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Colonel Frederick Fisher Of The Revolutionary War.

Colonel Frederick Fisher, is a hard man to find any information on we know he was born on February 22, 1741, but there is some confusion on where he was born. Some say it was in Tribes Hill, New York, while others say it was Albany New York. Frederick died on June 9, 1809, but here again there is some confusion on where, some say Tribes Hill, New York, while others say Fonda Montgomery New York.

There is also some confusion on his surname. In the miliary records it's Fisher, while in other records it was spelled Vischer or Visscher. Frederick was married on May 22, 1768, but again researchers can not agree on the spelling of his wife's name some have it as Gezena De Graff, while others say it was Gazena DeGraff. I don't know who's right or wrong but I go by the Military records and in those it's Frederick Fisher. He was born to Harmen F. Fisher and Catarina Brouwer.

Here is some interesting information I found on him.

Colonel Frederick Fisher came before me Simon Veeder, one of the justices of the county Montgomery in the state of New York, and made oath that he was examined by Abraham ten Brook and Peter Gansevoort Junie Esquires.  Appointed by said state for that purpose obtained a certificate or had his certificate examined and countersigned setting forth that he had served as a Colonel of the militia in the county of Montgomery.  That he was disabled by being wounded and scalped at Caughawaga on May 22, 1780, by a party of Indians and that he now lives in the District of Caughawaga in the county of Montgomery.
Frederick Fisher.
Sworn before me this day May 22, 1789, Simon Veeder, Justice.
To Gerrard Banker Esqr., Trassurer of the State of New York.

September 14, 1778.

Received a Letter from Col. Frederick Fisher which is dated the 23rd., August 1778 which Letter is in the Words following, to wit, (prout)

Whereas General Stark has discharged from Confinement a Negro Man named Prince as being a Prisoner of War and in his Discharge to the Sheriff has set forth that he has done it by Consent of this Board and as no such Consent was at any Time obtained from us Ordered therefore that as the said Negro Man Prince is in no Wise under the Directions of the Commissioners of Conspiracies we cannot give our Assent or Dissent to his Discharge from the Custody of the Sheriff, and that the Sheriff be immediately served with a Copy of this Order.

Received a Letter from Frederick Fisher Co. H of a Regiment of Militia of Tryon County dated 10th., Instant informing us that he sent down to us a certain Peter Davis lately an Inhabitant of Tryon County who went off and joined the Enemy last Year & now came over from them and surrendered himself to him in Hopes of being pardoned for his Offence ordered that the Subject of the above Letter be taken into Consideration.

The second raid of sir John Johnson in October 1780, was the cause of nearly all the claims in Tryon county.  The object of the raid was to cut off the supplies which General Washington depended on.

A list of the real and personal effects of Frederick Fisher wantonly taken and destoryed by the emeny in September 1780.

A Dwelling house, burnt....100.00
2 Beds and bedding............20.16
Mens  Women ware...........23.04
A tea kittle...........................4.00
A Brass kittle.......................0.09
Earther ware........................1.11
2 Brass ladles.......................0.09
A siver mounted sword.........7.00
2 Guns..................................2.10
Holstors and pistols...............2.16
A saddle bridle & saddle bags....304
A pair boots..........................1.12
A Negres & wench carryed off...240.00
A Barn & 2 barrcks, burnt.....35.00
12 load hay, burnt..................15.00
50 scipples Indian corn, burnt...7.10
2 hourses carryed off..............30.00
A set of horse harness.............22.10
Total 494.7.0--pounds.

State of New York Ss. Frederick Fisher being duly sworn deposith and saith that the above account contains the articles belonging to him which were burnt or destoyed or carryed off by the enemy and the prices affixed oppsite to be the same are reasonable.
Colonel Frederick Fisher.
Sworn before me this day January 1782.
Robert Yates.

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Major Andrew Vern Emen Johnston

GLASGOW, September 29, 1864.

Major-General ROSECRANS, Saint Louis:

Major Andrew Vern Emen Johnston

Major Johnston, Thirty-ninth Regiment Missouri Volunteers, left Paris, Monroe County, on the 26th instant, with 150 men, in pursuit of the guerrillas. He arrived at Centralia soon after Anderson had closed his bloody chapter of crime at that station, and discovering the demons in the timber, about two miles distant, he immediately pushed his command after them. On nearing the timber he formed his men in line of battle and dismounted them, each man holding his own horse. The guerrillas rushed from the timber in line of battle, nearly 500 strong, under Thrailkill. Perkins, Todd, Anderson, and Holtzclaw. When within 150 yards of our troops Major Johnston ordered his troops to fire. The fiends were temporarily checked and thrown into disorder, but speedily rallied, re-formed, and charged upon our men before they could fire a second shot. Major Johnston was completely overwhelmed, and himself and command subjected to the most inhuman butchery and barbarities that blacken the pages of history. Major Johnston was murdered and scalped. One hundred and thirty of his officers and men shared his fate. Most of them were shot through the head, then scalped, bayonets thrust in the mouths of the daring.

