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Railroad Conductors of the United States 1856.

In 1856, there were over 500 Railroads and 80 branches. Many were small lines and only run a few miles will other were longer. There were many more Railroads then I have put here. These roads were in name only and have not been built yet and well not be found on this list. This list is of the ( Conductors ), only. Although I would like to have been able to listed the trains engineers but they were not listed unless they were undre another title. I have listed the name of the Railroads only I left off were the line run too and the miles of the line. If your interested in that information I will give it up on request. These Railroads will be listed by States.

Directory of the RailRoads of the United States, 1852.


P., Passenger Trains.
F., Freight Trains.

State of Maine.

Androssoggin Railroad.

Darius Guff-P.

Buckfield Branch Railroad.

F. O. S. Howe-P

Kennebec and Portland Railroad.

John Murphy-P.
W. Hatch Jr.-P.
Jacob Sands-P.
Levi L. Lincoln-P.
William Mitchell-F.

State of New Hampshire.

Boston, Concord and Montreal Railroald.

Seth Greenleaf-P.
J. S. Russ-P.
George W. Little-P.
David Ferguson-F.
A. L. Smith-F.
O. R. Farrar-F.
G. E. Nutting-F.
L.D. Whitcher-F.
H. W. Ramsey-F.
Charles Hicks-F.

Cocheco Railroad.

James E. Furnald-P.
Charles Woodman-P.
Gilman Miller-F.

Contoocook Valley Railroad.

George B. Warde-P. & F.

Great Falls and Conway Railroad.

Moses B. Canney-P.
George A. Beacham-F.

Manchester and Lawrence Railroad.

James P. Eaton-P.
Samuel Stevens-F.

Merrimack and Connecicut River Railroad.

C.W. Everitt-P.
Dustin W. Waldron-F.

Nashua and Lowell Railroad.

R. E. Dewey-P.
F. Lovejoy-P.
L. W. Currier-P.
Noah Whitman-F.
E. Summer-F.
R. Walker-F.

Northen Railroad.

G. W. Barnes-P.
O. F. Moses-P.
H. S. Shattuck-P.
A. C. Bean-F.
John S. Brown-F.
R. M. Evans-F.
A. H. Hall-F.
I. F. Hobbs-F.
E. H. Mead-F.
A. B. Farnham-F.

Portsmouth and Concord Railroad.
Note.  This railroad may be a Vermont Line, although it's listed under N. H.

Joshua Brooks-P.
Amos G. Bachelder-P.
Benjamin Norton-P.

Sullivan Railroad.

Henry W. Adams-P.
I. M. Bowman-F.

State of Vermont.

Connecticut and Passumpsic River Railroad.

Amos Barnes-P.

Vermont Central Rail Road.

E. G. Pierce-P.
S. A. Gage-P.
M. D. Field-P.
H. Chamberlain-P.
I. B. Fletcher-P.

Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad.

E. G. Everett-P.
Daniel H. Joy-P.
B. E. Bullock-P.
Luther Dustin-F.
Henry Walker-F.
Sidney E. Miller-F.

Western Vermont Railroad.

Jesse Burdett-P.
F. A. Haskell-P.
William H. Bennett-P.
R. N. Patch-F.
H. Haynes-F.

State of Massachusetts.

Boston and Lowell Railroad.

John Barrett-P.
Albert Carter-P.
R. M. Shipman-P.
Josiah E. Short-P.
Reubon Willey-P.
N. A. Kendall-F.
Andrew Kirby-F.

Boston and Maine Railroad.

J. L. Smith-P.
A. Tucker-P.
J. B. Wadleigh-P.
J. W. Aborn-P.
D. Nason-P.
M. E. Wood-P.
W. Crook-P.
J. Bowditch-P.
O. Hamilton-P.
Hollis Smart-P.
P. Averill-F.
A. W. Pearson-F.
J. R. Balloch-F.
J. C. Boyden-F.
H. Gilman-F.
Charles Messer-F.

Cape Cod Railroad.

B. F. Colt-P.
W. F. Barrows-P.
John Brown-P.
Nathaniel Merrill-F.

Connecticut Railroad.

H. D. Carroll-P.
K. S. Stebbins-P.
J. H. Hare-P.
Samuel H. Pratt-F.
H. O. Edwards-F.

Ashuelot Railroas.

E. Pitsinger-P. & F.

Eastern Railroad.

B. H. Cram-P.
C. C. Davis-P.
George E. Goldthwaite-P.
E. Leighton-P.
John D. Shinn-P.
E. A. Towle-P.
E. B. Young-P.

Fitchburg Railroad.

