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Union & Rebel Prisoners Were Buried Where?

Over the years I have had a lot people ask where a soldier was buried, most of the time a answer could not be given, but now maybe a small one can be given. There were thirty-six thousand four hundred and one, Union Men buried in Rebel prisons. They were originally buried in sixty-eight localities but many of them were removed from these places and are now resting in the various national cemeteries throughout the South.

The number of rebel prisoners of war reported to be buried at eighty nine localities throughout the country is thirty thousand one hundred and fifty-two. It is believed, that the actual number of Union and Rebel prisoners who suffered martyrdom in the rebel and Union prisons far exceeds the number given as the records are not complete. It is well known that at many places, as, for instance, at Salisbury, North Carolina, and at Florence, South Carolina, &e., the bodies were buried in trenches, often two, three, sometimes even four deep, so that the accurate number of bodies interred at these places may never be determined. It will be impossible for any one to tell were each one is buried, but there are numbers and names of States to lead one in the right direction.

Note. On the two lists the total numbers will include the citizens and the known and unknown.

Note. This information comes from a report to the House of the 40th.Congress 1867-1869, The House report was No. 45. And called: “Treatment of prisoners of war by the rebel authorities.”

List of localities where Union prisoners of war were buried by the rebels during the War.

1. Alexandria, La. Total-1.
2. Anderaonville, Ga. Total-13,705.
3. Atlanta Ga. Total-124.
4. Augusta Ga. Total-79.
5. Baldwin Fla. Total-1.
6. Bear Station Tenn. Total-1.
7. Cahawba, Ala. Total-147.
8. Camp Ford Texas. Total-286.
9. Camp Verde Texas. Total-3.
10. Cassville, Ga. Total-1.
11. Charleston S. C. Total-389.
12. Charlotte, N. C. Total-4.
13. Charlottesville Va. Total-1.
14. Chattanooga Tenn. Total-6.
15. Columbia, S.C. Total-33.
16. Covington Ga. Total-2.
17. Culpeper C. H. Va. Total-2.
18. Danville Va. Total-1,323.
19. Demopolis Ala. Total-1.
20. Ellicott’s Hospital Tenn. Total-1.
21. Fayetteville Ark. Total-2.
22. Florence S. C. Total-2,795.
23. Goldsboro N. C. Total-2.
24. Gordonsville Va. Total-26.
25. Greenville Tenn. Total-1.
26. Grenada Miss. Total-5.
27. Harrisonburg Va. Total-13.
28. Hilton Head S.C. Total-9.
29. Houston Texas. Total-1.
30. Huntsville Ala. Total-1.
31. Jackson Miss. Total-18.
32. Jacksonville Fla. Total-42.
33. Knoxville Tenn. Total-17.
34. Little Rock Ark. Total-4.
35. Lynchburg Va. Total-25.
36. Macon Ga. Total-236.
37. Madison Ga. Total-23.
38. Marietta Ga. Total-189.
39. Memphis Tenn. Total-20.
40. Millen Ga. Total-748.
41. Mobile Ala. Total-77.
42. Monroe La. Total-1.
43. Montgomery Ala. Total-198.
44. Moulton Ala. Total-1.
45. Mount Jackson Va. Total-5.
46. Nashville Tenn. Total-2.
47. New Orleans La. Total-8.
48. Orange C. H. Va. Total-1.
49. Oxford Miss. Total-2.
50. Ozark Hospital, Ask. Total-1.
51. Pensacola Fla. Total-2.
52. Petersburg Va. Total-36.
53. Pettus Farilla La. Total-1.
54. Raleigh N. C. Total-23.
55. Richmond Va. Total-3,450.
56. Robinson’s Tavern Va. Total-1.
57. Salisbury N. C. Total-12,112.
58. Savannah Ga. Total-2.
59. Southampton Va. Total-1.
60. Starkville Miss. Total-1.
61. Staunton Va. Total-67.
62. Trans-Mississippi department. Total-2.
63. Unknown localities. Total-20.
64. Vicksburg Miss. Total-2.
65. Wilmington N.C. Total-83.
66. Weldon N. C. Total-7.
67. Wilson N.C. Total-1.
68. Winchester Va. Total-7.

List of localities where rebel prisoners of war were buried during the war.

