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Charles L. Odell, 86th., New York.

Charles L Odell.

Birth: Feb. 27, 1842.
Death: Apr. 19, 1869.

  Burial: Potter Brook Cemetery, Potter Brook, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

New York State Records.

ODELL, CHARLES L.—Age, 21 years. Enlisted, September 8, 1861, at Osceola, Pa., to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. B, 86th N.Y. infantry regiment, September 13, 1861; wounded in action, June 9, 1863, at Beverly Ford, Va.; again, July 2, 1863, at Gettysburg, Pa.; captured in action, May 10, 1864, at Spotsylvania, Va.; paroled, no date; mustered out, September 13, 1864.

Surgeon General Report.
CASE 270. Private Charles L. Odell, Co. B, 86th New York, aged 22 years, was wounded at Spottsylvania, May 10, 1864, by a conoidal ball. He was taken prisoner, and, on August 24th, was brought, by steamer New York, to Annapolis, and admitted to No. 1 hospital, where the injury was recorded as a "gunshot wound through the abdomen." On August 24th, he was transferred to Camp Parole, whence he was returned to duty, September 30, 1864. On March 19, 1865, he was discharged from the service.

Pension Examiner Ira W. Bellows, Knoxville, Pennsylvania, reports, May 7, 1866: " Ball entered the left side, over the descending colon, came out through the posterior superior spinous process of the left ilium; faecal matter is now discharging from the wound in the back; general emaciation; is unable to leave his room. Disability total ; will probably prove fatal." II. A. Phillips, M. D., of Knoxville, reported that the pensioner died April 19, 1869, at Westfield, Pennsylvania, and states :

"I attended Charles L. Odell for about a month prior to his death ; when I first saw him, I found him suffering from a fistulous opening, communicating with the bowels, with profuse discharge of faecal and purulent matter, resulting from a wound received in the United States service, from which injury he died, very much emaciated, April 19, 1869."

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Sylvanus Randall Lathrop, Michigan

Sylvanus Randall Lathrop.
Birth: 1842, Michigan.
Death: December 24, 1909.

*Father: Horance N. Lathrop.
*Mother: Lucy A. Stiles Lathrop.

*Wife: Lucy E. Stiles Lathrop.
Married March 22, 1868, Lapeer, Lapeer County, Michigan.

*Children: John H., Paul BEnson, Eugene, Mul Benson Lathrop.
*Note Names so marked need more research before stating as fact.
Burial:: Stiles Cemetery, Lapeer, Lapeer County, Michigan.
Civil War Record.

Sergeant 1 Michigan Calvary Company-F. Enlisted: August 20, 1861, Discharged: July 24, 1865. Prisoner Of War: August 29, 1862 at Bull Run, Virginia. Reenlisted: December 21, 1863. Promoted To: Sergeant

Surgeon General Report.

CASE 571. Corporal Sylvanus Lathrop, Co. F, 1st Michigan Cavalry, aged 22 years, was wounded at Winchester, September 19, 1864, by a revolver ball, which entered the left iliac region two inches above Poupart's ligament and one and a half inches to the right of the anterior superior spinous process of the ilium, passed backward, and emerged between the body of the fifth lumbar vertebra and the posterior superior spinous process of the ilium. He was removed to the Cavalry Corps /> Hospital, where he remained until October 29th, when he was transferred to the hospital at Cumberland.

Acting Assistant Surgeon S. B. West reports that "a considerable piece of the omentum protruded and sloughed off." His health was good, and the wound was discharging healthy pus and healing. He was returned to duty January 16th, and discharged from service July 24, 1865, and pensioned. Pension Examiner David Clark, of Flint, Genesee County, Michigan, reported, in March, 1870, that "in consequence of the wound the patient suffers from a partial paralysis of the left leg and weakness of the back. The left leg is somewhat smaller than its fellow. The power of rotating the body on the hips is impaired, and the response of the muscles in rising from a sitting posture, or in attempting to lift, is uncertain, causing him to fall if thrown out of a perpendicular line."

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Henry Sluder, Indiana

Henry Sluder.

Birth: 1807, Jessamine County, Kentucky.
Death: Aug. 29, 1863, Sullivan County, Indiana.

Husband of Nancy Lockhart, (married November 16, 1826 at Washington, Indiana).

Son of Isaac Sluder and Elizabeth Carter Sluder.

Father of William Sluder, Thomas C.Sluder, Elizabeth Sluder, James Sluder, Isaac Sluder, Robert L. Sluder, John Sluder and Aaron Sluder.

Burial: Cave Hill National Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Service Record.

Henry Sluder, Private, Enlisted October 22, 1862, at Marion County, Indiana, 24th., Light Artillery, Company L., Age 31.  Died  in hospital at Louisville, Kentucky.

Surgeon General Report.

CASE 708. Private Henry Sluder, company I, 24th Indiana battery; age 33; admitted August 20, 1863. Chronic diarrhoea. When admitted the patient was very weak and much emaciated ; pulse 100. He had about ten or twelve evacuations daily. He stated that he had been suffering with diarrhoea for about four months. Has performed no duty for two months. P;. Powdered opium six grains, tannin ten grains; make six powders. Take one every three hours. Whiskey every two hours; milk diet. August 21st: Had ten evacuations during last night. Treatment continued, with the addition of beef-tea. August 22d : Substitute the following : R;. Subnitrate of bismuth half a drachm, powdered opium eight grains ; make eight powders. Take one every three hours. August 25th : Condition continues without much change ; pulse 95. Substitute opium, in grain doses every three or four hours, for the former medicine. August 29th : Sinking. Pulse feeble and over 100, Died during the morning. Autopsy six hours sifter death.

