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John Pugh, Pennsylvania Infantry.

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John Pugh.

Birth: 1838.
Death: 1923.

Burial: Riverside Cemetery, Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

John Pugh, was a private in the 124th., Pennsylvania infantry, Co. D.; mustered in August 9, 1862; mustered out with company May 15, 1863.  Wounded at  Antietam, in the ear. Was later a Corporal in the 29th., Pennsylvania Militia Emergency, Co. I., 1863.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

William H. Farber, 64th., Ohio INfantry.

The following information is taken from the 64th., regimental history, written by Wilbur F. Hinman, published 1897.  This book can be found and read on line.

Ohio 64th., Infantry, Regimental History.
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William H. Farber, Captain, age 19; enlisted October 22, 1861; appointed Corporal October 31, 1862; promoted to Commissary-Sergeant, May 11, 1863, to First Lieutenant December 9, 1864; appointed Adjutant February 28, 1865; promoted to Captain April 26, 1865; mustered out with regiment; veteran.
Page 359, A striking illustration of faithful, patriotic devotion to duty is afforded by the sad case of Martin Bowser, Company C, Sixty-fourth. When the regiment left Nashville to enter upon the Stone river campaign, Bowser was so ill as to be unfit for duty Eager to share the fortunes of his comrades, he objected to being sent to a hospital, declaring that he would march with the company, if his knapsack could be carried on one of the wagons. Permission for this was given, and Bowser took his place in the ranks and kept it, on the march and through the terrible battle of December 31st, doing his duty with splendid courage. During the long, cold night that followed he was without a blanket.
After the brigade changed its position to the left, and the troops were permitted to rest, Corporal William H. Farber and George W. Stewart shared their blankets with him. He lay between them, one blanket being spread upon the frosty ground, while the other barely sufficed to cover the three. A few hours later, when the soldiers were aroused to stand at arms, Farber and Stewart tried to awaken their comrade, but there was no response. Bowser was dead.

Page 412, While rambling about the outskirts of the bivouac, Quarter-master-sergeant Charles H. Baker and Commissary-sergeant William H. Farber, of the Sixty-fourth, came upon two fine three year-old colts capering about in a field. Regarding it as a dispensation of Providence, to relieve them from the irksome toil of 1 hoofing it" with the train, they at once set about the capture of the animals. After some strategic maneuvering they were successful and led their "mounts" in triumph to where the train was parked. Congratulating themselves upon their "soft snap," they were busily engaged in improvising the necessary riding gear, when a well-dressed lady, on horseback, rode up. As soon as her eye fell upon the brace of colts she gave notice that they belonged to her. She said her name was Crutchfield, and exhibited a safe guard for her property, bearing the signature of General Thomas J. Wood. Of course the captive animals were instantly released and turned over to a negro servant who accompanied the lady. The next day Baker and Farber, disgusted and crestfallen, took it afoot, as usual.

Page 516, That morning Commissary-sergeant William H. Farber and John W. Leidigh, of Company C, Sixty-fourth, thought they would like to "view the landscape o'er," and so they climbed a tall tree just over the crest of the ridge. They enjoyed the scene for just about two minutes. The rebel pickets caught sight of them and promptly opened lire. Bullets whistled around and pattered against the trunk, while Farber and Leidigh scrambled down very much faster than they went up. No doubt they made even better time than Zaccheus did when directed to "make haste and come down " from the sycamore tree.

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Marion Elston or Marion Elstun, 73th., Indiana, Infantry.

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This soldier is a little confusing in the state records his name is Marion Elstun, however in the regimental history its Marion Elston.  In the regimental roster Marion Elston is not found only Marion Elstun, both names belong to Co. K.

I will give you the information I have and let you decide who's who.

