann.


Anna A. Albright.
Julia Carman.
Mary Hunsberry.


Anna C. Hoffman.
Margaret Husberry.
Maria Kline.
Margaret Kraus.
Ann Zimmerman or Zimmermann.


Ann Albright.
A. C. Hoffman.
Margaret Kraus.
Ann Skerrett.
Sophia Strumpfer.

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Police Men of Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1855.

This is a list of 204, men who were of the Police Department,they were not called police men but called Police.Police Officers ,Police Lieutenant and Police Sergeant.   There will be no information on these names.

Those who had a ancestors living in Philadelphia, at this time and knew or heard stories that they worked for the police now is your chance to find out.

Philadelphia Consolidated City Directory, 1855.

The areas covered by this Directory are;  Bush Hill, Frankford, Fairmount, Francosville, Germantown, Kensington, Moyamensing, M antoa Village, Old York, Passyunk, Pennstlvania Township, Ridge, Richmond, Schuylkill, West Philadelphia.

These names are in alphabetical order,there will be a few errors.

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1. Isaiah Abbott.
2. Joseph Abrl.
3. William Adams, Lieutenant of Police.
4. Charles Afferbaca.
5.Jacob Albright.
6. Andw Anderson.
7. Samson Anderson.
8. Josepn Andress.
9. Robert Armitage.
10. Thpmas Ashton, Sergeant.
11. William Babe.
12.John Baird.
13. James Barber, Lieutenant.
14. James Banker.
15. William Barrett.
16. Joseph Bayne.
17. Daniel W. Beck.
18. John Benkert.
19. William Betts.
20. Louis P. Bezard.
21. Owen Biddle.
22. Charles Bishop.
23. Orr Bothwell.
24. William Bright.
25. Joseph Bringhurst.
26. Walter Brod.

Page 2 of 8.

27. George Bochanan.
28. James H. Bolkley, Lieutenant.
29. William Burris.
30. C. H. Carlon.
31. James  Carr.
32.  Cunnard Cheller.
33. Jeremiah Claney.
34. Franklin Collins, Sergeant.
35. Jae. Cummings.
36. Henry Cummings.
37. William G. Cutter.
38. E. Daniel.
39. Joseph Deal.
40. William Deal.
41. Thomas Dickson, Sergeant.
42. Charles Diver.
43. William Donahay
44. Henry Dreisbach.
45. Jacob Ege.
46. George W. Emery.
47. Robert Fadely.
48. Joseph Fillius, City Police..
49. George Fink.
50. John Fleming.
51 Leonard Foster.
52. Charles Fox.

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53. George Fow.
54. William A. Fox, Captain.
55. J. K. Gardiner..
56. George Gardner.
57. John Gibbs.
58. Benjamin S. Gilbert.
59. Jacob Glassgow.
60. Benjamin H. Godshalk.
61. William Good.
62. Samuel Gouldy.
63. Thomas Graham.
64. Theo. Gransback.
65. William Green.
66. Samuel Griffith.
67. William Halfman.
68. Joseph T. Hallowell.
69. Samuel Hamilton.
70. Edward Hannings.
71. John B. Harbert.
71. David Harlan.
72. George Hart.
73. David Hazard.
74. Robert Hazlet.
75. William Heckman.
76. John Henderson.
77. Samuel Hergesheimer.

Page 4 of 8.

78. Alfred J. Heoh.
79. Samuel Hickmandr.
80. William H. Hickman.
81. William Hinkle.
82. JOhn Hollick.
83. Anthony Hoover.
84. James Houseman.
85. J. Hulsehart.
86. Peter Hunter.
87. James Hutchinson.
88. David Jeries.
89. Charles Jeffers.
90. And. Johnson.
91. Charles W. Johnson.
92. Samuel Johnson.
93. James Jones.
94. William D.Jones.
95. WIlliam D. Jones.
96. William H. Jones.
97. Bernard Kane.
98. Charles Kauck.
99. George Kindel.
100. H. H. Kline.
101. Philip Kulp.
102. John Lamen.
103. S. H. Lare.

Page 5 of 8.

104. Jacob Larison.
105. G. W. Lee.
106. Mulford Lewis.
107. William H.. Lewis.
108. John Linker Jr.
109. Isaac Lister.
110. Robert Lister.
111. Samuel Litchfield.
112. John Logan.
113. James Long.
114. MIlo Lord.
115. William M'Bride.
116. W. L. M'Carren.
117. Alex. M'Cauley.
118. Daniel M'Cool.
119. John M'Crossin.
120. John M'Crossin.
121. John M'Cullen.
122. William M'Cullough.
123. William M'Knight.
124. James V. M'Lean.
125. James M'Vntire.
126. Nathan Magargee.
 127. Hugh Malcomson.
128. Samuel Mansfield.
129. George Marshall.

Page 6 of 8.

130. Charles Megill.
131. N. R. Meguire.
132. Jacob Meyerle.
132. Joseph G. Miller.
134. Thomas N. Miller.
135. Richard Millward, Lieutenant.
136. Joshua Mitchell.
137. Samuel Mitchell.
138. Peter Moore.
139. Philip Moore.
140. Hugh Mullen, Lieutenant.
141. John K.Murphy, Marshall of Police.
142. Benjamin Myers.
143. Daniel Myers.
144. Lewis Myers.
145. Syrus O'Daniel.
146. Samuel Painter.
147. Joseph Patton.
148. Charles Powell.
149. William Prickett.
150. Edward Quay.
151. Joseph Reed.
152. Adam Reese.
153. H. Regan.
154. William Rice.
155. Samuel Richards.

Page 7 of 8.

156. Samuel Ridgway.
157. Danl. Rissel.
158. John L.Rogers.
159. Joseph Rowand.
160.William Rossell.
161. Allen Rutherford.
162. Matthias Ruttles.
163. George Sheer.
164. George D. Shissler.
165. Richard Shultz.
166. Charles Sidman.
167. Jacob Sigmon.
168. Thomas A. Skillman.
169. James Sloan.
170. Frederick L. Smith.
171. Houston Smith Jr.
172. James Smith.
173. John Smith.
174. L. H. Smith.
175. Peter Smith.
176. Henry Souder.
177. David Sowers.
178. Nathan Speering, Lieutenant.
179. Benjamin Stillwell.
180. George Stover.

Page 8 of 8.

181. Joseph Steeper.
182. William Stuart.
184. Joshua Taggart.
185. Charles Tapper.
186. Bernard Thomas.
187. Jacob Tice.
188. William Trader.
189. Daniel Ubil.
190. Harmon J. Van riper.
191. Peter Vivins.
192. Fredk P. Wagner.
193. David Walker.
194. Charles Westcott.
195. Richard Westcott.
196. Stilman Whitney.
197. John A. Williamson.
198. Robert Williamson.
199. HEnry Wolf.
200. William Wood.
201. William Wood,Lieutenant.
202. George Worthington.
203. Henry Yetter.
204. Samuel Yoder.

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