CLINTON B. FISK, Brigadier-General.
SAINT LOUIS, September 29, 1864-4.15 p. m.

Pennsylvania Soldiers of 1776.

This page was done just for the fun of it.  I was researching some of the Pennsylvania regiments and was finding some interesting information on some of the names.  I had no plan on a subject I was just looking, but after finding some interesting facts about the names I decided that's what this page would be about interesting facts.

The James Chamers family.

It was not uncomon to find so many of one family in the same regiment, but I found it interesting.

Captain James Chamers, company rifleman.
Under Colonel William Thompson.

Captain James Chamers, promoted Lieutenant Colonel March 7, 1776.

Benjamin Chamers, private, son of Captain James Chamers, resided in Saline county Missouri, in 1832, age 72.

William Chamers, private, brother of Captain James Chamers, promoted to Second Lieutenant, resigned July 5, 1776.

Benjamin Chamers, private, brother of Captain James Chamers, promoted to Second Lieutenant, Nagel's company January 5, 1776.

John McMutrie, December 1, 1775, of Captain James Chamers company killed John Penn, by his rifle going off when he says he didn't know it was loaded-----Wright's Journal.

Captain Robert Cluggages Company.

John Kelly, September 14, 1775, one of Captain Cluggages men shot one of Captain James Chamers men through the head for stabbing him.----Wright's Journal.

Daniel Stoy, private, discharged Long Island, July 1, 1776, resided in Somerset county 1818.

Adam Anderson, private, resided in Westmoreland in 1818.

Joshua Craig, private, resided in Cumberland county 1820.

Henry McCartney, private, discharged at Long Island, July 1776; weaver, resided in Lycoming county in 1820, age 75.

David Ramsey, private, discharged July 1, 1776, reenlisted in Col. Hannum's battalion and taken at Brandwine, resided in York county 1818, age 69.

Captain William Hendricks Company.

Captain William Hendricks, killed in action at Qubec, January 1, 1776.

John McClellan, First Lieutenant, died on the march through the wildeness, November 3, 1775; he left a daughter Priseilla, who resided in Cumberland county 1787, then age fourteen, whose descendants still resided in Juniata county.

Francis Nichols, Second Lieutenant, captured at Qubce, January1, 1776; returned from captivity October 10, 1776; December 16, 1776, promoted to captain.

Doctor Thomas Gibson, Sergeant, of Carlisle; died at Valley Forge, in the winter of 1778.

Joseph Greer, Sergeant, captured, wife was with him.

Philip Baker, wounded and captured at Quebec.

John Henderson, private, wounded and captured at Quebec.

Dennis Kelly, private, killed at Quebec.
David Lamb, private, discharged July 1, 1776; died in Center county, February 12, 1837, age 83; buried in Jackson grave yard.
Thomas Lesley, private, captured, served under Gen. Forbes in 1758; enlisted with the British service after captured; deserted at Montreal, August 31, 1776, and returned to the American lines; killed on board the Pennsylvania fleet at Fort Mifllin in November 1777.
John Lorain, private, reenlisted; wounded at Monmouth, promoted ensign; resided in Allegheny, county 1822.
John McChesney, private, captured and wounded in left leg at Quebec December 31, 1777; afterwards captain in flying camp; died at Harrisburg in May of 1822.
Henry Ewen, private, enlisted July 11, 1775, captured; wounded by a bayonet through the hand December 31, 1775; paroled August 3, 1776; exchanged in 1778; died in Center county, October 14, 1823; buried at Center Hill.
Arehiald McFarlane, private, captured then made his escape and enlisted in Captain Dayle's rifle company.

Captain John Lowdon's Company.

Charles Cochran, private, enlisted July 1, 1775, promoted Corporal January 8, 1776; discharged July 1, 1776; resided in Crawford 1819.

Jacob Lindy, private, resided in Lancasfer, county 1813.

Reuben Masseker, private, enlisted June 21, 1775; deserted July 31, 1775.

Edward McMasters ( Masterson ) private, enlisted July 1, 1775; resided in Lycoming county in 1823.

John Neely, private, captured at Fort Freeland, January 28, 1779; and taken to Canada.

Peter Pence, private, died in Crawfor township, Clinton county 1827.

John Smith, private, died in service; he was a son of widow Smith, who built the first mill on White Deer Creek, Union county.