1. Alexandria Va. Total-42.
2. Allen Ill. Total-2,218.
3. Annapolis Md. Total-2.
4. Arlington Va. Total-414.
5. Atlanta Ga. Total-12.
6. Baltimore Md. Total-107.
7. Beanfort S.C. Total-12.
8. Bowling Green Ky. Total-4.
9. Bridgeport Ala. Total-13.
10. Camp Butler Ill. Total-644.
11. Camp Chase Ohio. Total-2,166.
12. Camp Dennison Ohio. Total-31.
13. Camp Douglas Ill. Total-4,039.
14. Camp Nelson Ky. Total-2.
15. Chambersburg Pa. Total-1.
16. Chattanooga Tenn. Total-66.
17. Cincinnati Ohio. Total-2.
18. City Point, Va. Total-86.
19. Clarksburg, Va. Total-1.
20. Clarysville, Md. Total-1.
21.Cypress Hill, N. Y. Total-488.
22. David’s Island, N. Y. Total-2.
23. Elmira, N.Y. Total-2,986.
24. Finn’s Point, N.J. Total-1,434.
25. Fort Columbus, N. Y. Total-37.
26. Fort Delaware, Del. Total-2,513.
27. Fort Donelson, Tenn. Total-1.
28. Fort Hamilton, N. Y.-Total-1.
29. Fort Lafayette, N.Y. Total-2.
30. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Total-6.
31. Fort McHenry. Md. Total-6.
32. Fort Pickens. Fla. Total-1.
33. Fort Pulaski, Ga. Total-11.
34. Fort Scott, Kansas. Total-16.
35. Fort Smith, Ark. Total-6.
36. Fort Warren, Mass. Total-12.
37. Frederick, Md. Total-218.
38. Gallipolis, Ohio. Total-3.
39. Gettysburg, Pa. Total-219.
40. Goldsboro, N. C. Total-2.
41. Harrisburg, Pa. Total-15.
42. Hart’s Island, N. Y. Total-229.
43. Hilton Head S. C. Total-12.
44. Indianapolis, Ind. Total-1,556.
45. Jacksonville, Fla. Total-1.
46. Jefferson Barracks, Mo. Total-1,010.
47. Jefferson City, Mo. Total-3.
48. Johnson’s Island, Ohio. Total-148.
49. Kansas City, Mo. Total-12.
50. Key West, Fla. Total-1.
51. Knoxville, Tenn. Total-132.
52. Lnckawaxen, Pa. Total-48.
53. Lexington. Ky. Total-12.
54. Little Rock, Ark. Total-204.
55. Louisville, Ky. Total-138.
56. Marietta,Ga. Total-5.
57. Memphis, Tenn. Total-93.
58. Mercersburg, Pa. Total-1.
59. Mound City Ill. Total-40.
60. Murfreesboro, Tenn. Total-5.
61. Nashville, Tenn. Total-466.
62. Natchez, Miss. Total-30.
63. Newborn, N. C. Total-2.
64. New Creek, W. Va. Total-2.
65. New Orleans. La. Total-235.
66. Newport News, Va. Total-88.
67. New York, N.Y. Total-20.
68. Paducah Kv. Total-2.
69. Pea Patch Island Del. Total-140.
70. Peach Tree Creek, Ga. Total-14.
71. Petersburg, Va. Total-148.
72. Philadelphia, Pa. Total-224.
73. Pittsburg Pa. Total-15.
74. Point Lookout Md. Total-3,446.
75. Raleigh, N.C. Total-8.
76. Resaca, Ga. Total-5.
77. Richmond, Va. Total-182.
78. Rock Island, Ill. Total-1,960.
79. St. Louis, Mo. Total-617.
80. Sandusky, Ohio. Total-206.
81. Savannah, Ga. Total-46.
82. Salisbury, N. C. Total-14.
83. Vicksburg. Miss. Total-5.
84. Washington, D. C. Total-397.
85. Wheeling, W. Va. Total-5.
86. Wilmington, Del. Total-1.
87. Wilmington, N.C. Total-52.
88. York, Pa. Total-3.
89. Miscellaneous, Total-327.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

755, Heirs of 11, States-War of 1812.

All these 755, men left family behind. As you can see by the number of names I just did not have room for any information for each name, but it was important to get these names recorded as many family’s are looking for these names? If you see a name on this list and would like some information on them you can write to me at the following and I will be happy to help.

This information covers the following States of Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York and Georgia.

Note. The person who took the census, was either a bad speller or just did not understand the language or just wrote it down the way it sounded. For this reason there will be a lot of missed spelled names. I did not change any of the spelling as there are many ways to spell a name.

Note. This information come off the pensions Rolls housed at the Library of Congress.

Here is an example of the information you may receive.

David Corning was from Connecticut, New London County and was a private of the 25th. Infantry, was placed on the roll May 25, 1819, with a allowance of $48, dollars per year and had received $240, dollars. Commencement of his pension was on February 17, 1815, pension was to end February 17, 1820. He died on August 3, 1814, leaving the heirs of Amasa, Clara, Amasa, Sally, David and Hannah Corning.

Note. Each State is numbered 1 through ??, however the States and not in alphabetical order, but the counties and surnames for each state are in alphabetical order to make your hunt more enjoyable.

Sate of Connecticut.

Fairfield County.

1. David 0. Mien Private.
2. Benedict Arnold, Private.
3. Daniel Benedict, Private.
4. John Darling, Private.
5. Read Gregory, Private.
6. Isaac Gilbert, Private.
7. Amos Hickok, Private
8. David Lynds, Private.
9. Alden Olmstead, Private
10. David Paine, Private.
11. Ezra Porter, Private.
12. Daniel Putnam, Private.
13. Joseph Stanley Private.

