Friday, December 27, 2013

Samuel J. Lyle, 14th., Texas Infantry.

Company M, Randell's Regiment Cavalry; Company K,
Fourteenth Texas Infantry.
Born at Farmville, Va., March 10, 1830; reared and educated in said State; came to and settled at Moscow, Polk County, Texas, 1857, where he engaged in mercantile business with S. J. Thornton, brother-in-law, under firm name of Thornton & Lyle, continuing until its suspension after Secession in 1861 ; married Miss Louisa Carrington of Virginia, November 10, 1859. In 1862 enlisted as private in company organized by L. B. Wood, captain, with Wm. M. Harrison, Jno. F. Sharpe and Frank Jones, first and second and third lieutenants. On -death of Lieutenants Harrison and Sharpe, was elected first lieutenant and promoted to captain, vice L. B. Wood, resigned, in 1863, which position he filled with distinction, ability and satisfaction until surrender of said company at Hempstead, Texas, in May, 1865.
Commanded in battles of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, La., Jenkins Ferry, Ark., and through campaigns of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas without being wounded. At close of war returned home and engaged in farming until within a few years of his death, August 10, 1911.

Was a gentleman, true to the principles of the "Old South," honorable and patriotic, a brave and true soldier, as an officer, ever reliable and devoted to the cause of the Confederacy, commanded with ability, and was highly esteemed by his men and associate officers ; as a citizen, stood for and among the best, and as a husband and father, all that the names imply.

Samuel J. Lyle.

Birth: Mar. 10, 1830.
Death: Sep. 10, 1911.

Wife: Louisa Carrington Lyle (1837 - 1918).

Children: Sarah Thornton Lyle Fortner (1869 - 1938), William Morton Lyle (1873 - 1942).

Burial: Carrington-Lyle Cemetery, Seven Oaks, Polk County, Texas.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

George W. Beller, W. Virginia.

Date 1900-1901.
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George W. Beller, has been in business in Charleston, W. Virginia, since 1890, was born on April 28, 1856, at Malden, Kanawha county, W. Virginia, and is the son of Frank and Agatha ( Hurst ) Beller.
George W. Beller, died June 13, 1938, at the age of 82 years 1 month 15 days.  Buried June 15, 1938, Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Charleston, Kanawha county, W. Virginia. Occupation Bartender.

George W. Beller, was a wine merchant, his mother and father were from Germany, his father married his wife after they came to the United States, Frank Beller died in 1869, Agatha Beller was 82 in February of 1911..

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pine Top, Kentucky, 1861.

Pine Top, 1861-1862.

Pine Top, Kentucky, is in the Northern part of Letcher County, 20 miles north of Whitesburg, the County Seat, Louisa is the nearest Railroad approach, 20 miles distant, Prestonburg, 40 miles south, is its nearest shipping point by water, on the west fork of the Big Sandy, and on the weekly mail and stage route to Whitesburg.  Population 200.  Daily mail.  Randolph B. Smith, Postmaster.

People of Pine Top.
A. A. Amburgey, Flour-mill, and Blacksmith.
Miss Jane Craft, School Teacher.
John Craft, Store Keeper.
James Hughes, Mill-wright and Medical Agt.
J. A. Hughes, Blacksmith.
William Madden, Live Stock.
Campbell Pigman, Flour-mill.
James M. Pigman, School Teacher, and Justice of Peace.
John Reynolds, Shoemaker.
Hardin Slone, Cooper.
I. Slone, Blacksmith.
James Slone, Mail contractor.
Rev. James H. Slone ( Baptist ).
Rev. John C. Slone ( Baptist ).
Rev. S. Slone ( Baptist )
J. B. Smith, Flour-mill and Justice of Peace.
Randolph B. Smith, Farmer and Postmaster.
John Stacy, Blacksmith and Carpenter.
Rev. John W. Stamper ( Baptist ).
W. R. Thomas, School Teacher.