Monday, August 15, 2011

The Cunningham name through History.

This page is to help those of you looking into the Cunningham name.  It is to help you learn something that you may not have known about your anceston.

This information may be short, but may give you a lead on were to do more research, there will be no other information on these names.

Note.  All this information came from official government documents and can be stated as fact.

Major John Cunningham, was given a pension of $20., for life.

Hezekiah Cunningham, was paid $843., for transporting mail from Vincennes Indiana to Danville Illinois.

William W. Cunningham, age 27, enlisted in the 13th., New York cavalry Company B., April 13, 1863, at New York City; mustered in as a private in Co. B., May 25, 1863, to serve 3 years.  Transferred March 17, 1864 to company C., appointed First Sergeant no date; reduced to Sergeant March 1, 1865, discharged October 25, 1865, at De Camp General Hospital, David's Island, New York Harbor.  After the war was given a pension.

F. A. Cunningham, was a paymaster for the army, was robbed of thirty-six thousand and eighty-five dollars at Santa Fe New Mexico.

Mary Cunningham mother of John B. Cunningham a private of the 28th., Kentucky Volunteers Co. F., was given a pension.

Andrew Cunningham, wife from Montreal Canada was given 25 hundred dollars, as her husband was illegally enlisted in the United States Army and was killed in battle at Po River on May 10, 1864.

Robert Cunningham, Lieutenant from Pennsylvania, was given a pension of $8., per month for life.

1779, Joseph Cunningham was captain of the privateer Phoenix.

Josiah Cunningham of Greene County Missouri was Deputy Provost Marshal a Springfield Missouri, 1862.

Revolutionary War.

Christoper Cunningham New Orleans Louisiana was given a pension of $8., per month.

Robert Cunningham, private, ( First Captain Company ) Enlisted April 20, 1777.

William Cunningham was a Matross in the war.

John Cunningham was a Matross in the war.

John Cunningham, was a private, enlisted February 17, 1776, in the Pennsylvania Riflemen.

Alexander Cunningham, was a private in the war enlisted January 15, 1776.

Robert Cunningham, was a private, enlisted January 1776.

David Cunning was in the war.

Patrick Cunningham was in the war.

Charles Cunningham wasin the war.

Henry Cunningham was a Lieutenant in the Artillery was from New York

William Cunningham, was in the war, received a land warrant.

Civil War.

Inportant note.  I didn't realize that there would be that namy reports on the name of Cunningham and they would be so long.  Because of this reason I will only give the name and what the report is about.  If you would like the report you can write to me at the following;

There was at lest 4,265, Cunningham's enlisted in the civil war.

1. George H. Cunningham, Missouri, Bridge, Railroad and car burning.

2. Nathaniel B. Cunningham, Killed in battle, 1862.

3. John Cunningham, Murdered, 1863, Moniroe County Tenneessee.

4. George H. Cunningham, Randolph County Missouri, to be put too death.

5. Joel Cunningham, Taken prisoner.

6. James Cunningham, Captain gives his report.

7. J. Cunningham, Lieutenant-Colonel of the second Alabama, gives his report, 1863.

8. Thamas C. Cunningham, Co. C., Third Confederate cavalry, prisoner.

9. John Cunningham, High treason.

10. John Cunningham, part of the rebel crew of the privateer Petrel, 1861.

11. Pitrick Cunningham, Corpl. of the 147th., New York Volunteers.

12. George W. Cunningham, Captain Co. A., Missouri Militia.

13. David Cunningham, Preacher, Boone County, recruiting bushwhackers.

14. George P. Cunningham, Lieutenant, First Illinois Light Battery D.

Peace Time.

Texas Outlaws.

1. Teige Cunningham, Freestone county Texas, Theft of cattle; indieted August 1873, Negro, made his escape.

2. F. M. Cunningham, Hamilton County Texas, Theft, indieted May17, 1875, made his escape.