Hartford County.

14. William Butler, Private.
15. Lemuel Caswell, Private.
16. Hugh Casey, Private.
17. Horace Filer, Sergeant.
18. Jacob Lebor, Private.
19. Benjamin Meachum, Private.
20. Lyman Perkins, Private.
21. Ebenezer Page. Private.
22. Anthony Richmond, Private.
23. Cornelius Swart, Private.

Litchfield County.

24. Joel C. Thorp, Private.
25. John Landon, jr., Corporal.
26. Henry Levi, Corporal.
27. Orange Smith, Private.

Middlsex County.

28. Timothy Bliss, Private.
29. Benajah Bowers, Private.
30. Benjamin Graham, Private.
31. Roswell Hubbard, Private.

New Haven.
32. John Bigelow, Private.
33. Silas Hotchkiss, Private.
34. Thomas Janes, Private.
35. Gers’m Northorp, Private.
36. Samuel Parker, Private.
37. Henry Stephens, Private.
38. John Scott, Private.
39. Elisha Taylor, Private.

New London County.

40. Dyer Armstrong, , Private.
41. Amos Biumley, Private.
42. Stephen Baker, Private.
43. Elihu Comstock, Private.
44. Elisha Congdon, Private.
45. Dues Eli s, Private.
46. Ichahod Eccleston or Eggleston, Private.
47. Elisha Fish, Private.
48. Dudley Latham, Private.
49. Joshua Meech, Private.
50. David McCoy, Private.
51. William Reynolds, Private.
52. Judah Wright, Private.

Tolland County.

53. Jonas Cady, Private.
54. Samuel Rising, Private.

Windham County.

55. Gurdon Bundy, Private.
56. Joseph Dennison, Private.
57. Amasa Monroe, Private.
58. George Place, Private.
59. Solomon Reed, Private.
60. Henry Wade, Musician.

State of Delaware.

New Castle, County.

1. John Campbell, Private.
2. William Robinson, Private.
3. John Taylor, Private.

State of Kentucky.

Bath County.

1. James Guines,or Goans, Private.

Christian County.

2. George K, Campbell, Sergeant.

Clark County.

3. David Scott, Private.

Fayette County.

4. Beverly A. Blake, Private.
5. John Gardner, Private.
6. S’I Koyle, or Kyle, Private.
7. Natl’l Robinson, Private.
8. Terence Smith, Private.

Franklin County.

9. Benjamin Towson, Private.

Jessamine County.

10. Braxton Blake, Private.
11. Thomas Gaines, Private.
12. Ludwell Lee, Private.
13. Robert Read, Private.

Logan County.

14. William Gilbert, Private.

Loyd County.

15. James Fitzpatrick, Private.

Madison County.

16. Thomas K. Wells, Private.

Mason County.

17. Richard Tible, Private.
18. Peter Tevis, Corporal.

Montgomery County.

19. Alexander McCord, Private.

Scott County.

20. William Redding, Private.

Wayne County.

21. Henry l3rown, Private.

State of Massachusetts.

Bristol County.

1. Seth Crossman, Private.
2. Darius Drake, Private.
3. Samuel W. Frazee, Private.
4. Elisha Harradan, Private.
5. Perry Lawton, Private.
6. George Lee, Private.
7. Moses Reed, Private.
8. Stephen Smith, Musician.
9. Josiah Tucker, Private.
10. Elijah Vickery, Private.
11. Jason Whiting, Private.

Essex County.

12. Richard Boardman, Private.
13. Nicholas Colby, Private.
14. Joseph Dager, Private.
15. Surrell Flint, Private.
16. Theophilus Frye, Private.
17. John Gale, Private.
18. John Hodgkins, Private.
19. Moses Harriman, Private.
20. Samuel Lessley, Sergeant.
21. John S. Moody, Corporal.
22. Enoch Morrill, Private.
23. Thomas Moore, Private.
24. True Page, Private.
25. William Ramsdale, Private.
26. John Silver, Private.
27. Daniel Smith, Private.
28. Nathan Smith, Private.
29. William Somes, Private.
30. James Seeland, Private.
31. John Swasey, Sergeant
32. George Trafford, Private.
33. Nehemiah Trask, Private.
34. Edward Tobey, Private.
35. Isaac Whittier, Sergeant.
36. William Watts, Private.

Franklin County.

37. John Fry, Private.
38. James Hemenway, Private
39. Caleb Howard, Private.
40. Levi Haskins, Private.
41. Asahel Rice, Private.
42. Aaron Wait, Private.

Hampden County.

43. Peter Bailey, Private.
44. Reuben Bliss, Private.
45. David B. Curtis, Private.
46.John Gould., Private.
47. Stephen Kimball, Private.
48. Elijah Spear, Private.
49. Walker Skinner, Corporal.
50. Horace Stocking, Private.
51. Darius Truesdale, Private.

Hampshire County

52. Noah Allen, Private.
53. Samuel R. or B. Humphrey, Private.
54. Joseph Stoples, Private.

Middlesex County.