Arad Sutton, private, resided in Lycoming county in 1791, on the east bank of Lycoming Creek.

Captain James Ross Company. 

James Brown, private, reenlisted in Captain Lane's company of New Levies, and taken prisoner on Long Island August 27, 1776; subseguently enlisted in the British service, and deserted to American lines November 23, 1776.

Alexander Creighton, private, mortally wounded November 9, 1775.

Adam Egle, private, promoted to wagon-master, resided in Lancaster 1782.

Jacob Crubb, private, discharged July 1, 1776; joined Captain App's company of militia, of Lancaster county and at the battle of Germantown, reenlisted in Captain Craig's cavalry company; served to the end of the war, resided in Lancaster county 1814.

Captain Matthew Smith's Company.

Archibald D. Steele, First Lieutenant, captured, Steele was in command Smith's company on the night of December 31, 1775; and lost three fingers, he returned from captivity October 10, 1776.  He died in command of the United States Arsenal at Frankford.

John Harris, private, son of John, founder of Harrisburg, killed.

Henry Miller, private, killed at Quebec.

John Miller, private, Captured and wounded at Quebec.

William Paxang Simpson, private, wounded August 27, 1775, in front of Boston, and died a few days after.  He was the brother of Lieutenant afterwards General Michael Simpson and of John Simpson many years recorder of Northumberland.

Robert Thompson, private, subsequently in Quarter-masters department, and taken prisoner in the naval service; died in Dauphin county, in 1823.

Captain Jonathan Jones Company.

Brice Dunlap, private, in custody at Pittsford, July 13, 1776, for the murder of Corporal Kelly.  Kelly was murdered at Point Aux Trembles, May 7, 1776.

Robert Murdock, private, resided in Findly township in Washington county, 1820, 66 years old.

Captain John Nelson's Independent Company.
What interested me in this company was the number of desertions from one company.

Thomas Bird, private, enlisted February 28, 1776; deserted May 2, 1776.

Robert Brooks, private, enlisted February 7, 1776; deserted May 2, 1776.

Joseph Collins, private, enlisted February 15, 1776; deserted March 15, 1776.

Isaac Coffman, private, enlisted February 9, 1776; deserted April 1, 1776.

Valentine Clipper, private, enlisted February 21, 1776; deserted May 2, 1776.

Nicholas Easter, private, enlisted March 8, 1776; deserted March 18, 1776.

Charles Eastley, private, enlisted February 7, 1776; deserted April 14, 1776.

Samuel Fisher, private, enlisted February 10, 1776; deserted March 27, 1776.

William Love, private, enlisted February 23, 1776; deserted March 12, 1776.

David McCullock, private, enlisted February 9, 1776; killed at Fort Ann, May 29, 1776.

John Mitchel, private, enlisted February 14, 1776; deserted April 14, 1776.

Robert Mullady, private, enlisted February 7, 1776; deserted April 2, 1776.

John O'Brian, private, enlisted February 19, 1776; May 2, 1776.

George Rerick, private, enlisted February 14, 1776; deserted March 14, 1776.

John Smith, private, enlisted February 10, 1776; deserted May 2, 1776.

Michael Stuckey, private, enlisted February 19, 1776; deserted May 2, 1776.

George Tingle, private, enlisted March 9, 1776; deserted April 22, 1776.

James Wallace, private, enlisted February 12, 1776; acting as butcher at Mt. Independece. 

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Vermont Revolutionary Soldiers Taken Prisoner.

I don't know why I don't do more on Vermont, It's not because it's not a interesting place.  Because it is full of Historical interest and of couse those things of interest of today.  Below is a list of names taken from the pay rolls of the Vermont regiments.  There will be little information on these name this page is to help those looking to find out if their ancestor was even in the revolutionary war.

Philip and Stephen Smith, belong to Captain Elisha Burton's company of rangers.  They were captured at Lake George Landing September 24, 1777, Stephen died in the hands of the enemy on October 5, 1777, Philip was exchanged and return home on January 14, 1779.

Captain Frye Bayler, captured 1777.

Lieutenant Nehemiah Loverwell, captured 1777.

Colonel Setn Warner's regiment, Gileon Brownson, Captain, Enlisted July 5, 1776, town of Sunderland, taken prisoner July 15, 1779, would later become a Major.

Daniel Bears, Private, Enlisted December 4, 1776, for 3 y., county of Cumberland, town of Hartford, taken prisoner July 15, 1779.

John Whittey, Private, Enlisted January 9, 1777, for 3y., county of Bennington, town of Rutland, taken prisoner July 15, 1779.

John Kent, Enlisted as a private, August 1, 1780, 4 days, prisoner.

Colonel Thomas Johnson, taen prisoner May 11, 1781.