John Adams-P.
J. Bacon-P.
W. R. Barker-P.
R. D. Blinn-P.
George R. Cone-P.
W. H. Fay-P.
J. M. Sawtell-P.
J. A. Temple-P.
Charles Howard-F.

Lowell and Lawrence Railroad.

A. Caswell-P.
C. R. Small-P.
John O. Livingston-F.

New Bedford and Taunton Railroad.

William M. Cowin-P.
E. O. Leach-P.
Nelson H. Leadbetter-P.
Benjamin Rider-P.
Benedict Arnold-F.
Henry Usher-F.

Old Colony and Fall River Railroad.

B. B. Blaker-P.
W. H. Chipman-P.
T. J. Clatlin-P.
W. Fuller-P.
H. Dimon-P.
C. Jordon-P.
P. Kimball-P.
C. Richardson-P.

Salem and Lowell Railroad.

Charles R, Small-P.
John O. Livingston-F.

South Shore ( Mass. ) Railroad.

John Burnham-P.

Western Railroad.

John B. Adams-P.
I. B. Chapin-P.
John Crehan-P.
Charles Fenton-P.
B. Hobart-P.
George P. Luther-P.
James Parker-P.
James E. Russell-P.

Worcester and Nashua Railroad.

Lyman Brooks-P.
Aaron King-P.
Jacob Farnsworth-F.
William A. Ayers-F.

State of Rhode Island.

Providence, Warren and Bristol Railroad.

S. H. Nason-P.

Providence and Worcester Railroad.

William Capron-P.
Henry S. Freeman-P.
Alfred Garfield-P.
Jackson W. Quint-F.
Edward Shea-F.

State of Connecticut.

Danbury and Norwalk Railroad.

William G. Street-P.
Daniel H. Person-F.

Hartford and New Haven Railroad.

Samuel Benjamin-P.
S. A. Cooley-P.
L. R. Harris-P.
M. A. Moses-P.
E. A. Upson-P.
C. C. Wait-P.
C. Hall-P.
William Mack-F.
Milton Pease-F.

Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad.

L. C. Bardwell-P.
John Franey-P.
I. A. Gardiner-P.
D. B. Hardy-P.
A. H. Perrin-P.
John Hanson-P.
Henry Moore-P.

Housatonic Railroad.

Charles Arnold-P.
George Bridgman-P.
Abiatha Chadwick-F.
Lorin Emmons-F.

Naugatuck Railroad.

Alfred Beers-P.
George H. Hicok-P.
Eben Coll-F.
Henry C. Scott-F.

New London, William and Palmer Railroad.

David F. Williams-P.
Henry B. Dewner-P.

New York, Providence and Boston Railroad.

Henry Leonardson-P.
George H. Smith-P.
J. B. Gardiner-P.
John A. Sayles-F.
Orrin S. Gardiner-F.

Norwich and Worcester Railroad.

W. F. Barton-P.
Walter Clapp-P.
P. Eaton-P.
Albert Roath-P.
D. F. Waller-P.
J. H. Chaffee-F.
J. H. Woodworth-F.

State of New York.

Black River and Utica Railroad.

William D. Lewis-P.

Buffalo, Corning and New York Railroad.

S. D. Fay-P.
H. C. Fisk-P.
T. C. Fisk-P.
James Horne-P.
John Card-F.
C. Cole-F.

Buffalo and State Line Railroad.

James L. Haight-P.
John W. Houghtaling-P.
John Moore-P.
Isaac Moorehead-P.
Jesse W. Peck-P.
F. Sherman-P.
F. W. Gifford-F.
B. W. Goodell-F.
Henry A. Town-F.
Henry Webster-F.
B. S. Withcrell-F.

Canandaigua and Niagara Falls Railroad.

W. T. Ball-P.
A. F. Kelsey-P.
J. I. Kingsley-P.
T. M. Blossom-F.
C. M. La Monte-F.

Oswego and Syracuse Railroad.

William B. Fiske-P.
Charles P. Morse-P.
O. T. Williams-F.

Plattsburgh and Montreal Railroad.

George Moreau-P.
Seymour La Valla-F.

Potsdam and Watertown Railroad.

George D. Brown-P.

Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad.

E. Weatherhead-P.
D. I. Leversee-F.

Scket's Harbor and Ellisbugh Railroad.

E. S. Coon-P.

Saratcga and Whitehall Railroad.