55. Stephen D. Bugbee, Private.
56. Francis Bacon, Private.
57. Benjamin Chadwick, Private.
58. Benjamin Crosby, Sergeant.
59. Henry Dairymple, Sergeant.
60. Jonathan Emerson, Private.
61. Elisha Goodnow, Private.
62. William Hay, Private.
63. James Lawrence, Private.
64. Samuel Monroe, Private.
65. Luke Pool, Sergeant.
66. Benjamin Parker, Private.

Norfolk County.

67. Benjamin Billings, Private.
68. David Barrows, Private.
69. Jabez Bacon, Private.
70. David Day, Private.
71. Joshua Glover, Private.
72. Samuel Howe, Private.
73. Bela Hearsey, Private.
74. Thomas Langley, Private.
75. Jason Richardson, Sergeant.
76. Josiah Thompson, Private.

Plymouth County.

77. Samuel Alden, Private.
78. Samuel Clark, Private.
79. Caleb Faunce, Private.
80. John Holmes, Private.
81. Daniel Perkins, Private.

Suffolk County.

82. Moses Bissell, Private.
83. Henry Blake, Private.
84. Nathaniel Bancroft, Private.
85. Thomas Chandler, Private.
86. John Christie, Private.
87. Nathan Chase, Musician.
88. Reg. Cushing, Private.
89. Josh. S. Chandler, Private.
90. John Eastburn, Private.
91. Enos Foster, Private.
92. Hez. Goodenow, Private.
93. Jonathan Could, Private.
94. Flisha Hudson, Sergeant.
95. Edward Henley, Private.
96. James Kelton, Private.
97. Charles Lander, Private.
98. ,James Leeds, Private.
99. Joshua Mellen, Private.
100. Leonard Miller, Private.
101. Benjamin C. McElroy, Private.
102. Oliver Newcomb, Sergeant.
103. Rem’r Newcomb, Private.
104. Daniel Needham, Private.
105. Alexander Owens. Private.
106. Farewell Parker, Private.
107. Sylvester Symonds, Private.
108. Robert Smith, Private.
109. Charles Smith, Private.
110. Artimas Stone, Private.
111. Joseph Tilden, Artificer.
112. ElishaTower, Private.
113. Benjamin Ward, Private.
114. Francis Whiston, Private.
115. Icha. Winchester, Private.

Worcester County.

116. Eleazer Dexter, Private
117. Amsas Earl, Private.
118. Josiah Rugg, Musician.
119. William Taylor, Private.
120. Nathaniel Walker, Corporal.
121. Amasa Woodward, Private.
122. Ephraim Wilder, Private.

State of New Jersey.

Bergen County.

1. John Brevoort, Private.
2. Albert Terheum, Private.
3. Benjamin Van Orden, Private.

Burlinoton County.

4. William Crosham, Private.

Cumberland County.

5. Henry Brenesholtz, Private.
6. Delany Sharp, Private.

Essex County.

7. Jonathan Huff, Private.
8. Samuel Jones, Private.
9. Moses Nichols, Private.
10. William Robinson, Private.
11. Joseph Redman, Private.
12. Israel Runyan, Private.

Gloucester County.

13. Hezekiah Ireland, Private.
14. John Mattson, Private.
15. Robert Nelson, Private.
16. Joseph Powell, Private.

Hunterdon County.

17. Henry Case, Private.
18. Terence Fagan, Corporal.

Middlesex County.

19. Caleb Baker, Private.
20. Moses Congar, Private.
21. William Rochford, alias Ruchford, Private.
22. James Wilson, Private.

Monmouth County.
23. Cornelius Larney, Private.

Morris County.

24. Silas Abers, Private.
25. Aaron Brown, Private.
26. William Carter, Private.
27. Jeremiah B. Finch, Private.
28. Samuel Hedges, Private.
29. Alexander King, Corporal.
30. Jonathan Linsley, Private.
31. Nathan Mutton, Private.
32. Joel Preston, Private.
33. Mahlon Whitehead, Corporal.
34. John Young, Private.

Salem County.

35. Jonathan Girton, Private.
36. Thomas Girton, Private.
37. William Hutchins, Private.

Somerset County.

38. Thomas Gordon, Private.
39. Jeremiah Giddis, Private.
40. Moses Roff, Private.
41. John Vaughan, Private.

Sussex County.

42. John Hutchinson, Private.
43. Archib’d Stephens or Stevens, Private.
County Unknown.
44. silas Allen, Private.

State of North Carolina.

Anson County.

1. Eli Brooks, Private.

Chatham County.

2. Azel or Asel Myrick, Private.

Cumberland County.

3. Timothy Bass, Private.
4. Francis Potts, Private.
5. William Ramsay, Private.

Halifax County.

6. James Amos, Private.
7. Claiborne Baker, Private.
8. Robert Frcear or Freear, Private.
9. John Hardly, Corporal.
10. Miles Zills or Sills, Private.