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Hayden Ogden, 47th., Indiana.

Hayden Ogden.

Birth: Mar. 10, 1838.
Death: ???. 27, 1872.

Wife's: Charity Warner Ogden-Fites (1842 - 1925). Lucy Ann Loutzenhiser Brown (1846 - 1934).

Children: Charles Benton Ogden (1861 - 1945), George F Ogden (1864 - 1957), Allen W Ogden (1867 - 1951).

Burial: Crescent Heights Cemetery, Pleasant Hill (Pike County), Pike County, Illinois.

Service Record.

Enlisted October 20, 1862, at Wabash, Indiana, age 28.  Discharged September 30, 1863; Disabled.

Surgeon General Report.

CASE 839. Private Hayden Ogden, company I, 47th Indiana volunteers; age 24; admitted to the Marine hospital New Orleans, Louisiana, September 12, 1863, with paralysis of the left lower extremity. He stated that he was attacked with  a severe diarrhoea about ten months since, which lasted fur four mouths, when he lost both sensation and motion in his left thigh and leg; the diarrhoea continued for two months longer, when typhoid fever set in, from the effects of which he is still in a very prostrate condition. Strychnia was tried without benefit, and the patient was discharged the service on surgeons certificate of disability, October 8, 1863. Acting Assistant Surgeon Wm. Cleary.

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David F. Taylor, 20th., Arkansas, Infantry.

David F. Taylor.

Birth: 1829, Tennessee.
Death: November 20, 1863, Point Lookout, St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Wife: Margaret Taylor.

Children: Martha, Louisa, John, James, and Ambrose Taylor.

Burial: Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery, Scotland, St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Service Record.

Taylor, David F., Private, Enlisted at Washington, Arkansas, March 1, 1862; captured at Big Black River Bridge, Mississippi, May 17, 1863; sent to Fort Delaware, September 22, 1863; sent to Point Lookout, Maryland; died in prison, November 20, 1863.

Surgeon General Report.

The next case was forwarded on medical descriptive lists from the HAMMOND HOSPITAL, Point Lookout, Maryland, Surgeon Anthony Heger, U. S. A., in charge. All  the patients were prisoners of war.

CASE 228. Private David F. Taylor, company A, 20th Arkansas; admitted November 7, 1863. Chronic diarrhoea. The patient stated that he was taken sick in July last ; he was very weak. Ordered Stimulants and opium pills. November 18th :The diarrhoea has diminished ; during the day the patient had a chill. The stimulants were continued, and mustard plasters applied to the extremities. November 19th : Had another chill. Treatment continued. November 20th : He had another chill, during which he died. These chills partook rather of the nature of spasms ; during the intervals the patient was able to sit up. Autopsy the same day. 

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Charles A. Baxter, 8th., Illinois Cavalry.

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Charles A. Baxter.

Birth: Oct. 29, 1842, Chenango County, New York.
Death: Jun. 26, 1921, Toledo, Tama County, Iowa.

Wife: Mary Jane Smith Baxter (1843 - 1907).

Children: Jessie A., Henry A., Ettie M., Clara A., Cora Elizabeth Baxter Eaton, M. Maude Baxter Nelson.

Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo, Tama County, Iowa.

Biography of Charles A. Baxter.

Charles A. Baxter was born in Chenango county, New York, October 29, 1842. His father, Augustus Baxter, was a native of Scotland ; his mother, Hannah Padgett, of New York. His parents were married in Cienango county, where three of their children were born. The father, for many years, was engaged in the mercantile business, and just previous to his death he followed farming. The subject of this sketch enlisted in April, 1861, in the 13tli Illinois Volunteer Infantry for three months, being discharged at the expiration of his time of service.

He again enlisted in the 8th Illinois Cavalry, and participated in  the battles of Ball Bluff, Warrenton Junction, seven days fight before Richmond, Malvern Hill, second battle of Bull Run, South Mountain, Anteitam, Martinsbrug, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, where he was severely wounded, Spottsylvania Court House, and Coal Harbor, where he left the command and was detailed at General Wilson's headquarters, as head blacksmith, receiving a commission as Second Lieutenant.

He also participated in Wilson's Raid and battle of Stone River, where he was again wounded, lying for five days without food and surrounded by rebels. When he was relieved he went to City Point. He was discharged at Chicago, September 28, 1864.

The following fall he was married to Miss Mary J. Smith, of DeKalb county, Illinois. They have a family of five children; Henry A., Ettie M., Clara A., Cora E., and Jessie A. In the spring of 1865, Mr.  Baxter came to Tama county, where he purchased land and made a home. He has 160 acres valued at $45 per acre, and nine acres of timber land valued at $15 per acre. In politics he is a Republican, and is  a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Arthurs note.  When he enlisted in the 8th., Cavalry, he was 19 years, was 5 feet 8 inches, hair brown, eyes gray and complexion light.