D. B. Cornell-P.
I. M. Guy-P.
Benjamin Lackey-F.
Moses Terry-F.

Syracuse and Binghamton Railroad. 

C. P. Cook-P.
E. P. Jepson-P.
W. H. Webb-P.
George Lewis-F.
S. Vroman-F.

Troy and Boston Railroad.

Jesse Burditt-P.
F. C. White-P.
A. Howard-F.
J. L. Montgomery-F.

Watertown and Rome Railroad.

John Armstrong-P.
Hiram H. Cooper-P.
Benjamin F. Sweet-P.
Stephen V. Angle-F.
Daniel N. Bosworth-F.
Frank Estes-F.
Nathaniel Hazleton-F.

State of New Jersey.

Camden and Atlantic Railroad.

H. Boucher-P.
D. H. Mundy-P.
William Donnelly-F.

Freehold and Jamesburg Agricultural Railroad.

Simon F. Pyle-P.
John F. Heath-F.

Morris and Essex Railroad.

Oram G. Sayre-P.
Isaac L. Van Ordin-P.
Isaac Van Pelt=P.
Samuel Arbuthnot-F.
John M. Smith-F.

New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company.

W. H. Bristol-P.
D, Coddington-P.
William Coulter-P.
J. Counsellor-P.
N. L. Douglas-P.
John Fernald-P.
Isaac F. Frazee-P.
John Hedden-P.
N. Herring-P.
P. W. Martin Jr.-F.
C. F. Moore-F.
S. H. Roe-F.

Central Railroad of New Jersey.

L. C. Voorhees-P.
F. P. Hill-P.
H. P.Baldwin-P.
H. Whiting-F.
J. R. Emery-F.

State of Pennsylvania.

Cumberland Valley Railroad.

F. W. Deal-P.
S. H. Brooks-P.
John Hewit-F.

Lehigh Valley Railroad.

James I. Blakeslee-P.
Edward F. Young-P.
Harrison W. Crosby-P.

Philadelphia, Germantown and Norristown Railroad.

H. Krickbaum-P.
J. J. Kite-P.
Benjamin Plum-P.
P. Symmes-P.
James Beale-F.

Philadelphia and Reading Railroad.

George Minich-P.
H. Millard-P.
Richard Baldridge-P.
Joseph S. Keyser-P.
Charles Greiff-P.
Samuel Beard-P.
Charles Van Horn-P.
Harrison Peters-P.
G. W. Ubil-P.
John C. Matthews-P.
Charles Smith-P.
Daniel Fisher-F.
Michael Reilly-F.

Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad.

Davis Gill-P.
R. A. Jamon-P.
I. Litzenberg-P.
L. H. Smith-P.
John Wolf-P.

Pittsburgh and Connellsville Railroad.

John Miller-P.
William Herrington-F.

West Chester Railroad.

Jonathan T. Marshall-P.
David Zell-P.
Henry Ruthven-F.
T. C. Darlington-F.

State of Maryland.

Annapplis and Elk Ridge Railroad.

M. Hammond-P.
J. Bow-P.

Northern Central Railroad.

H. Scott-P.
Q. W. Ratcliffe-P.
O. P. Gardner-P.
A. Schultz-P.

State of Virginia.

Manassas Cap. Railroad.

John McDonald-P.
L. S. Paitchart-P.
William B. Lewis-F.
Oscar B. Hickerson-F.

Petersburg Railroad.

John McGlamre-P.
George S. Smith-P.
Allen R. Thomas-P.

Richmond and Danville Railroad.

J. Ahern-P.
W. P. Gillman-P.
L. Hills-P.
John McCarthy-P.
W. S. Smith-P.
P. Snyder-P.
M. H. Thedway-P.

Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad.

George C. Bourdett-P.
John B. Prentis-P.
M. F. Corbitt-P.
Samuel Bomphrey-P.

South Side Railroad.

William P. Davis-P.
Henry Whyte-P.
J. A. Shelly-F.
W. B. Conway_P.
J. D. Bendall-F.

Virginia Central Railroad.

S. D. Gooch-P.
Thomas P. Moody-P.
R. W. Pierce-P.
F. L. Swift-P.
Horace C. Gooch-P.
John A. McClain-P.
I. W. Philips-F.
I. D. Roberts-F.
I. W. Whitlock-P.

Virginia and Tennessee Railroad.

Thomas N. Cobbs-P.
Henry Harmeling-P.
William A. Horton-F.
John T. Higginson-F.

State of North Carolina.

North Carolina Railroad.