Hertford County.

11. Benjamin Weston, Private.

Lincoln County.

12. John German, Private.

Person County.

13. Lewis Frederick, Private.

Wake County.

14. Benjamin Deberry, Private.
15. Abingdon wade, Private.

Wayne County.

16. Noah Hedgepeth, Private.
County Unknown
17. Thomas Gregory, Private.

State of South Carolina.

Greenville County.

1. Noah Coleman, Private.
2. John Duncan, Private.
3. Atha Saxton, Private,

Marlbough County.

4. Josepf Clark, Private.

Pendleton County.

5. Jon. Cunningham, Private.
6. Thomas Pointer, Private.

Richland County.

7. Henry Williams, Corporal.
8. Jesse Holder, Private.

Spartanburgh County.

9. Benjamin Wells, Private.

State of Georgia.

Clarke County.

1. John R. Green, Private.

Columbia County.

2. Darby Foy, Private.
3. Miles Jordon, Private.

Putnam County.

4. Elijah Frazier, Private.

State of Virginia.

Augusta County.

1.John Buckley, Private.

Bath County.

2. John Hamilton, Private.
3. William Marley, Private.

Buckingham County.

4. Philip Hawkins, Private.
5. John Porter, Private.

Campbell County.

6. Hez. Taylor, Private.

Caroline County.

7. Thomas B. Atkins, Private.
8. Edmund Beazley, Private.
9. Richard Tarrent, Private.

Culpepper County.

10. William Day, Private.

Dinwiddie County.

11. Robert or Robert H. Grant, Private.
12. Hubbard or Herbert Hall, Private.

Fairfax County.

13. Zach. Brewer, Corporal.

Grayson County.

14. William Carlan, Private.

Halifax County.

15. Anderson Roads, Private.

Henrico County.

16. Jared Crittenden, Private.
17. William Jordon, Private.
18. John Reynolds, Private.

Jefferson County.

19. Van Butt, Private.
20. George Jackson, Private.

King and Queen County.

21.John Mills, Private.

Lewis County.

22. John Flenner, Private.

Loudon County.

23. Joseph Bradlfield, Private.
24. Francis Matley, alias Matlock, Private.
25. Daniel Smith, Private.

Lunenburg County.

26. Nath’I Boothe, Private.

Monongalia County.

27. John Fairchild, Private.
28. Joshua Jones, Private.
29. Thomas Murdoch, Private.
30. Selee, or Seley Sayres. Private.

Nansemond County.

31. Willis Davis, Private.
32. James Fontain, Private.
33. Henry Morriss, Private.

Norfolk County.

34. Har’n D. Beadles, Private.
35. Gerard Seymour, Private.
36. James Wright, Private.

Ohio County.

37. John hardy, Corporal.
38. David Love, Private.

Pennsylvania County.

39. William S. Spencer, Private.

Prince William County.

40. John Goddard, Private.
41. Thomas M. Money, Private.

Richmond County.

42. Randall, or Randolph Clarke, Private.
43. William Yeatman, Private.

Rockingham County.

44. John Tate, Private.

Shenandoah County.

45. Elias Edmonds, Private.
46. Robert Sherrer, Private.
47. Moses Weeks, Private.
48. Paul Wisman, Private.

Southampton County.

49. Ephraim Bryant, Private.

Spottsylvania County.

50. Valentine Ingram, Private.

Stafford County.

51. James A, Skiner, Private.

Sussex County.

52. William Lyster or Lester, Private.

Washington County.

53. William Hinds, Private.

Wood County.

54. Arch, Robinson, Private.

Unknown County.
55. John Hawkins, Private.

State of Pennsylvania.

Adams County.

1. Isaac Hagerman, Private.

Alleghany County.

2. James Bell, Private.
3. William Coyle alias Coil, Private.
4. Michael B. Mountain, Private.

Armstrong County.

5. Ad’m Hackenbury, Private.

Beaver County.

6. John Dickery, Private.
7. Leonard Rice, Private.
8. Alexander Smith, Private.
9. George Trover, Private.

Bedford County.

10. Isaac l)avies, Private.

Berks County.

11. Edward Byron, alias Byrn, Private.

Bradford County.

12. Simon or Simeon Salisbury, Corporal.

Bucks County.

13. Charles Lee, Private.
14. John W. Sickles, Private.
15. John Updike or Opdike, Private.
16. John Wolfinger, Private.

Butler County.

17. John Crutchlow, Private.
18. John Kincaid, Private.
19. John Read, Private.
20. Andrew. Williamson, Private.

Chester County.

21. William Cook, Private.
22. Henry Desmont, Private.
23. James Jones, Private.

Crawford County.

24. James Mattocks or Mattox, Private.

Cumberland County.

25. William Carey, Private.
26. Adam King, Private.
27. Joseph Logue, Private.
28. Charles Moore, Private.

Dauphin County.

29. Joseph Buchanon, Private.
30. Bryant Hooper, alias Hoopart, Private.
31. Hector McFatrick alias Melfartrick, Private.
32. David Nevins, Private.

