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William Anderson Blalock.

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William Anderson Blalock.

Birth: Aug. 17, 1842, Hurdle Mills, Person County, North Carolina.
Death: Jan. 20, 1920, Hurdle Mills, Person County, North Carolina.

Parents: Green W Blalock (1818 - 1897),
Jane Anderson Blalock (1812 - 1886)

Wife: Judith Mary Blalock Blalock (1855 - 1914).

Children: Carrie B Blalock Huff (1874 - 1907). Lula Mable Blalock Blalock (1883 - 1962). Annie Frances Blalock Blalock (1884 - 1922). Allie Green Blalock White (1886 - 1969).

Inscription: Lt. 50th Regiment, CSA.

William Anderson Blalock, Co., A. 50th., North Carolina, Infantry, First Lieutenant, commissioned March 6, 1862; Person County; Detailed.

Burial: Blalock-Chambers Families Cemetery, Durham County, North Carolina.

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Death List Of Louisiana Regiments

Aarons. Louis, Pvt. Set. 10th. La. Inftv. Co. F. En. Camp Moore, July 22nd. 1861— Present on all Rolls to Feby. 1862. Roll not dated.  "Killed in battle of Sharpsburg, Sept. 17th. 1802 — " Born Germany.  Occupation Laborer, Res. New Orleans, La. Single.

Adler, Otho. Pvt. 2nd Sergt. Co. E. 16th La. Infty. En. March 11th. 1862, New Orleans. La. Present on All Rolls to Oct. 31st. 1862. Rolls from Nov., 1862, to Feb., 1863, "Ahsent. Wounded at Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec. 31st, 1862." Roll for May and June. 1863. Present. Roll for July and Aug.  1863. Present, Promoted to 2nd Sergt. from 4th Sergt.. Aug. 1st, 1863. Roll for Sept. and Oct., 1863. Killed in Action at Chickamauga, Sept. 20th, 1863.

Albright. Matthew, Pvt. Co. H. 1st La. Infty. (Strawbridge's). En. New Orleans. La., April 13th. 1861. Present on All Rolls to Dec. 1861. Roll for Jan. 30th to April 30th, 1862, "Killed in Battle of Shiloh.
April 6th, 1862."

Allen. Albert. Pvt Co. F. 30th La. Infty. En. Camp Moore. La., June 17th. 1862. Present on All Rolls to Oct., 1862. Roll for Nov. and Dec. 1862, "On Detached Service as Wagoner." Roll for May and June. 1863. "Absent, Sick at Port Hudson, La." Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War Captured and Paroled Port Hudson, La.. July . 1863. Rolls from July. 1863, to Oct.. 1863. "Present." Roll for March and April. 1864. "Present." Roll for Nov. 1st to Feb. 28th, 1864. "Killed Dec. 15th. 1864. Nashville."

Gomez, Francisco, Capt. Cos. A and C, 22nd and 23rd La. Inf. En. Sept. 10, 1861, Camp Lewis. Roll for Nov. and Dec, 1862, Present or absent not stated. Signs Roll as Comdg. Co. Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1863, Present. Roster dated Enterprise, Miss., Nov. 3, 1863, Reed. Commission May 25, 1862. Exchanged Oct. 9, 1862. Reported for duty. Killed at Vicksburg, May 21,. 1863.

Good, John, Pvt. Co. B, 6th La. Inf. En. June 10, 1801, Camp Moore. Rolls from July, 1861, to Feb , 1863, Present. Roll for March and April, 1863; Absent, sick. Roll for May and June, 18 63, Present. Roll for July and Aug., 1863, Killed in action. Record copied from Memorial Hall, New Orleans, La., by the War Dept, Washington, D. C, May, 1903, born Ireland, occupation laborer, Res. New Orleans, age 28, single. Remarks: He fell nobly defending his country at Gettysburg. July , 1863.

Guidry, Alexander, Pvt. Co. C, 18th La. Inf. En. March 15, 1862, St. Martin Par., La. Present or absent not stated on Roll to April 30, 1862. Rolls from May, 1862, to May, 1863. Present. Rolls from May 31. 1863, to Aug. 11, 1863. Absent at Lynchburg. Wounded at Gettysburg. Roll for Aug. 11 to Aug. 31. 1863, Present. Rolls from Aug. 31, 1863, to Nov., 1863, Absent, missing since engagement of Nov. 7, 1863. Roll for Nov. and Dec, 1863, Killed in engagement of Nov. 7, 4863. Born Louisiana, occupation farmer, Res. St. Martin Pa., La., age when enlisted 20, single.

Gunther, Jacob, Pvt. Sergt. New Co. B, 20th La. Inf. En. April 3, 1862, New Orleans La Present on Rolls to Oct., 1862. Roll for Nov. and Dec, 1862, Killed in battle, Murfreesboro, Sept. 31, 1862.