Charles Bradshaw-P.
T. D. Harris-P.
Kedar Raiford-F.

Raleigh and Gaston Railroad.

I. Horton-P.
L. E. Riggan-F.

Wilmington and Weldon Railroad.

William H. Laspeyre-P.
D. W. Hooks-P.
B. F. Ellis-P.
H. D. Gilbert-P.
George Morrison-P.
A. J. Hewlet-P.
Robert Lee-F.
Archibald Alderman-F.
Edwin D. Love-F.
George Curtis-F.
James Knight-F.

State of South Carolina.

Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad.

C. A. Barnes-P.
F. G. Fowler-P.
James Gilston-F.
L. B. Massey-F.
James M. Powell-F.
I. M. Rosboro-F.
I. W. McWhirter-F.

Cheraw and Darlington Railroad.

William Haynie-P.

Greenville and Columbia Railroad.

William B. Ivor-P.
M. Medlock-P.
George E. Isaacs-P.
Thomas Coogler-F.
M. F. Thompson-F.
W. W. Waldrop-F.
George Swgert-F.
G. L. Hennings-F.
M. Wagner-F.

King's Mountain Railroad.

Robert F. McClure-P. & F.

Laurens Railroad.

L. H. Little-P.

Northeastern Railroad.

I. MacPherson-P. & F.

Spartanburg and Union Railroad.

J. V. F. Legg-P.

State of Georgia.

Muscogee and Georgia Railrod.

P. J. Williams-P.
M. C. Shell-P.
A. B. Bostwick-F.
Charles Phelps-F.

Rome Railroad.

C. A. Smith-P.
George Bryant-F.

State of Alabama.

Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad.

E. M. Gaunt-P.
S. Rodifa-P.
J. T. Goodwin-F.
R. Faxon-F.

State of  Louisiana.

New Orleans, Opelousas and Great Western Railroad.

L. E. Nee-P.
T. Stallings-F.
William Cooll-F.

Ponchartrain Railroad.

John Jacobs-P. & F.
Hugh Atkinson-P. & F.

State of Mississippi.

Grand Gulf and Post Gibson Railroad.

D. Lynch-P.

State of Tennessee.

Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad.

H. P. Cleveland-P.
John E. Sands-P.
N. Meroney-P.
W. I. Simmons-F.
B. F. Chilcutt-F.
J. W. Chilcutt-F.
John Quigley-F.
T. G. Pulliam-F.
I. D. Johnson-F.

Tennessee and Alabama Railroad.

D. W. C. Rowland-P.

State of Kentucky.

Covington and Lexington Railroad.

William S. Luben-P.
H. H. Wellman-P.
M. L. Chalfant-F.
Henry Dickey-F.
I. W. McDonnald-F.

Lexington and Frankfort Railroad.

J. W. Pennoyer-P.
Thomas Brawner-F.

State of Ohio.

Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad.

D. B. Groot-P.
John F. Lincoln-P.
W. H. Martin-P.
Alexander Pettibone-P.
William W. Thompson-P.
Nathan Day-F.
Mark Eaton-F.

Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad.

S. Burgess-P.
I. P. Chapmam-P.
W. A. Fisher-P.
A. Hill-P.
R. E. Murray-P.
H. G. Pease-P.
J. M. Stuart-P.
A. F. Thornton-P.

Cleveland and Toledo Railroad.

J. P. Ames-P.
Charles Culigan-P.
I. L. Clark-P.
G. E. Lemon-P.
Charles Sherwood-P.
J. T. Simkins-P.
J. B. Tyler-P.
J. D. Tyler-P.
W. C. Payson-F.
E. Putnam-F.
B. Thomas-F.
S. Woodbury-F.

Cleveland, Zanesville and Cincinnati Railroad.

W. F. Kidder-P.
Isaac Lewis-P. & F.

Columbus, Piqua  and Indiana Railroad.

W. F. Slater-P. & F.

Dayton and Western Railroad.

John L. Black-P.
I. H. Oglesby-P.
Charles S. Russell-P.
F. Wright-P.
F. Randalls-F.
A. J. Smith-F.

Dayton, Xenia and Belpre Railroad.

S. B. Nicols-P. & F.
M. D. Stark-P.

Iron Rail Railroad.

Robert McGuiley-P.
Thomas Hogan-F.

Little Miami Railroad.

W. F. Baird-P.
A. P. Cole-P.
J. D. Hines-P.
H. E. Osgood-P.
O. G. Pease-P.
A. Sanders-P.
J. S. Whitcom-P.
A. F. Woodall-P.
George Bruce-F.
James W. Chapman-F.
John Groover-F.
Thomas Windsor-F.
J. Van Dyne-F.

Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Eastern Divison.

George L. Barringer-P.
Francis M. Fay-P.
Jesse Moore-P.
John E. Price-P.
E. Woodman-P.
Dixon L. Gill-F.
Thomas S. Houston-F.

Sandusky, Mansfield and Newark Railroad.

Charles Fullington-P.
John Hoover-P.
H. W. Jackson-P.
I. W. Jackson-P.
Jacob Ettinger-F.

Springfield, Mountvernon and Pitsburgh Railroad.

O. F. Bancroft-P.
G. W. Cherry-P.

Steubenville and Indiana Railroad.

R. I. Bennett-P.
David Hilbert-P.
John Mooney-P.
A. N. Alder-F.
L. W. Helms-F.
D. B. Hoton-F.

Toledo and Illinois Railroad.

James E. Baker-P.
George Woodbury-P.

State of Indiana.

Evansville and Crawfordville Railroad.

William Van Name-P.
A. P. Voorheis-P.
L. L. Watson-P.
S. S. Bloom-P.
Robert A King-F.

Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad.

W. B. Montfort-P. & F.

Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad.

I. W. Mills-P.
William F. Nevett-P.
I. B. Wilson-P.
George W. Baldridge-F.
I. W. Reed-F.

Lafayette and Indianapolis Railroad.

I. B. Bell-P.
B. W. Gibbs-P.
I. L. Herndon-P.
James Irvin-F.
I. Vandemark-F.
A. Victor-F.

New-Albany and Salem Railroad.

B. Compton-P.
J. B. Flack-P.
W. C. Flack-P.
A. H. Hains-P.
D. Harrison-P.
H. Webb-P.
S. Hardin-P.
William Miller-F.
William Pro-F.
F. Putnam-F.
A. Sanford-F.
John Sears-F.
G. Smith-F.

Peru and Indianapolis Railroad.

John L. Moore-P.
G. C. Barnes-F.
J. I. Murdock-F.

Terre Haute and Richmond Railroad.

James Henry-P.
B. Hubbs-P.
Robert Edwan-P.
Andy Beck-F.
Edward Jones-F.

State of Illinois.

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.

F. H. Garfield-P.
W. E. Griswold-F.
L. A. Howard-P.
J. H. Irvine-P.
E. H. Mead-P.
A. Satterfield-P.
G. W. Alexander-F.
A. F. Fleming-F.

Great Western ( ILL. ) Railroad.

W. Bacon-P.
George Carkins-P.
A. I. French-P.
C. Richards-P.

Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, Western Division.

P. H. Christie-P.
H. B. Driggs-P.
Thomas Fay-P.
W. R. Milles-P.
H. Tilton-P.
R. C. Bland-F.
I. O. Lensabagh-F.
I. R. Orcott-F.
M. Stanton-F.
E. Tuttle-F.

State of Missouri.

North Missouri Railroad.

D. A. Rawlins-P.
Charles Kick-F.

Pacific Railroad.

Lucius Abbott-P.
I. M. Parsons-P.
Anderson Sappington-F.
Fletcher Cronk-F.

State of Michigan.

Michigan Central Railroad.

Levi Carter-P.
John Cochran-P.
George P. Floyd-P.
George C. Hopper-P.
John Leonard-P.
S. T. Moore-P.
W. C. Reeder-P.
W. B. Reynolds-P.
I. B. Rice-P.
Samuel Skilding-P.
E. A. Skinner-P.
W. A. Spalding-P.
George Wandlass-P.
L. C. Warren-P.
Daniel Woods-P.

State of Wisconsin.

La Crosse and Milwaukee Railroad.

E. Bridgeman-P.
D. A. Olin-P.
Q. C. Olin-F.

Milwaukee and Watertown Railroad.

C. Lathrop-P.
E. A. Fowler-P.
I. W. Crippin-P.

Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad.

E. C. Brown-P.
J. L. French-P.
D. A. Olin-P.
George E. Price-P.
Lewis Bryles-F.
Samuel Chase-F.
George Church-F.
William Herrick-F.
William Layton-F.
L. May-F.
Charles Robinson-F.
Benjamin Tombs-F.

Racine and Mississippi Railroad.

E. F. Barnes-P.
George Cragg-P.

State of Iowa.

Mississippi and Missouri Railroad.

H. D. Harris-P.
Richard Jones-P.
George Freshour-F.