Delaware County.

33. Joshua Ash, Private.
34. William Price, Private.
35. John Plumley, Private.

Erie County.

36. Alexander Fowler, Private.

Fayette County.

37. James H. Barbour, Private.
38. Thomas Boley, Private.
39. William Bonner, Private.
40. John Christy, Private.
41. Richard Duckett, Private.
42. Samuel Dougherty, Private.
43. John Delany, Private.
44. James Fulton, Sergeant.
45. James Gaddis, Private.
46. James Hall, Private.
47. John Hall, Private.
48. William F. Maxwell, Private.
49. Robert Miller, Private.
50. Samuel Rickey alias Richey, Private.
51. Jacob Rumble, Private.
52. James Stephens, Private.
53. Paul Swain, Private.
54. George White, Private.
55. Freeman Wheaton, Private.
56. James Williams, Private.
57. James Wood, Private.

Franklin County.

58. John or James Chariton, Private.
59. John Vallany, Private.

Greene County

60. Samuel Bradfield, Private.
61. Josiah Moore, Private.
62. Charles Odenbaugh, Private.
63. David Parks, Private.
64. Thomas Wayson, Private.

Huntingdon County.

65. Peter Conrad, Private.
66. John Rosebraugh, Private.

Lancaster County.

67. Joseph Bell, Private.
68. Henry Hambright jr., Private.
69. George King, Private.
70. John Powers, Private.

Lebanon County.

71. Paul Reardon, Private.
Luzerne County.

72. Daniel Sims, Private.

Mifflin County.

73. John Funk, Private.
74. Samuel Hemphill, Private.

Montgomery County.

75. Jacob Custer, Private.

Northampton County.

76. William Shewell, Private.

Northumberland County.

77. Joseph T. Clement, Private.
78. James Jones, Private.

Philadelphia County.

79. Michael Angel, Private.
80. Daniel Allen, Private.
81. George Ashby, Private.
82. William Adair, Private.
83. Samuel Ashton, Private.
84. William Ashmead, Private.
85. Henry Allis, Private.
86. Frederick Asher or Fisher, Private.
87. Garret Bross, Private.
88. Benjamin Bramin, Private.
89. Anthony Bennett, Private.
90. Israel Butler, Private.
91. Valentine Boyd, Private.
92. John Brink, Private.
93. Fredrick Brown, Private.
94. John Beardsley, Private.
95. James Bradley, Private.
96. Jacob Baker, Private.
97. James Carr, Sergeant.
98. Joseph Cox, Private.
99. James Carlisle, Private.
100. John Clark, Private.
101. William Clossen, Private.
102. Ames Cannon, Private.
103. Nathaniel Casey, Private.
104. Peter Chambers, Private.
105. Joseph Derrickson, Sergeant.
106. Benjamin Edwards, Private.
107. Thomas English, Private.
108. Dennis Ferry, Private.
109. Thomas Fowler, Private.
110. Archibald Farrell, Private.
111. David Golden, Private.
112. William Gordon, Private.
113. Samuel Grossman, Private.
114. John Huber, Private.
115. William hunter, Private.
116. Joseph Howell, Private.
117. Jonathan Hammon, Private.
118. John Hart, Private.
119. John Jones, Private.
120. Jacob Kruson, Private.
121. George Kelly. Private.
122. Henry Kain, Private.
123. Jacob Lister, Private.
124. Nicholas Lozier, Private.
125. Doughty Lewis, Private.
126. Abner Lamb, Private.
127. Joseph Lewis, Private.
128. John McCalvin, Private.
129. Henry Miller, Private.
130. John McAnnelly, Private.
131. John McConemy, Private.
132. James McCrossen, Private.
133. Charles McKewin, Private.
134. John McGahey, Private.
135. John McCrief, Private.
136. James McGee, Private.
137. Thomas Moffit, Private.
138. Peter L. Maurice or Morrice, alias Morris, Private.
139. William Moore, Private.
140. Joseph Newton, Sergeant.
141. John Ord, Private.
142. Edward Ore, Private.
143. Charles Ottinger, Private.
144. William Peters, Private.
145. John Pierce, Private.
146. George Probst, alias Propest, Private.
147. ‘William Penton, Private.
148. John Reynolds, Private.
149. Jonathan Reid, Private.
150. Alexander Reese, Private.
151. Jonas Roe, Private.
152. Jeremiah Seeley, Private.
153. Jacob Seydon, alias Seydam, Private.
154. James Shillingford, Private.
155. Andrew Scott, Private.
156. Peter Snyder, Private.
157. Casper Sedinger, Privant.
158. Robert Smith, Private.
159. John Senior, Private.
160. George Snyder, Private.
161. William Stedham, Private.
162. Joseph Steel, Private.
163. Henry Totterson, Private.
164. Samuel Thompson, Private.
165. Leonard Thomas, Private.
166. Ebenezer Taylor, Private.
167. Enoch Thomas, Private.
168. Isaac Vanlear, Private.
169. Jesse Vaishorn, Private.
170. Robert Vance, Privant.
171. Moses Wright, Private.
172. Thomas Walton, Private.
173. John White, Private.
174. Benjamin Walker, Private.
175. Robert Wolfenon, Private.
176. Samuel Warner, Private.

