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Frank Newton Blakemore

Picture publish date 1899.
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Frank Newton Blakemore.

Birth: Dec. 17, 1873, Bedford County, Tennessee.
Death: Apr. 3, 1951, New Mexico.

Son of Eugene Blakemore and Ludy P (Newton) Blakemore.

West Point appointment June 1894.

FRANK BLAKEMORE, 2nd., Lieutenant, First Tennessee Infantry, Spanish American War.

Burial: Fort Bayard National Cemetery, Fort Bayard, Grant County, New Mexico.

Richard Fielder Armstrong.

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Richard Fielder Armstrong.

Birth: 1843 Macon Bibb County Georgia.
Death: May 6, 1904 Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada.

Armstrong, Richard F., Lieutenant, C. S. S. Alabama. Born in Georgia. Enlisted at the age of 19. Wounded on June 19, 1864 in the famous battle with the U. S. S. Kearsarge off Cherbourg, France.

Burial: Saint John's Cemetery, Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Born iu Georgia. Appointed from Georgia. Resigned as acting midshipman, U  S. Navy, January 30, 1861. Midshipman, April 17, 1861. Acting master, September 24, 1861. Lieutenant for the war, February 8, 1862. Second lieutenant, Otober 23, 1862, to rank from October 2, 1862. First lieutenant Provisional Navy, June 2, 1864, to rank from January 6, 1864.

Served on C. S. S. Sumter, 1861-62. C. S. S. Alabama, 1864. Assisted in the dfense of Battery Buchanan in the attack by the Union forces upon Fort Fisher, December 23-25, 1864; gallant conduct commended

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Henry Y. P. Kahrick.

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Captain Henry V. P. Kabrick.

Birth: Nov. 15, 1841, Loudoun County, Virginia.
Death: May 20, 1927, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.

Wife: Francis F George Kabrick (1841 - 1922).

Children: Lorena Nancy Kabrick Peerson (1872 - 1959), David George Lee Kabrick (1877 - 1916), Lula Edna Kabrick (1878 - 1879).

Burial: George Cemetery, Oak Grove, Jackson County, Missouri.

Captain Henry Y. P. Kahrick.

He entered the service August 14, 1862, and two days later was given his baptism of fire at the battle of Lone Jack. He belonged to Company C, 2d Missouri Cavalry, Marmaduke's Division. There was no truer soldier and there is no truer friend than Henry Kabrick. He is proud of his war record, as every real soldier should be. He was in the battles at Lone Jack, Newtonia, Gape Girardeau, Osage Eiver, Lexington, Westport, Mine Creek, and all the battles and skirmishes of his command.

He was still a young man when the war closed and he returned to his home near Oak Grove, Mo., where he has resided ever since, following the vocations of farmer and carpenter. He is one of the substantial citizens of the county, and is captain of Up. Hays Camp, United Confederate Veterans, at Oak Grove.

Captain Kabrick has a son, Lee Kabrick, serving in the United States Army in the Philippine Islands.

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Daniel Whilldin "D. W" hand, Minnesota.

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Daniel Whilldin Hand. Assistant surgeon First Minnesota Infantry, July 23, 1861. Present at battle of Ball's Bluff, before Yorktown, and battles of Fair Oaks (in which he was wounded). Seven Pines, Frazier's Farm and Malvern Hill. May 18, 1863, captured and a prisoner at Libby about one month. August, 1863, detailed on the staff of Major General Peek, whom he accompanied to Newberne, N. C, and for over two years thereafter had chaise of the medical department of North Carolina. Nov. 1. 1864, lieutenant colonel, by brevet, "for meritorious services rendered daring the war, and particularly for the skill, energy and fidelity displayed by him as medical director of the military district of North Carolina daring the prevalence of a fatal epidemic of yellow fever at Newberne N. C, in the autumn of 1864." Colonel, by brevet, March 13, 1865, "for faithful and meritorious services daring the war". Mastered out December, 1865. Died at St. Paul, Minn., Jane 1, 1889.

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James Barber, Ohio, War of 1812..

James Barber.

Service: Private, Captain John Logan's Company, Ohio Militia.
Enlisted: September 20, 1814.
Discharged: November 19, 1814.

Residence: 1851, 1855, Clermont County, Ohio.

Wife: Elizabeth A. Watkins.
Married April 14, 1867, Clermont county, Ohio.
After the death of Mr. Barber, married John Johnson, July 17, 1883.

First wife: Margaret Stephenson.
Married December 14, 1819, Clermont County, Ohio.
Later sold her.

Second wife: Mary Flanagan.
Marriage date unknown.
Later sold her.

James Barber, death came on September 8, 1872, at Clermont County Ohio.
Burial: unknown.

It's stated that James Barber was at one time the Postmaster at Liberty, Montgomerg County, Ohio.

Note. The custom of selling ones wife came over from England.  Selling a wife was the same as getting a divorce and cheaper.

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Kentucky Mounted Spies and Just Spies, War of 1812.

The idea be hind this page was to look up some information on these men like their pension and so forth, but after looking up ten or twenty names and finding nothing I give up, and yes I have all the 1812 pension rolls.

But I still wanted to do something with the names, as I know there are a lot of people looking for their ancestors who were from Kentucky and were in the War of 1812.  Be cause there were so many names I didn't want to copy them by hand as there my be some errors made in the spelling. So I copied the pages. Any of the pictures can be enlarged by pushing on any picture, ( and look for notes).
Note. Jacob Ellersion's 3rd., Kentucky Mounted Spies.
William Church, Captain of Spies, September 1, 1812-October 15, 1812.

Note.  Peter Funck's Company of Spies.
William Shaw, Private, September 14, 1811-November 25, 1811; Transferred to Spies September 23, 1811,
Note.  Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1813-1815
Mr. Hawkins presented a petition of Leslie Combs, on behalf of a company of spies or scouts, lately in the service of the United States, in the Northwestern Army, and of which he was Captain, praying that the said company may receive the pay to which they are entitled.