Friday, March 25, 2016

New Jersey Home For Disable Soldiers...

The men here were from the New Jersey Disable Soldiers Hospital at Newark, New Jersey.
The report was made in 1873.  This is just a short list of hundreds.


1. Charles Bomm, Company K, 86th New York Volunteers, admitted February 15th, 1872, for rheumatism, died November 3d, 1872; accident.

 2. Abraham Bacon, Company E, 39th New Jersey Volunteers, admitted February 18th, 1868, died November 6th, 1872; asthma.

 3. John F. Dey, Battery B, New Jersey Artillery, admitted November 9th, 1872, died November 9th, 1872; dropsy.

 4. David W. Hower, Company E, 33d New Jersey Volunteers, admitted July 24th, 1872, died November 21st, 1872; bronchitis.

 5. George W. Osborn, Company D, 8th New Jersey Volunteers, admitted August 5th, 1872, died December 5th, 1872; consumption.

 6. Joseph Wolf, Company A, 7th New Jersey Volunteers, admitted November 11th, 1870, died December 5th, 1872; consumption.

 7. Henry A. Rumpf, Company E, 3d New Jersey Volunteers, ad mitted December 11th, 1872, died December 11th, 1872; heart disea Se.

8. Joseph C. Johnson, Company G, 39th New Jersey Volunteers,
admitted July 29th, 1872, died December 19th, 1872; chronic

 9. Thomas O'Donnell, Company A, 3d Delaware Volunteers, admitted December 6th, 1872, died December 24th, 1872; gangrene of the lungs.

 10. John J. Lowe, Company C, 1st New York Engineers, admitted December 24th, 1872, died December 24th, 1872; pneumonia.

 11. Henry G. Hanna, Company B, 19th Pennsylvania Cavalry, admitted January 2d, 1873, died January 12th, 1873; consumption.

 12. Theodore Cypher, Battery B, New Jersey Artillery, admitted May 2d, 1872, died January 22d, 1873; consumption.

 13. Charles A. King, Company E, 8th New Jersey Volunteers, admitted January 12th, 1867, died January 28th, 1873; congestion  of the lungs.

 14. David Lewis. Company D, 8th New Jersey Volunteers, admitted July 16th, 1866, for wounds, died March 1st, 1873; consumption.

 15. Casper Bertram, Company F, 15th New Jersey Volunteers, admitted August 27th, 1869, died March 7th, 1873; consumption.

 16. Joseph Little, Company I, 190th Pennsylvania Volunteers, admitted September 19th, 1868, died March 13th, 1873; consumption.

 17. Conrad Kraft, Company L, 9th New Jersey Volunteers, admitted November 3d, 1869, died March 17th, 1873; consumption.

 18. George W. Potter, Company D, 3d New Jersey Volunteers,admitted March 22d, 1873, died March 22d, 1873; heart disease.

 19. Thomas Brady, Company B, 35th New Jersey Volunteers,admitted March 26th, 1870, died April 8th, 1873; bronchitis.

 20. John Cooper, Company C, 4th New Jersey Volunteers, admitted October 30th, 1872, died April 21st, 1873; consumption.

 21. John Mills, Company B, 37th New Jersey Volunteers, admitted September 3d, 1867, for hernia, died April 21st, 1873; consumption.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Robert Albiez.

Robert Albiez.

Birth: May 23, 1877.
Death: Oct. 23, 1925.

Parents: Mathias Albiez (1839 - 1901), Franziska Ida Ebner Albiez (1846 - 1918).

Wife: Elizabeth Lillian Fleckinger Albiez (1882 - 1918).

Children: Robert Theodore Albiez (1907 - 1959), Infant (girl) Albiez (1910 - 1910), George E Albiez (1911 - 1968).

Siblings: Edward Albiez (____ - 1959), Bernhard Albiez (1867 - 1960), Robert Albiez (1877 - 1925), Otto Fred Albiez (1883 - 1927).

Burial: Saint Mary Cemetery, Saint Bernard, Hamilton County, Ohio.

Mr. Albiez  was in  W. W. 1, being the Ohio  Seventh Cavalry, Tr., Co. B.  The boys were sent to the Ohio Soldiers and Sailor Home, Robert was  13 and George 7.  

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

John S. Robertson., Indiana.

John S. Robertson.

Birth: Dec. 24, 1835.
Death: Oct. 31, 1892.

Wife; H. E. Robertson, ( ? -1898 ).

Children: Lora May, b... Feb. 14, 1997, Robert A., b. Aug. 6, 1890, Andrew F., b. April 1, 1893.

The children were admitted to the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Orphans Home on March 16, 1899.

Civil War Vet.

Indiana 25th., Infantry, Co. I.

John S. Robertson, Residence Warrick, Corporal, Mustered in August 19, 1861, Promoted First Lieutenant.

Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery, Newburgh, Warrick County, Indiana.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thomas Gilbert Weston

Thomas Gilbert Weston.

Birth: unknown.
Death: Feb. 22, 1881, Chapin, Franklin County, Iowa.
Burial: Old Chapin Cemetery, Chapin, Franklin County, Iowa.

Thomas G. Weston was 26, and living in Chapin, Franklin Co., Iowa, when he enlisted as a 6th Corporal in Co. L of the 4th Iowa Cavalry on Dec 2, 1861. He was mustered into federal service on Dec 24, 1861. He was reduced in rank to 8th Corporal, but then promoted to 7th Corporal on Jan 29, 1862; to 5th Corporal on May 10, 1862; to 4th Corporal on Feb 14, 1863; to 3rd Corporal (Musician) on March 1, 1863; to 2nd Corporal on Sept 1, 1863; and finally to 1st Corporal on July 1, 1864. He mustered out of the service in Memphis on Dec 24, 1864, when the term of his enlistment expired.

Iowa State Records.

Weston, Thomas Gilbert. Age 26. Residence Chapin, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Dec. 2, 1861, as Sixth Corporal. Mustered Dec. 24, 1861. Reduced to Eighth Corporal. Promoted Seventh Corporal Jan. 29, 1862; Fifth Corporal May 10, 1862; Fourth Corporal Feb. 14, 1863; Third Corporal March 1, 1863; Second Corporal Sept. 1, 1863; First Corporal July 1, 1864. Mustered out Dec. 24, 1864, Memphis, Tenn., expiration of term of service.