Pike County.

177. Charles P. Wallace, Private.

Somerset County.

178. Arthur Nelson, Private.

Washington County.

179. James Cummings, Private.
180. John Johnston alias Johnson. Private.
181. George Long, Private.

York County.

182. David Cremer, Sergeant.
183. Jacob Strebeg, Private.
184. JohnTaylor, Private.

Unknown County
185. Henry Kebley, Private.

State of New York.

Albany County.

1. Josiah Ames, Private.
2. Joseph Bates, Private.
3. John Brooks, Private.
4. Samuel or Sam’l A. Bradt, Private.
5. Charles Campbell, Private.
6. Ben., Dumbolton or Dumbleton, Private.
7. John Damon, Private.
8. Peter Flynn, Private.
9. Josiah Griswold, Private.
10. Levi Gould, Private.
11. Hezekiah Halsey, Private.
12. John Hellegas, Private.
13. Richard Yairdley

Broome County.

14. Caldwell or Calwell Cook , Private.
15. John Goodall, Private.
16. John Conklin, Private.
17. Elisha Dickerson, Musician.
18. Elnathan Gload, Private.
19. Samuel Greely, Private.
20. Joshua Knowlton, Private.
21. Benjamin Lawrence, Private.
22. Cornelius M’Clease, Private.

Chenango County.

23. Benjamin Kinney, Private.
24. Samuel Roberts, Private.
25. Michael Ware, Private.

Clinton County.

26. Francis Miller, Private.

Columbia County.

27. William Fitch, Private.
28. Job Harris, Private.
29. Isaac Johnson, Private.
30. Samuel Sumner, Private.
31. John Whitmore, Private.

Cortland County.

32. Benjamin Chandler, Private.
33. James Goodwill, Private.
34. Joshua Howe, Private.
35. Jas. T. Hotchkiss, Private.
36. Jesse Hakes, Private.

Dutches County.

37. Robert Britt, Private.
38. Robert Brady, Private.
39. David chase, Private.
40. Hugh Norton, Private.
41. Joel Thurston, Private.
42. Samuel Walters, Private.
43. Amos Washburn, Private.

Essex County.

44. Elijah Barnes, Private.
45. David Pangborn, Private.

Genesee County.

46. Perez Lincoln, Private.
47. David Lloyd, Private.

Greene County.

48. Diark Gardner, Private.
49. David Hill, Private.
50. Francis Harry or Harris, Corporal.
51. Elisha McDonald, Private.

Herkimer County.

52. Lewis Baker, Private.
53. Richard W. Bishop, Private.
54. Daniel Council, Private.

Jefferson County.
55. Thomas G. Lewis, Private.

Lewis County.

56. Peter Houk, Private.
57. L. Leavenworth, Private.

Madison County.

58. Almiran Janes, Private.

Montgomery County.

59. Oliver Dowen, Private.
60. Daniel Fish, Private.
61. Elias Garlach, Private.
62. C. Kingsland, Private.
63. Henry Kesler, Private.
64. Silas S. Nichols, Corporal.
65. Abram .J. Ostander, Private.
66. Garrit J. Pool, Private.
67. John Storrer, Musician.

New York County.

68. Abraham Stewart, Private.
69. Abraham Stagg, Private.
70. William Schofield, Private.
71. Thomas Searle, Private.
72. John Samler, Private.
73. William Stevens, Sergeant.
74. B. C. Thompson, Corporal.
75. Richard Toms, Private.
76. Joseph D. Travis, Private.
77. Isaac Van Riper, Private.
78. Albert Van Tassel, Private.
79. N. Van Ranst, Private.
80. Alexander Wandell, Private.
81. Isaac Williams, Private.
82. John Weed, Private.
83. Nicholas Waldron, Private.
84. Isaac Gordon, Private.
85. Godfrey Grant, Private.
86. Lewis Gadeau, Private.
87. Richard Gosline, Private.
88. John Galloway, Private.
89. Samuel Greely, Private.
90. Thomas Hicks, Private.
91. Joel Hunter, Private.
92. David Heymer or Hymer, Private.
93. David Johnson, Private.
94. Thomas Jones, Private.
95. Henry R Keen, Private.
96. Thomas Lawrence, Private.
97. William Lapsley, Private.
98. James McIntosh, Private.
99. Joseph Morrill, Private.
100. Robert McIntyre, Private.
101. Abraham Parrott, Private.
102. Ivory Pratt, Private.
103. Joseph Ryan, Private.
104. Andrew Allen, Private.
105. John Annely, Private.
106. Samuel Burnett, Private.
107. Samuel Beach, Private.
108. James Babb, Private.
109. James L Bogert, Private.
110. George Brady, Private.
111. Daniel B. Brasier, Private.
112. Thomas Curry, Private.
113. Candy Carr, Private.
114. Nich, N. Carmer, Private.
115. Abial Clark, Private.
116. Lewis H. Conklin, Private.
117. Absalom Crawford, Private.
118. Isaac Devoc, Private.
119. Samuel Dring, Private.
120. Sylvanus Ennis, Private.
121. Philip Earl, Private.
122. Israel Francisco, Private.
123. G. Freeland, alias Hugh McMullin, Private.
124. Baldwin Force, Private.
125. Robert Foreman, Private.
126. Eri Grandy, Private.
127. ‘W. or W.B. Willson, Private.
128. Eber Adams, Private.
129. Aurora Behee, Private.
130. Robert Edmonds, Private.
131. William R. Evans, Private.
132. .John Fishback, Private.
133. John Fuller, Private.
134. Hiram Hill, Private.
135. David Slawson, Private.
136. Lysanius or Lycenas Tracy, Private.
Onondaga County.