Gwinn, John M., Pvt. Jr. 2nd Lt. Co. I. 2nd La. Inf. En. May 9, 1861, New Orleans, La. Present on all Rolls to June, 1862. Roll for July and Aug., 1862, Killed in battle, July 1, 1862, at Malcolm Hill. Roster dated Jan., 1865. Fleeted May 1, 1862, to Jr. 2nd Lt. Killed July 1, 1862.

Haddican, Mike, Pvt. Co. G, 20th La. Inf. En. Dec. 21, 1861, Camp Lewis. Roll for Dec 21 to 31, 1861, Present. Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1862, Absent or present not stated. Roll for March and April, 1862, Killed in action at Shiloh.

Hall, John, Pvt. Co. H, D 13th La Inf. En. Sept. 11, 1801, Camp Moore. Rolls from Nov., 1862, to Feb., 1863, Present. Roll for March and April, 1863, Absent. Det. at Tullahoma as pioneer by order. Rolls, from July to Dec, 1803, Absent, sick, in Hospl.Rolls from Jan. to April, 1864, Present. Rolls from May to Aug., 1864, Absent, prisoner, missing July 28, 1864, near Atlanta. Roll for Nov., 1864, to Feb., 1865, Killed near Atlanta, July 28, 1864. Appears on Roll of Prisoners of War, Captured near Atlanta, Ga., July 28, 1804, and sent to Military Prison, Ky., from Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 9, 1864. Reed, at Camp Chase, Ohio, Aug. 11, 1864. Released on Oath, May 13, 1865. Res. Orleans Par., La.

Haller, John, Pvt. Co. K, 14th La. Inf. En. June 12, 1861, New Orleans, La. Present on Rolls to Feb., 1862. Rolls from May, 1862, to Aug., 1862, Absent. Wounded and taken prisoner at "Williamsburg, May 5, 1862. On Hospl. Register, Admitted to Chesapeake U. S. A. Gen. Hospl., Fort Monroe, Va., May 12, 1862. Died May 17, 1862. Record copied from Memorial Hall, New Orleans, La., by the War Dept., Washington, D. C, June, 1903, born Germany, occupation laborer, Res. -New Orleans, La., age 30, single. Killed Battle of Williamsburg.

Halpin, James, Pvt. Capt. Herrick's Co. (Orleans Ploes) La. En. Dec. 21, 1861, Camp Lewis. - Present on Rolls to Dec.. 31, 1861. Also on Rolls of Co G, 20th La. Inf. Pvt. Roll for Jan. and Feb.. 1862, Present. Transfd. from Co. E Feb I8, 1862. Roll for March and April, 1862, Present. Roll for May and June, 1862, Present on daily duty as cook at Hospl. Roll for June, 1862, to Oct.. 1862, Killed, at Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct., 1862, trying to force a guard.

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James M. Parks, 16th., Tennessee, Infantry.


Captain James M. Parks was the son of Carrol Parks, a substantial and respected farmer of Warren
county, Tennessee, His ancestors came from North Carolina at an early period and settled in Warren

In his boyhood Captain Parks labored on his father's farm, and as he arrived at his twentieth year he was placed in Irving College, where he remained as a student until the breaking out of the war between the States. At this time he enlisted in Captain L. H. Meadows's company, and was elected orderly sergeant at its organization in May, 1861. He was elected captain of this company at Corinth in May, 1862, at the reorganization of the regiment, and served in this capacity to the day of his death. Throughout his whole military life Captain Parks was much respected for his upright, exemplary life, and for his many sterling qualities, both as a gentleman and a soldier. He was with
his company through all its marches and in all its battles to that of Chickamauga, when he received a fatal wound on the evening of the first day's fight. He was pierced by a grape-shot through the upper portion of his left breast, the missile ranging in the region of the heart, and he lived but a few hours. His company and regiment lamented his loss as that of a brother.

Captain Parks was in every respect a worthy young man. Kind and respectful to all, he won the good-will and respect of all who knew him. His daily walk and conversation was without spot or blemish. Upright, circumspect, and conscientious in all things, he possessed the respect and confidence of his superiors, as well as those who were under his command. In his seventeenth year, Captain Parks made a profession of religion and became a member of the Baptist Church at Hebron, in the vicinity of his home. He was an upright, pious, and exemplary young man at home, at school, and in all the walks of domestic life. When he entered the army, those Christian graces which he cherished with so much prayerful care in his previous life never yielded to the temptations of army life. He cherished those graces with more watchful care. It was the motto of his daily life in the army that " religion is the same in the army as at home," and requires even more at the hands of its votaries.

Captain Parks was buried on the battle-field of Chickamauga, near the spot where he fell. After the close of the war his remains were removed by his father from the battle field to the church yard at Hebron, where they now rest, and the spot is marked by a marble which records the time and place of his death.