Indiana State Records
Marion Elstun, Corporal, 37th., Indiana Infantry, Co. K., Age 20,  enlisted at Lawrenceburg, Indiana, April 18, 1861.  Transferred to Field and Staff, October 19, 1863.  Died July 23, 1864, from wounds received in action July 20, 1864; Sergeant Major.
37th., Indiana Regimental History. 
About 10 o'clock that morning, the 21st, Sergeant Major Marion Elston came along to the rear of Co. K, his old Company, and told us we could get beef at the rear and foot of the elevated ground. Just as he told us that, he turned to go to the next Company to the right, and as he turned a minnie bullet struck him at the side of the shoulder, and he fell to the ground. I and one or two others went to him.
The blood could be heard spurting in the cavity of his body, and he asked : "What is that?" and on being told, he said : ''Yes, that's it."
An ambulance had been brought as near as it was safe to bring it, and we carried him back and put him in it. The ambulance driver having a holy terror of bullets, drove off  before Marion got to say good-bye to us or we to him, and he waved his last good-bye to his comrades and Regiment by raising his foot up and down for several seconds. He lived but a short time after he was taken back. 

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Exchanged Prisoners on the Sultana, April 27, 1865.

The story of the Sultana is well known and information on its sinking can be easily found on the internet.  But what is not well known is the names of those prisoners on the ship. 
At the time of the sinking there were 2,300, prisoners, passengers and crew on board   The prisoners on board were from Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia.
As there are so many names I couldn't copy them all, so I have put down one page of the list.
This post is about the prisoners only, although I do have some of the crew, non of the passengers.
At the end of the first page you well find a list of those who were on the Sultana, but were not listed on the official list.
If you don't find you ancestor on these lists you may request a search.
When requesting a search give full name and company regiment if known, you must give the title of this post ( Exchanged Prisoners on the Sultana, April 27, 1865.), or I may not be able to help you.
My E. Mail address can be found in my profile.
Phillips, Wm., private company C', 2d Indiana cavalry

Young, J., private company C, 2d Indiana cavalry

Hardin, L. D., private company D, 2d Indiana cavalry

Lidd, L. D., private company D, 2d Indiana cavalry

Stevens, W., private... company D, 2d Indiana cavalry

Brown, J., private company G, 2d Indiana cavalry

Summerville, P. S., private company K, 2d Indiana cavalry

Dillander, J., private company C, 3d Indiana cavalry

Keorney, M., private company C, 3d Indiana cavalry

Congers, Wm., private company D, 3d Indiana cavalry

Noorier, J., private company F, 3d Indiana cavalry

Raina, Wm., private company C, 4th Indiana cavalry

Simpkins, C. E., private company C, 4th Indiana cavalry

Franklin, B., sergeant company F, 4th Indiana cavalry

Trumball, A., sergeant company F, 4th Indiana cavalry

Evermore, N. D., private company F, 4th Indiana cavalry

Grubbs, Isaac, private company A, 5th Indiana cavalry

Williams, N. S., private company B, 5th Indiana cavalry

Dean, J. D., sergeant company C, 5th Indiana cavalry

Milott, R. A., corporal company D, 5th Indiana cavalry

Thevin, A., corporal company E, 5th Indiana cavalry

McCuUough, S A., private company H, 5th Indiana cavalry

Evans, D. W., private company L, 5th Indiana cavalry

McBride, G., private company L, 5th Indiana cavalry

Mullen, J., private company L, 5th Indiana cavalry

Richardson, A., private company L, 5th Indiana cavalry

Scott, L., private company L, 5th Indiana cavalry

Applegate, J. S , private company C, 6th Indiana cavalry

Porterfield, W., private company C, 6th Indiana cavalry

O'Brien, P., private company D, 6th Indiana cavalry

Scole, R., private company D, 6th Indiana cavalry

Lee, E. C, private company E, 6th Indiana cavalry

Hobi, A. P., sergeant company F, 6th Indiana cavalry

Shal, F., private company G, 6th Indiana cavalry

Note.  There may be some errors in the spelling of a few names, but these are according to the official record. The same is true with regard to company and regiment.
Persons Known to have been on Board but Not Reported in the Official List.
Sanders, S. F company I, 137th Illinois