137. Abel belote, Private.
138. Henry Coon. Private.
139. Charles Dutcher. Private.
140. Silas Beady, Private.
141. John Frankin. Private.
142. Lee Huntley, Private.
143. Ephraim Sprague, Private.
144. William Wilson, Private.
145. James B. Wilse or Wilsey, Private.

Ontario County.

146. Jesse Arnold. Private.
147. George Bradley, Private.
148. Hezckiah Bryant, Private.
149. Timothy Bradford, Private.
150. William R. Cochran, Private.
151. Peter Grover, Private.
152. William Gerrald. Private.
153. Barnabas Hogal, Private.
154. John Hoofcot, Corporal.
155. Thomas Johnson, Private.
156. Thomas Kennedy, Private.
157. Ezra Lacy, Private.
158. John A. locker, Private.
159. William Powers, Private.
160. Gilbert Simpkins, Private.
161. Rufus Shattuck, Private.
162. King Sceney, Private.
163. Benjamin Sillick, Private.
164. Daniel Ward, Private.
165. William C. Wait, Private.

Orange County.

166. Thomas Denton, Private.
167. Christo’er Decker, Private.
168. David Pulton, Corporal.
169. James M’Murtry, Private.
170. Christopher Post, Private.
171. Charles D. Trowbridge, Private.

Otsego County.

172. John P. Barnum, Private.
173. Morris Fowler, Private.
174. Joseph J. Hubbard, Private.
175. Amos Jones, Private.
176. William Merriss, Private.
177. Samuel Ranson, Private.
178. Thomas Ross, Private.
179. Israel Woodward, Private.

Renselaer County.

180. Joseph Allen, Private.
181. John Bissell, Private.
182. Alexander M. Buel, Private.
183.John Collins, Private.
184. Cornelius Cronnell, Private.
185. James Cannon, Private.
186. Thomas Hunt, Sergeant.
187. Abner Hammond, Private.
188. John Hogaboone, Private.
189. Hill Lyman, Private.
190. Thomas Stephenson, Private.
191. John Steeds, Sergeant.
192. James Yates, Private.

Saratoga County.

193. Milton Bowers, Sergeant.
194. David Haughtaling, Private.

Schenectady County.

195. Garrit McIntosh, Private.
196. John McStewart, Private.
197. Albert Vedder, Private.
198. Adam S. Vrooman, Private.
199. John Van Dyck, Private.
200. Laban Ward, Private.

Schoharie County.

201. James Courter, Private.
202. William Willis, Private.
203. John White, Private.

Seneca County.

204. Benjamin Bagley, Private.
St. Lawrence County.

205. Chester C. Loveland, Private.
206. Trueman Reynolds, Private.

Steuben County.

207. Amos Van Tayle, Private.

Suffolk County.

208. Silas Hulbert, Private.
209. Bennett Lester, Private.
210. John Petty, Private.

Tompkins County.

211. Walter Brown. Private.
212. Peter Cooper, Private.
213. Micah Cannady, Private.
214. John Davis, Private.
215. Moses Jones, Private.
216. John M’Shirgley, Private.
217. Nicholas Vanloon, Private.

Ulster County.

218. David Dubois, alias David D. Dubois, Private.
219. Allen Goodrich, Private.
220. Alexander M’Kinsie, Private.

Washington County.

221. John Allen,2nd., Private.
222. Caleb Babcock, Private.
223. John Fox, Private.
224. Amos Heading or Hedden, Private.
225. Sampson Johnson, Private.
226. William M’Gill, Private.
227. William Price, Private.
228. Aaron Rumsey, Private.
229. Benjamin Sanburn, Private.
230. Robert W. Smith, Private.
231. Hazael Tubbs, Private.

Warren County.

232. Thompkins Dibble, Private.

West Chester County.

233. Joseph Schofield, Private.
234. James Scyphers, or Sypher, Private.
235. Moses Stephens, Private.
236. Isaac Van Tassell, Private.