Captain Nehemiah Loverwell company, Nath. Martin pay started July 1, 1781, pay ending August 10, 1781, taken prisoner.  Naham Powers info the sane.

Captain Abner Seely's company, Corp., Thomas Hunter, pay started July 1, 1781, pay ending November 29, 1781, 152 daya, prisoner.

Captain Abner Seely's company, Zerah Norton, pay started July 1, 1781, pay ending November 30, 1781, prisoner.

James Brookin's company, Eli Freeman, July 1, 1781 to December 15, 1781, prisoner.

Jedediah Blackman, July 1, 1781 to December 15, 1781, prisoner.

Captain Enoch Eastman, company, Lieutenant William Blanchard, taker prisoner May 3, 1782.

Moses Evins of Woodstock, was taken prisoner, by the British troops at Diamond Island, October 5, 1777, taken to Isle of Orleans below Quebec, was there till May 3, 1778, made his escape and made it home June 20, last.

Pettion of Orsamus Holmes.
Windson, October 20, 1778.
To the Hon The Gen assembly of the State of Vermont now holden at Windsor in & for said State.  The petition of Orsamus Holmes of Springfield in said state, humbly showeth;

That your petition was unhappily captivated some time in November last, by the enemies of his and the United States, on lake Champlain, being then a private in Captain Ebenr Allen's company of rangers, in Col. Herrick's regiment raised for the defence of the State in the year 1777.

That your petitioner was detaind a prisoner at Montreal, through the last winter & then removed to Quebec, and kept on board a prison ship, till some time in the summer past, when your petitioner with three others, made his escape, with only two days provisions.  That your petitioner was in the wilderness &c., for seventeen days, when the savages took him & his companions & carried them into Montreal.  That your petitioner some time after, Viz., about four weeks ago, made his escape from Montreal, by jumping over the wall of the city and after a very fatiguing through the woods &c., he arrived home about a week past, and that your petitioner had a gun prized fifteen dollars, and a cartouch box, price two dollars in continental money & one quarter of a dollar in silver, which was lost.  He received thiry pounds, fifteen shillings and four pence.

Ephraim Steven's, Sergeant, was sent out as a scout and was taken prisoner on May 19, 1779.

Lemuel Roberts, Captain, prisoner 1781?

James Hill, Esign, prisoner 1781?

Doctor Eli Freeman, prisoner 1781?

Nahum Powers, taken prisoner 1781, was of Captain Nehemiah Loverwell's Company.

Moses Warren, prisoner 1781.

Johathan Luce, was taken prisoner and carried to Canada, October 15, 1781, return the 17th., of the next June.

Nathaniel Fuller, prisoner 1781 or 82.

John Sergeant, Corporal, taken prisoner and took to Canada, October 16, 1782, return home June 14, 1782, was held seven months and twenty-eight days.

Daniel Hovey, taken prisoner October 23, 1783?, return June 12.

Doctor Zerah Norton held prisoner from October 19, 1781 to November 17, 1782.

Thomas Hunter, Corporal, Taken prisoner in August of 1781, return December 6, 1782.

David Hicks, of Brunswick, prisoner was held at Canada for 6 aand a half months.

Daniel Bean, was a Corporal in Seth Warner's company, was taken prisoner and held at the city of Cork Ireland, and then impressed into the British navy, his wife was Phebe Bean.

Ephr---Stevens, Benjamin Stevens, Eben---Hopkins and Jona Rowly or Rowley prisoners 1779.

Nataniel Sever, made a prisoner.

John & Henry Lovel, prisoner at Quebec.

Sergent Archelus Tupper, Silas Walbridge, Jos. Willoughby Jr., Nath. Gravey, Ammi Fuller and Jesse Bruster, was sent out as scouts one was killed the others taken prisoners.  The report did not state who was killed.

Zadock Wright prisoner 1777.

A list of a party of Colonel Warner's regiment who left Fort George to gather huckleberries on Fourteen Mile Island and were killed, wounded or taken prisoner July 15, 1779, by a scout of twenty-four Indians and two white men sent out by Colonel Claus.


Major Wait Hopkins.
Sergeant Benjamin Laraby.
Corproal Robert Quackenbush.
Private Sam. Godsel.
Mrs. Quackenbush.
Mrs. Thomas.


Captain Gideon Brownson, also wounded.
Captain Simeon Smith.
Lieutenant Michael Dunning.
Sergeant-----Curtis, also wounded.
Private Daniel Bean.
Private John Whitely.
A boy of 9 years old, S. Thomas.

A Mrs. Scott and one child were wounded and left with another child on the Island.  The Indians stripped and scalped the men that were killed, but did not offer any violence to the women after the first fire.