Frazee, Martin company (J, 2d Indiana cavalry

Lee, Asa E company A, 6th Indiana cavalry

Kline, Henry J company G, 9th Indiana cavalry

Mayes, J. H company C, 40th Indiana cavalry

Stewart, Geo. W. company D, 40th Indiana infantry

Hazellaige, captain company K, 40th Indiana

Taylor, Joe., lieutenant I24th Indiana infantry

May, John. 137th Indiana cavalry

Williams 1st Kentucky cavalry

Gambill, Henry company B, 14th Kentucky infantry

Johnson, B. F. company A, 5th Michigan cavalry

Clarkson, Geo. A company H, 5th Michigan cavalry

Norton, Henry company B, 8th Michigan cavalry

White, Manly C company B, 8tli Michigan cavalry

Kinney, John * 8th Michigan cavalry

Wendt, Wm company L, 8th Michigan cavalry

Dunsmore, J. W company I, 1st Michigan E. and M.

Stevens, Joseph company E, 4th Michigan Infantry

Hindes, Elias E company A, 18th Michigan infantry

Jones, A company B, 18th Michigan infantry

Smith, O. W company B, 18th Michigan infantry

Thayer, C company B, 18th Michigan infantry

Porter, W. G company C, 18th Michigan infantry

Larkey, Pat * E, 18th Michigan infantry

Hohns, M company F, 18th Michigan infantry

Aldrich, H. C, sergeant company G, I8ih Michigan infantry

West, C. A company G, 18th Michigan infantry

Nicholas, C company H, 18th Michigan infantry

Hampton, E company 1, 18th Michigan infantry

Upton, H. H company 1, 18th Michigan infantry

Hinds, T. J K, I8th Michigan infantry

Mann, Jas. H company K, 18tli Michigan infantry

Metta, A. R. t company K, 18th Michigan infantry

Russell, Jas company K, 18th Michigan infantry

Shettleroe, Isadore company K, 18th Michigan infantry

Stremp, Geo company K, 18th Michigan infantry

Henks, T. W., captain. 4th Missouri cavalry

Brown, A, C company I, 2d Ohio infantry

Lewis, lieutenant 3d Ohio cavalry

Barnes, Wm. company H, 32d Ohio infantry

Kearns, John company F, 40th Ohio infantry

Oxley, Stewart company I, 5Ist Ohio infantry

Gregory, W. W company C, 55th Ohio infantry

Friesner, W. S company K, 58th Ohio infantry

Boor, Wm. private company D, 6tth Ohio infantry

Norris, Albert company A, 76th Ohio infantry

Davis, J. W., lieutenant 77th Ohio infantry

Yeisley, Wm. company E, 102d Ohio infantry

Sheafer, I. N company E, ll5th Oho infantry

Zazier, J. P company F, 115th Ohio infantry

Morgan, L. G company D, 12lstOhio infantry

Faldermau, Benj company K, 121st Ohio infantry

Fisher, Geo company K, 131st Ohio infantry

Gaston, G.. M. , company K, 121st Ohio infantry

Greer, Seth company K, 121st Ohio infantry

Trent, Rob't. A , sergeant company B,' 1st Tennessee cavalry

Carver, Wm. company B, 3d Tennessee cavalry

Hamilton, John company F, 3d Tennessee cavalry
Hamilton, R. N. company F, 3d Tennessee cavalry

Hodges, Wiley J. company F, 3d Tennessee cavalry

Jones, H. C, corporal company F, 3d Tennessee cavalry

Atchley, P. L company K, 3d Tennessee cavalry

Pacgle, Thos company K, 3d Tennessee cavalry

Elliott, J. W ,capt.iin company F, 44th U. S. C. T.
For the author only; Lost of the Sultana.

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Robert W. Long, 65th., Ohio Infantry.

Robert W. Long, Sergeant, 65th., Ohio Infantry, Co. D.  Age 21, Enlisted October 14, 1861, for 3 years.  Appointed Corporal November 26, 1861; Sergeant March 1, 1863; Captured September 20, 1863, at the battle of Chickamauga, Georgia; One of the survivors of the Sultana disaster; Mustered out May 25, 1865, at Columbus, Ohio, on expiration of term of service.